WAMEGO, KS – While a stalk field near the old Louisville bridge was being burned Tuesday afternoon, fire jumped across Rock Creek and set a pile of driftwood on fire. From there the flooring of the bridge caught on fire. Local people were doing a good job of saving the bridge when help from Wamego arrived. The Wamego firemen were called but did not take the truck. They went with such minor equipment as they thought would be of help. The firemen are willing to go but do not take the truck at a distance from town. Wamego only has one piece of apparatus, and it is not adapted for country use. As a gesture of good will it might be well for Wamego to rig up some kind of an outfit for use where there is no water system.  The Wamego Reporter, Wamego, Kansas.  April 4, 1940.  (c) Transcribed by Janeice Crosson for the Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies, Inc..