The roller skate is “coming back.” It never really went out, as far as the children are concerned. Now, however, young ladies have taken it up–not in skating rinks, by the way, but in the open air–for exercise and fun on the sidewalks and smooth pavements of the city street. On any fine evening in the best and most exclusive streets in the residence districts, groups and couples of girls from 18 to 22 may be seen gliding along over the smooth surface of the walks. The fad has struck many of the smaller places in different parts of the country, and already the village killjoys are protesting and calling for laws to prohibit skating on sidewalks. The Wamego Reporter, Wamego, Kansas.  May 20, 1915.  (c) Transcribed by Janeice Crosson for the Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies, Inc.