WAMEGO, KS – Eighty-year-old twins Henry A. Rawson, Marquette, and H. Alfred Rawson of Wamego, enjoyed a reunion with their oldest sister, Mrs. Ellen Lattimore, 87, of Mt Clemens, Mich., their youngest sister, Mrs. Paul Cobb of Los Angeles, and a brother, Paul Rawson with his wife of Hope, Ark., at the home of Mrs. John Rawson and Henry Rawson at Marquette. The other living brother, Frank Rawson, called by telephone from his home at Wollaston, Mass., to visit with his brothers and sisters. Another sister, Mrs. Mabel Dutro of Karval, Colo,. was unable to be present because of illness in the family. Two sisters -in-law, Mrs. Leonard Rawson, Wamego, and Mrs. John Rawson, whose husbands have passed away, were present. The Rawson family of  10 children including two sets of twins was born and raised at Wamego. The identical twins Henry and Alfred, have not lived together since 1903 and have only visited occasionally. Neither has married. Each has made his home with an older brother and their family these many years. The Wamego Reporter, Wamego, Kansas.  May 27, 1965.  (c) Transcribed by Janeice Crosson for the Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies, Inc.