WHITE CLOUD. What Gammon!–We notice that the Republicans of Ohio have taken up the cry of Free Kansas! As one of the leading mottoes of the present campaign for State officers. The preset Congress will settle that question, and the result of all the State elections yet to come off in the Union, will not change her fate. If Kansas is to be a Slave State, Congress will admit her as such, no matter if the Republicans should elect their entire State Ticket, and every single County officer in every County in the State, and vice versa. We wish the voice of the people of Ohio could settle the question; but as it cannot, what is the use in trying to humbug the people with that issue?

The White Cloud Kansas Chief, White Cloud, Kansas. Thursday, September 3, 1857. Page 2. © Transcribed by Maxine Smith for the Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies, Inc.