Patrolman Took His Liquor and Left Him Dry

HUTCHINSON, KS – John Seed, a harvester, who claims North Dakota as his home, is the victim of hard luck.

He arrived in Hutchinson penniless last night. Going into a South Main street pool hall he noticed a pint of alcohol and carried it out with him.

Patrolman A. J. Muns “spied” Seed shortly after he had made his exit from the pool room and gave chase.

Seed related the above story to the police after he had been booked at the station on a bone dry charge.

“And I didn’t even get a smell of the stuff,” mourned the unfortunate man. The Hutchinson News, Hutchinson, Kansas. Thursday, July 10, 1924. Page 5. © Transcribed by Darren McMannis for the Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies, Inc.