John King’s Accident


We very much regret to learn that John King, of Mt. Pleasant township, met with a very severe and painful accident on Tuesday afternoon. He approached a man engaged in cutting oats with a scythe, from behind, when one of the fingers of the instrument, as the mower swung it through the grain without observing him, struck him fair in the eye with such force that his eye was forced entirely from its socket. The wound is a most painful and distressing one, and Mr. King will have the entire sympathy of his many friends and acquaintances in his affliction. He is one of the most active, energetic, and enterprising citizens of our county, and universally esteemed by all who know him, for his sterling qualities of head and heart. We hope he may soon recover from the painful effects of his distressing injury. – The Atchison Champion. Reprinted by the White Cloud Chief, White Cloud, Kansas. July 20, 1871. Page 2. © Transcribed by Darren McMannis for PrairieTales.US.