Parker Children Drowned


MARION, KAN – The Marion Record gives an account of a sad accident near the mouth of Luckey creek in that county. Mrs. Parker was awakened in the middle of the night, Mr. Parker being absent, by the bursting of the door. Supposing the water to be approaching the house, she snatched up her little ones, intending to go around the house and climb into the stable, which stood upon higher ground; but the house had moved off the foundation, and was then floating in the current, and instead of wading around the house as was her intention, she stepped off in a mighty torrent many times her depth. Mother and child were soon separated, the mother was caught in a tree top, where she lodged until 11 o’clock, making over ten hours of suffering tenfold worse than death; for she was unable to move, her children struggling in the agonies of death and sinking at her side in the water, leaving only the roar of thunder and lightning flash for her companions, until she was rescued by men, braving everything to accomplish the humane act. Imagination can only faintly conjecture the awful tragedy. – The Hutchinson Herald, Hutchinson, Kansas. June 23, 1877. Page 1. © Transcribed by Darren McMannis for Prairie Wind Publications.