KANSAS CITY, MO – Judge Brewer.Before the rebellion and whilst the Pike’s Peak gold excitement was at its highest, there came to our city a young lawyer from New York.He put out his “shingle” and began his trial trip for success.That was David J. Brewer.He was recognized as a man of classical scholarship and well read in the law, but one of the most excessively modest men that we have ever met.He entered into partnership with an old gentleman named Col. W. H. Russell, well known to our citizens of that day.

The partnership did not last long.Mr. Brewer and a young man named Hathaway, becoming somewhat intimate, concluded to seek their fortunes in the mountains.They started for Pike’s Peak but proceeded only part of the way.Brewer became dissatisfied with his companion, and they both turned back, stopping awhile, we believe, in Lawrence.

They separated, and Mr. Brewer settled at Leavenworth, where success has continually attended him.He was City Attorney, and then District Judge (answering to our Circuit Judge), and is now soon to accept a seat upon the Supreme Bench of the State of Kansas.We consider his nomination a very excellent one; for not only being a ripe scholar, he possesses a quality which some of the present Supreme Court of that State do not possess, that is, he is industrious.He will, no doubt, give as great satisfaction to the people of Kansas as any man they could have selected.– The Kansas City Bulletin.

The Leavenworth Weekly Times, Leavenworth, KS.September 22, 1870.Page 6. (c) Transcribed by Darren McMannis for the Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies, Inc.