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Murder Most Foul

Unknown Soldier

Alfred Studeville

J. C. Prentice

Frank Prouty

James Beal

Unknown Man

Thomas W. Barber

Samuel Collins

Andrew Horatio Reeder

Mr. Parker

Mrs. Million

Malcolm Clark

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Henry Davis

Major Ogden

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William B. Panky

Gun Shot Accidents

Planned To Shoot Rabbits

RUSSELL, KAN - Planned To Shoot Rabbits. But Instead, a Young Russel Boy Was Shot. Harry, the 13-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Strecker,...

Miss Forester Shot

Shot and Instantly Killed

Miss Reed Shot


Death From Hay

John King’s Accident

The 2-Pronged Pitchfork

Horse & Buggy


Shocking Accident

Run Over By A Load Of Brick

Horrible Boiler Accident

Home Accidents


Parker Children Drowned

George Pryor Drowned


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