IOLA – Several teachers in different parts of the county have told us recently that they use the Register to a large extent in their schools in place of the prescribed school readers.  We are glad to note this.  Not chiefly because it is the Register that is used – though we appreciate the compliment – but because we believe that children ought to be put in the way of reading newspapers.  They get in them the language of every day life, which they do not always get in their books; they learn what is going on in the country and learn to take an interest in such things, and they get a taste for good reading.  In short there is no way in which the school training of a child may be so well supplemented as by the regular reading of a clean, wholesome, wide awake newspaper, and we hope that the teachers who mentioned their course to us are not the only ones who are following a similar one.  The Iola Register, Iola, Kansas.  Friday, January 15, 1886.  Page 5. (c) Transcribed by Darren McMannis for the Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies, Inc.