Small-Pox Among the Kickapoos and Pottawatomies in Kansas.

The Indian Bureau at Washington, on Tuesday morning, received advices of July 30, from the Superintendent of Indian Affairs at St. Louis. A letter from the Indian agent at St. Joseph, Missouri, dated July 25, states on the 8th inst., the small-pox had broken out among the Indians of that section, and that eight deaths had already occurred. The Indians were greatly alarmed, and had begun to leave that reservation for safer regions. Many were sick at the date of writing.

As soon as the agent heard of the   breaking out of the disease, he sent to St. Joseph and procured competent physicians, who in a few days, vaccinated all who had not yet been seized. The Indians number about 600—350 Kickapoos and 250 Pottawatomies. The cost of attendance upon the sick, and vaccinating the well, was upwards of   $400.

The White Cloud Kansas Chief, White Cloud, Kansas. Thursday, September 10, 1857. Page 1. © Transcribed by Maxine Smith for the Kansas County of Genealogical Societies, Inc.