WHITE CLOUD. That’s Us! – We received a letter the other day from a young man in Lykins County, whose acquaintance we formed on our way out here. He says:–

“I have started a store in Miami Village. The country around is filling up very fast, and we have no papers among us. The people are very near all Free State men, but not Abolitionists, and we want a good paper or two, but not one of the fanatical of either side. Please send me one or two copies of your paper, and I will do all I can to get you subscribers.”

We have sent him copies, and hope he will receive them, and succeed in getting us a good list of subscribers down in Lykins. He will not find ours a fanatical paper. We shall continue, as heretofore, to condemn whatever we conceive to be wrong, and uphold the right, no matter what party may be pleased or displeased at it.

The White Cloud Kansas Chief, White Cloud, Kansas. Thursday, September 3, 1857. Page 2. © Transcribed by Maxine Smith for the Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies, IncNOTE:  Lykins County is now Miami County.