WHITE CLOUD. The Union in Danger!—That prodigy of statesmanship and politeness, Thomas Jack-etc. Key, in eulogizing and commending the declaration of Senator Toombs, that Georgia would go out of the Union, if Congress refuses to admit Kansas with slavery, without submitting the Constitution to a vote of the people, says:

“Senator Toombs, of Georgia, talks like a man—he talks like a patriot and a statesman, who knows the rights of his constituents. The Democrats of Kansas have it in their power, as they always had had, to make this a slave State by fair means, and in spite of the abolitionists. The Convention have the power to frame a Constitution and refer it to their constituency or to send it to Congress without any reference, and Congress have no right—dare not refuse Kansas admission without stultifying itself or wronging the people of Kansas. If Congress should refuse to receive Kansas into the Union, she would be the first out of the Union.

Du tell! Now, Congress knows just what she can depend upon. She must accept Kansas, with such a Constitution as the combined wisdom of Key and his confederates botches up, and upon the terms they dictate, or he (Key) will take her out of the Union! Why, if all the people in the Territory were such reptiles as this Key, every decent man in Congress would vote to kick Kansas out of the Union, without ceremony!

The White Cloud Kansas Chief, White Cloud, Kansas. Thursday, September 10, 1857. Page 2. © Transcribed by Maxine Smith for the Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies, Inc.