FIGHT AMONG OUTLAWS. One Man Killed and a Number Wounded in a Quarrel Over Spoils.

PERRY, OK – Jan 30. A priest who returned yesterday from Sacred Heart Mission tells of a battle near there between two gangs of outlaws over the distribution of some spoils that one gang had stolen.  A terrible fight with knives, pistols, and Winchesters ensued for several hours, at least one man being killed, while several others were badly wounded.  The priest attended Dick Overbrand, one of the outlaws, in his dying moments, and says that one other was fatally wounded, and three or four were covered with blood when he left the scene.

The Hutchinson Gazette, Hutchinson KS. Thursday, January 31, 1895.  Page 1.  © Transcribed by Darren McMannis for the Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies, Inc.