Name Index

There are over 6,500 names indexed in the 5 books by Darren McMannis. Below is a combined index of those names which are mentioned in these books.

Abbey, Dr. F.L.Roadside Crosses
Abbey, Dr. F.L.Sudden Endings
Abbey, Dr. F.L.Murder Vol. 1
Abbey, FrankRoadside Crosses
Abbott, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Abrams, HenrySudden Endings
Abrams, JohnSudden Endings
Abrams, John Jr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Abrams, John Sr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Ackley, C.T.Murder Vol. 2
Ackley, CludeMurder Vol. 2
Adair, W.E.Murder Vol. 1
Adams, A.Sudden Endings
Adams, AlvaMurder Vol. 2
Adams, Belva JeanRoadside Crosses
Adams, CarlRoadside Crosses
Adams, FrankMurder Vol. 2
Adams, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Adams, M.S.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Adams, Mrs. WilliamRoadside Crosses
Adamson, C.A.Murder Vol. 1
Adamson, LeslieMurder Vol. 2
Adamson, RosaRoadside Crosses
Adkins, W.L.Roadside Crosses
Adrian, JakeMurder Vol. 1
Aduddle, Lieut.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Ady, J.W.Murder Vol. 2
Agner, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Agnew, F.A.Murder Vol. 2
Agnew, JudgeMurder Vol. 2
Aiken, EarlMurder Vol. 1
Aikens, EarlMurder Vol. 1
Ainsworth, A.Roadside Crosses
Ainsworth, A.P.Murder Vol. 2
Ainsworth, A.R.Murder Vol. 1
Ainsworth, AveryMurder Vol. 2
Ainsworth, ClaytonMurder Vol. 1
Ainsworth, DanielSudden Endings
Ainsworth, DanielMurder Vol. 2
Ainsworth, HarrySudden Endings
Ainsworth, MarshalMurder Vol. 1
Ainsworth, MarshalMurder Vol. 2
Ainsworth, OfficerSudden Endings
Ainsworth, SheriffSudden Endings
Ainsworth, SheriffMurder Vol. 1
Ainsworth, SheriffMurder Vol. 2
Akido, HenryMurder Vol. 1
Akins, EarlRoadside Crosses
Akins, EarlMurder Vol. 1
Akins, H.S.Roadside Crosses
Akins, LeeRoadside Crosses
Akins, W.P.Roadside Crosses
Alamo Dance HouseMurder Vol. 2
Alback, PhillipKansas Murder Vol. 1
Albright, HenryRoadside Crosses
Albright, HughRoadside Crosses
Albright, WalkerRoadside Crosses
Alderdyce, SusannaKansas Murder Vol. 1
Alderdyce, ThomasKansas Murder Vol. 1
Alderton, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Alexander, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Allbee, Mr.Roadside Crosses
AllegroMurder Vol. 2
Allen, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Allen, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Allen, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Allen, J.D.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Allen, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Allen, SonSudden Endings
Allen, ThorntonSudden Endings
Allen, W.S.Murder Vol. 2
Allibaugh, Charles C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Allison, D.C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Allison, JessieRoadside Crosses
Allison, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Althouse, Mrs.Murder Vol. 1
Alumbaugh, W.H.Roadside Crosses
Alverson, LafayetteKansas Murder Vol. 1
Ambrose, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Ames, L.W.Murder Vol. 1
Amidon, J.P.Sudden Endings
Amidon, S.B.Murder Vol. 1
Ammons, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Andersen, Rev. LorenSudden Endings
Anderson, “Grandpa”Murder Vol. 1
Anderson, BillKansas Murder Vol. 1
Anderson, BootsRoadside Crosses
Anderson, C.M.Murder Vol. 2
Anderson, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Anderson, Dr. C.E.Murder Vol. 1
Anderson, G.B.Roadside Crosses
Anderson, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Anderson, George W.Roadside Crosses
Anderson, GrettelMurder Vol. 1
Anderson, H.C.Sudden Endings
Anderson, HughMurder Vol. 2
Anderson, HuldaSudden Endings
Anderson, J.C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Anderson, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Anderson, JimKansas Murder Vol. 1
Anderson, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Anderson, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Anderson, L.A.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Anderson, LillieMurder Vol. 1
Anderson, Mr.Sudden Endings
Anderson, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Anderson, Mr..Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Anderson, Mrs. H.C.Sudden Endings
Anderson, NateMurder Vol. 2
Anderson, NoahMurder Vol. 2
Anderson, PhilRoadside Crosses
Anderson, PhilSudden Endings
Anderson, R.F.Murder Vol. 2
Anderson, W.D.Murder Vol. 1
Anderson, WaymanMurder Vol. 1
Anderson, WaymanMurder Vol. 2
Anderson, WeymanSudden Endings
Andes, WillRoadside Crosses
Andres, Mrs. GusRoadside Crosses
Andres, PeterMurder Vol. 1
Andrews, SergeantKansas Murder Vol. 1
Anduss, HenryMurder Vol. 1
Angood, W.H.Roadside Crosses
Ankerholz, GuyMurder Vol. 1
Ansel, LeslieMurder Vol. 1
Anthony, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Anthony, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Apache BillKansas Murder Vol. 1
Apache TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Apsley, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Apsley, JohnRoadside Crosses
Apsley, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Arabright, M.A.Roadside Crosses
Arapahoe TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Argabright, JamesRoadside Crosses
Argabright, M.A.Roadside Crosses
Argabright, M.A.Sudden Endings
Arion, JimMurder Vol. 2
Armor, S.R.Murder Vol. 1
Armour, LeeSudden Endings
Arms, Frances A.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Arms, LeonardKansas Murder Vol. 1
Armstrong, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Armstrong, Mrs. WilliamSudden Endings
Armstrong, OfficerKansas Murder Vol. 1
Armstrong, SheriffKansas Murder Vol. 1
Armstrong, W.T.Murder Vol. 1
Armstrong, WilliamSudden Endings
Arnest, JusticeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Arnold, Benjamin C.Murder Vol. 2
Arnold, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Artz, OraMurder Vol. 1
Arzola, FranciscoRoadside Crosses
Arzola, RupertRoadside Crosses
Ash, HarryRoadside Crosses
Ash, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Ashbury, JackKansas Murder Vol. 1
Ashcraft, HarryMurder Vol. 1
Ashcraft, William C.Murder Vol. 2
Asher, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Asher, Rev. NoahSudden Endings
Ashford, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Ashton, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Ashworth, ClarenceRoadside Crosses
Ashworth, ClarenceSudden Endings
Ashworth, CoraMurder Vol. 1
Ashworth, Mrs. ClarenceRoadside Crosses
Ashworth, Mrs. ClarenceSudden Endings
Ashworth, SquireMurder Vol. 1
Astor, John IIIRoadside Crosses
Atchinson, Mr.Murder Vol. 1
Atchison, David RiceKansas Murder Vol. 1
Atchison, SenatorKansas Murder Vol. 1
Atchison, T.B.Murder Vol. 2
Athey, C.E.Murder Vol. 2
Atkins, TomKansas Murder Vol. 1
Atwell, C.E.Roadside Crosses
Atwell, Mrs. ChesterRoadside Crosses
Atwood, Mrs. J.H.Sudden Endings
Aubrey, JohnRoadside Crosses
Aulner, Mrs. DelbertSudden Endings
Aunt EstherKansas Murder Vol. 1
Austin, CarlRoadside Crosses
Austin, FlorenceMurder Vol. 2
Austin, MargaretRoadside Crosses
Austin, Mrs.Murder Vol. 2
Avery, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Axtell, Dr.Sudden Endings
Axtell, Dr.Murder Vol. 1
Axtell, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Axtell, Dr. J.T.Roadside Crosses
Axtell, Dr. J.T.Sudden Endings
Ayer, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Ayers, EmmaSudden Endings
Babcock, Col.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Babcock, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bachman, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Bachmann, Mrs. CharlesMurder Vol. 1
Baehr, HerbertSudden Endings
Baehr, KarlSudden Endings
Baer, AlbertRoadside Crosses
Baggs, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Baggs, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bailey, AnthemMurder Vol. 2
Bailey, BillMurder Vol. 2
Bailey, C.C.Murder Vol. 2
Bailey, GovernorRoadside Crosses
Bailey, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Bailey, Mrs. OscarMurder Vol. 1
Bailey, NellieMurder Vol. 2
Bailey, Oscar A.Murder Vol. 1
Bailey, RobertKansas Murder Vol. 1
Bailey, ShannonMurder Vol. 2
Bailey, Willis M.Murder Vol. 2
Bain, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Baird, ArchieMurder Vol. 1
Baird, FrankMurder Vol. 1
Baker, A.I.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Baker, C.W.Sudden Endings
Baker, CarrieRoadside Crosses
Baker, F.P.Murder Vol. 2
Baker, JacobKansas Murder Vol. 1
Baker, James N.Murder Vol. 1
Baker, JosephKansas Murder Vol. 1
Baker, LewRoadside Crosses
Baker, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Baker, Mrs. L.F.Roadside Crosses
Baker, W.F.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Baker, WillisMurder Vol. 1
Balch, OwenRoadside Crosses
Baldwin, E.S.Murder Vol. 1
Baldwin, MosesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Baldwin, WilliamSudden Endings
Ball, BenjaminMurder Vol. 2
Ball, LewMurder Vol. 1
Ball, Mrs. W.L.Sudden Endings
Ball, NelsonMurder Vol. 2
Ball, W.E.Murder Vol. 2
Ballant, ElmerRoadside Crosses
Balling, AndrewRoadside Crosses
Balling, HenryRoadside Crosses
Balling, Mrs. AndrewRoadside Crosses
Banker, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Banks, ChesterMurder Vol. 1
Banks, DellMurder Vol. 2
Banks, ElizabethMurder Vol. 1
Banks, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Banzhaff, MajorKansas Murder Vol. 1
Barbee, GeneralKansas Murder Vol. 1
Barber, H.L.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Barber, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Barber, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Barber, Robert F.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Barber, ThomasKansas Murder Vol. 1
Barber, Thomas W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bard, FrankMurder Vol. 1
Bard, J.Murder Vol. 1
Bard, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bard, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bargreen, EddieSudden Endings
Barker, JohnsonMurder Vol. 2
Barker, Rev. W.M.Roadside Crosses
Barley, Rev.Sudden Endings
Barnard, CharlesMurder Vol. 2
Barnes, C.W.Roadside Crosses
Barnes, CharlesSudden Endings
Barnes, N.Sudden Endings
Barnes, NoahMurder Vol. 1
Barnett, JacobKansas Murder Vol. 1
Barney, ClydeRoadside Crosses
Barney, Mrs. ClydeRoadside Crosses
Barney, WilliamMurder Vol. 1
Barr, J.M.Murder Vol. 1
Barr, LewSudden Endings
Barr, Mrs. ClarenceRoadside Crosses
Barrett, Earl E.Murder Vol. 1
Barry, MajorKansas Murder Vol. 1
Barson, J.A.Sudden Endings
Bartlebaugh, A.L.Sudden Endings
Bartlebaugh, LesterRoadside Crosses
Bartlebaugh, LillianRoadside Crosses
Bartlebaugh, M.C.Roadside Crosses
Bartlebaugh, MarjorieRoadside Crosses
Bartlebaugh, RaymondRoadside Crosses
Bartles, J.H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bartles, T.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bartlet, JamesRoadside Crosses
Bartlett, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Bartley, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Bartley, P.O.Roadside Crosses
Bartlow, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Barton, M.Murder Vol. 1
Bascom, DaughterSudden Endings
Bascom, OliverSudden Endings
Basher, WillSudden Endings
Bashor, WillRoadside Crosses
Basinger, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Basinger, Mrs. PeterKansas Murder Vol. 1
Basinger, PeterKansas Murder Vol. 1
Basinger, Peter W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bassett, William J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bassott, LewMurder Vol. 1
Batdorf, HarrySudden Endings
Batdorf, J.Sudden Endings
Bates, Martin W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bates, Mr.Sudden Endings
Bates, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Batkins, Mrs. J.N.Roadside Crosses
Batkins, Rev. J.N.Roadside Crosses
BatteseKansas Murder Vol. 1
Baughman, HiramSudden Endings
Baughman, WilliamSudden Endings
Baughn, MelvinKansas Murder Vol. 1
Baumgartner, AbrahamRoadside Crosses
Baumgartner, BarbaraRoadside Crosses
Baumgartner, ClarenceSudden Endings
Baumgartner, LeonaRoadside Crosses
Baumgartner, MiltonRoadside Crosses
Baumgartner, W.J.Roadside Crosses
Baumont, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Bausman, ErnestRoadside Crosses
Bausman, Mrs. E.Roadside Crosses
Baxter, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Bayne, TheodoreKansas Murder Vol. 1
Bayse, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Beach, Rev. E.C.Roadside Crosses
Beagle, AllenKansas Murder Vol. 1
Beagle, FrederickKansas Murder Vol. 1
Beagle, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Beal, JamesMurder Vol. 2
Beal, O.F.Roadside Crosses
Beam, EmmaMurder Vol. 2
Beam, Frank M.Murder Vol. 2
Beam, JamesMurder Vol. 2
Bean, M.A.Sudden Endings
Bean, NellieSudden Endings
Bear, F.E.Murder Vol. 1
Beardsley, CecilSudden Endings
Beardsley, M.J.Sudden Endings
Beck, ClarenceMurder Vol. 1
Beck, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Beck, K.C.Sudden Endings
Becker, JoeRoadside Crosses
Becker, L.O.Roadside Crosses
Becker, LorenzoSudden Endings
Becker, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Becker, Mr.Sudden Endings
Becker, Mrs.Roadside Crosses
Beckwith, DanMurder Vol. 2
Beechler, CasparKansas Murder Vol. 1
Beeher, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Beeher, Son of Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Beeker, FrederickKansas Murder Vol. 1
Beers, FrankMurder Vol. 1
Beers, Mrs. FrankMurder Vol. 1
Beers, OmaMurder Vol. 1
Behimer, OscarRoadside Crosses
Behimer, OscarSudden Endings
Belden, Mrs. RowlandRoadside Crosses
Bell, AaronKansas Murder Vol. 1
Bell, CharlesMurder Vol. 1
Bell, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bell, E.O.Sudden Endings
Bell, George W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bell, James M.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bell, Mrs. AaronKansas Murder Vol. 1
Bell, Mrs. E.O.Sudden Endings
Bell, NettieMurder Vol. 1
Bell, S.B.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bender, JohnRoadside Crosses
Bender, Mrs. E.E.Murder Vol. 1
Bender, Mrs. JohnSudden Endings
Bender, OliverSudden Endings
Bendowsky, AndrewSudden Endings
Bendowsky, HelenaSudden Endings
Benfer, A.Roadside Crosses
Benfer, H.Roadside Crosses
Benfer, H.Murder Vol. 2
Benfer, J.A.Roadside Crosses
Benfer, JakeRoadside Crosses
Benham, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Benjamin, A.M.Roadside Crosses
Benn, Mrs. W.R.Sudden Endings
Bennett, DaveMurder Vol. 1
Bennett, DavidMurder Vol. 2
Bennett, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Bennett, Dr.Murder Vol. 1
Bennett, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Bennett, Dr. G.D.Roadside Crosses
Bennett, Dr. G.D.Sudden Endings
Bennett, EdRoadside Crosses
Bennett, LucianRoadside Crosses
Bennie, FrankMurder Vol. 1
Bennie, MissMurder Vol. 1
Benninghoff, Mrs. J.Sudden Endings
Bent, BobKansas Murder Vol. 1
Bent, Col.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Benthusen, G.W.Sudden Endings
Benthusen, G.W.Murder Vol. 2
Benthusen, NellieMurder Vol. 2
Benthusen, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Bentley, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bentley, S.J.Roadside Crosses
Bentley, S.J.Murder Vol. 2
Bentz, BobbyRoadside Crosses
Bentz, BobbySudden Endings
Bentz, DallasRoadside Crosses
Bentz, DallasSudden Endings
Bentz, R.B.Roadside Crosses
Bentz, RobertSudden Endings
Bentz, TennieRoadside Crosses
Berdine, A.B.Murder Vol. 2
Berg, ArthurRoadside Crosses
Bergenes, FransiscoMurder Vol. 1
Berger, ChristianSudden Endings
Bergh, RosaMurder Vol. 1
Berry, GeorgeSudden Endings
Berry, OthoSudden Endings
Berry, S.L.Sudden Endings
Berry, SylvesterMurder Vol. 2
Bertche, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Bertche, Mrs.Murder Vol. 1
Bessemer, FlorenceRoadside Crosses
Bettie, JamesMurder Vol. 1
Betz, C.A.Roadside Crosses
Betz, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Betz, JohnSudden Endings
Betz, SadieSudden Endings
Beutler, Mrs. JacobSudden Endings
Beydler, LeeRoadside Crosses
Beydler, SamuelRoadside Crosses
Bickerton, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Biddlecomb, FrankRoadside Crosses
Biddlecomb, HarryRoadside Crosses
Biddlecomb, PearlRoadside Crosses
Bideno, JuanMurder Vol. 2
Biederwolf, Rev. WilliamSudden Endings
Bierschbach, AlbertSudden Endings
Bierschbach, ClarenceSudden Endings
Bierschbach, CliffordSudden Endings
Bierschbach, DanielSudden Endings
Bierschbach, HowardRoadside Crosses
Bierschbach, JessSudden Endings
Bierschbach, JesseRoadside Crosses
Bierschbach, JosiahSudden Endings
Big KnifeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Big PhilKansas Murder Vol. 1
Bigger, L.A.Murder Vol. 2
Bigler, LeeRoadside Crosses
Bigler, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Billings, JohnSudden Endings
Billiter, E.E.Roadside Crosses
Bimber, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Birchback, JosiahMurder Vol. 2
Bird, John C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bird, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bird, Rev.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bissel, C.Murder Vol. 2
Black Feet TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Black HawkKansas Murder Vol. 1
Black, EllisRoadside Crosses
Black, EllisSudden Endings
Black, Mrs. JakeRoadside Crosses
Black, Rev. F.F.Sudden Endings
Black, W.G.Roadside Crosses
Black, W.G.Sudden Endings
Blackburn, Rev. HarryRoadside Crosses
Blackett, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bladenhiser, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Blades, AlSudden Endings
Blake, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Blake, Mrs.Murder Vol. 2
Blake, Mrs. LouMurder Vol. 2
Blanchard, J.Sudden Endings
Blanchard, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Blanchard, Mrs. J.Sudden Endings
Blanchett, MosesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Blankenberger, Mrs. FrankMurder Vol. 1
Blanpied, E.Roadside Crosses
Blanpied, J.S.Murder Vol. 2
Blanpied, JesseMurder Vol. 1
Blanpied, SheriffRoadside Crosses
Blanpied, SheriffMurder Vol. 1
Blatchley, WillRoadside Crosses
Blazier, AlvaMurder Vol. 1
Bleandenheim, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Blevins, John H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Blodgett, JosiahKansas Murder Vol. 1
Blodgett, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Blough, D.S.Sudden Endings
Blunt, GeneralKansas Murder Vol. 1
Blurton, TheodoreRoadside Crosses
Blurton, TheodoreSudden Endings
Boardman, TomMurder Vol. 1
Boergen, CorneliusSudden Endings
Boergen, JohnSudden Endings
Boergen, PeterSudden Endings
Bogardus, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bogges, NewtonRoadside Crosses
Bogges, NewtonSudden Endings
Boilston, NathanielKansas Murder Vol. 1
Boker, L.E.Roadside Crosses
Bolin, ClaudeRoadside Crosses
Bolin, E.L.Roadside Crosses
Bolin, HarryRoadside Crosses
Bolin, WebsterRoadside Crosses
Boller, Felix A.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Boller, MissKansas Murder Vol. 1
Bolong, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bond, Isaac W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bond, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Bonham, E.B.Murder Vol. 1
Bonham, F.M.Sudden Endings
Bonham, Mrs. E.B.Roadside Crosses
Bonine, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Boone, A.G.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Boorne, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Boot HillMurder Vol. 2
Booth, GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Booth, John WilkesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Booth, LewisKansas Murder Vol. 1
Boswell, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Bosworth, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Bosworth, JuliaRoadside Crosses
Bothamley, C.E.Murder Vol. 2
Bothamley, ClementMurder Vol. 2
Bothamley, Mrs.Murder Vol. 2
Bougher, GroverRoadside Crosses
Bouraisso, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bourne, CharlesSudden Endings
Bourne, SamuelMurder Vol. 2
Bousser, LewMurder Vol. 1
Bowen, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bowen, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bower, Rev. H.E.Sudden Endings
Bowers, Rev. H.E.Sudden Endings
Bowers, SamuelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Bowers, WilliamSudden Endings
Bowker, W.L.Roadside Crosses
Bowles, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bowles, William F.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bowman, C. S.Murder Vol. 2
Bowman, C.S.Roadside Crosses
Bowman, C.S.Murder Vol. 2
Bowman, CharlesMurder Vol. 2
Bowman, H. C.Murder Vol. 1
Bowman, H.C.Roadside Crosses
Bowman, H.C.Murder Vol. 1
Bowman, H.C.Murder Vol. 2
Bowman, HarryMurder Vol. 2
Bowman, J.W.Murder Vol. 2
Box, CleetaSudden Endings
Box, HenrySudden Endings
Box, MarjorySudden Endings
Box, RobertSudden Endings
Boy, BabyMurder Vol. 1
Boyd, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Boyd, Dr.Sudden Endings
Boyd, Dr. GastonRoadside Crosses
Boyd, Dr. GastonSudden Endings
Boyd, Dr. GastonMurder Vol. 1
Boyd, Dr. GastonMurder Vol. 2
Boyd, John R.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Boyer, EllisMurder Vol. 1
Boyer, SamMurder Vol. 1
Brace, Rev.Sudden Endings
Bradford, GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Bradley, OrrRoadside Crosses
Brady, Charles T.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Brandige, SheriffMurder Vol. 1
Brandt, FredMurder Vol. 2
Brandt, Fred Jr.Sudden Endings
Branick, MichaelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Branine, AldenRoadside Crosses
Branine, AldenMurder Vol. 1
Branine, AttorneyMurder Vol. 1
Branine, C.E.Roadside Crosses
Branine, C.E.Sudden Endings
Branine, C.E.Murder Vol. 1
Branine, C.E.Murder Vol. 2
Branine, EzraRoadside Crosses
Branine, EzraSudden Endings
Branine, EzraMurder Vol. 1
Branine, JudgeMurder Vol. 1
Brannon, H.L.Murder Vol. 1
Branson, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Brant, F.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bray, W.H.Roadside Crosses
Breckelsbrauer, J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Breese, Rev.Roadside Crosses
Breitenstein, JohnRoadside Crosses
Breitenstein, JohnSudden Endings
Brennan, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Brenner, FaithSudden Endings
Bretch, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Brewer, JamesMurder Vol. 2
Brewer, JohnSudden Endings
Brewer, OttoRoadside Crosses
Brewster, S.M.Murder Vol. 1
Brian, B.Murder Vol. 1
Bridgeman, BenRoadside Crosses
Briggs, EdnaSudden Endings
Briggs, J.C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Briggs, JimmySudden Endings
Briggs, JoshuaSudden Endings
Briggs, Mrs. JamesSudden Endings
Brightman, Mrs. H.H.Murder Vol. 1
Brindle, DoraRoadside Crosses
Brindley, AnnaSudden Endings
Brindley, Bart (Samuel)Sudden Endings
Brindley, CharlesSudden Endings
Brindley, NorrisSudden Endings
Brining, Mrs. FredSudden Endings
Briscoe, JamesRoadside Crosses
Briscoe, W.Roadside Crosses
Brison, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Britt, Mrs.Murder Vol. 2
Brocket, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Brockway, KittieRoadside Crosses
Brodie, CalRoadside Crosses
Broer, GeorgeMurder Vol. 2
Broer, JohannRoadside Crosses
Broer, Mrs. GeorgeMurder Vol. 2
Broer, Mrs. JohnRoadside Crosses
Brogan, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Brooks, ArthurRoadside Crosses
Brooks, FloydRoadside Crosses
Brooks, Rev.Sudden Endings
Brooks, William “Billy”Murder Vol. 2
Brown, A.J.Murder Vol. 1
Brown, A.J.Murder Vol. 2
Brown, AdelbertSudden Endings
Brown, B.K.Murder Vol. 2
Brown, BenjaminMurder Vol. 1
Brown, CecilRoadside Crosses
Brown, DelmarMurder Vol. 1
Brown, DonRoadside Crosses
Brown, DonSudden Endings
Brown, DorothySudden Endings
Brown, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Brown, E.D.Murder Vol. 2
Brown, EdgarRoadside Crosses
Brown, ElgaRoadside Crosses
Brown, ElgaSudden Endings
Brown, EphraimRoadside Crosses
Brown, FayMurder Vol. 1
Brown, FrederickKansas Murder Vol. 1
Brown, G.W.Sudden Endings
Brown, George W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Brown, I.B.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Brown, J.J.Sudden Endings
Brown, J.W.Sudden Endings
Brown, JayRoadside Crosses
Brown, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Brown, John Jr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Brown, KennethMurder Vol. 1
Brown, L.W.Sudden Endings
Brown, MarshalRoadside Crosses
Brown, MollieKansas Murder Vol. 1
Brown, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Brown, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Brown, Mrs. KennethMurder Vol. 1
Brown, Mrs. WalterRoadside Crosses
Brown, OfficerMurder Vol. 1
Brown, R.H.Sudden Endings
Brown, R.J.Roadside Crosses
Brown, Reece P.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Brown, S.A.Murder Vol. 1
Brown, TomRoadside Crosses
Brown, TrickMurder Vol. 2
Brown, VeraSudden Endings
Brown, W.E.Murder Vol. 2
Brown, W.F.Roadside Crosses
Brown, W.F.Sudden Endings
Brown, W.J.Roadside Crosses
Brown, WalterSudden Endings
Brown, Walter S.Sudden Endings
Brown, Walter T.Sudden Endings
Brown, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Brubaker, A.D.Murder Vol. 2
Brubaker, A.L.Roadside Crosses
Brubaker, Mr.Sudden Endings
Bruce, H.C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bruce, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Brumback, JudgeMurder Vol. 1
Brumback, JusticeMurder Vol. 1
Brumley, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bruner, GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Bruner, Mrs.Sudden Endings
Brunker, JackMurder Vol. 1
Brunker, S.H.Murder Vol. 1
Brunner, ClarenceSudden Endings
Brunner, HenryMurder Vol. 2
Brush, ArthurSudden Endings
Brush, HenryRoadside Crosses
Brush, W.R.Roadside Crosses
Bruton, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Buchanan, A.T.Murder Vol. 2
Buchanan, Ira M.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Buchanan, SheriffKansas Murder Vol. 1
Buchanan, W.J.Roadside Crosses
Buchanan, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Buchanan, WillyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Bucher, C.S.Murder Vol. 2
Bucher, CharlesMurder Vol. 1
Bucher, CharlesMurder Vol. 2
Bucher, TildenSudden Endings
Buck, C.H.Murder Vol. 2
Buck, Giles B.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Buckley, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Buckman, Mrs. WalterRoadside Crosses
Buckman, WalterRoadside Crosses
Budwell, Rev.Roadside Crosses
Buetler, MennoRoadside Crosses
Buffin, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Buffum, DavidKansas Murder Vol. 1
Buhler, Rev.Sudden Endings
Bull, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bull’s Head SaloonMurder Vol. 2
Bullington, S.D.Sudden Endings
Bullis, C.B.Sudden Endings
Bummer BillKansas Murder Vol. 1
Bump, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Bunker, H.W.Murder Vol. 2
Bunner, Mrs. WilliamRoadside Crosses
Bunner, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Bunting, M.C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Burchard, ThomasKansas Murder Vol. 1
Burgener, HenryRoadside Crosses
Burgener, HenrySudden Endings
Burgess, MissKansas Murder Vol. 1
Burgner, HenrySudden Endings
Burke, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Burkholder, SamMurder Vol. 1
Burkwalter, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Burlingame, C.H.Roadside Crosses
Burmeister, LouisMurder Vol. 1
Burnes, PatseyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Burnett, S.D.Murder Vol. 2
Burnham, I.U.Roadside Crosses
Burnham, W.H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Burns, A.M.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Burns, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Burns, LoisSudden Endings
Burns, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Burns, Rev. W.V.Roadside Crosses
Burns, Rev. W.V.Sudden Endings
Burris, MissSudden Endings
Burriss, Dr.Murder Vol. 1
Burroughs, FrancesRoadside Crosses
Burrow, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Burt, Dr.Sudden Endings
Burt, GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Burton, EllenRoadside Crosses
Burton, Ulysses G.Roadside Crosses
Burwell, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Burwell, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Busenitz, BernardSudden Endings
Busenitz, FrankSudden Endings
Busenitz, GerhardtSudden Endings
Busenitz, GerhartRoadside Crosses
Busenitz, GerhartSudden Endings
Busenitz, JohnSudden Endings
Busenitz, WilliamSudden Endings
Buser, ChesterMurder Vol. 1
Bush, LeonettaRoadside Crosses
Bush, Rev. A.S.Roadside Crosses
Butcher, C.F.Roadside Crosses
Butcher, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Butler, Charles H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Butler, K.H.Roadside Crosses
Butler, Rev. PardeeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Butterfield, CarlSudden Endings
Butterfield, FrankSudden Endings
Butterfield, Mrs. FrankSudden Endings
Buttermilk BillSudden Endings
Buttermilk BillMurder Vol. 1
Buxton, Rev. AlbertRoadside Crosses
Bydler, MaudeRoadside Crosses
Byerly, BerthaSudden Endings
Byerly, GeorgeSudden Endings
Byerly, VernonSudden Endings
Byerly, Vernon O.Sudden Endings
Byers, RayRoadside Crosses
Byers, S.P.Sudden Endings
Byers, S.P.Murder Vol. 2
Byers, W.L.Roadside Crosses
Byles, RobertRoadside Crosses
Byrd, JackRoadside Crosses
Byrd, Jack LeeRoadside Crosses
Byrd, MaeRoadside Crosses
Cable, MrsMurder Vol. 1
Cadle, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Caffyn, Rev. JesseSudden Endings
Calderon, EusebioSudden Endings
Calderon, EusebioMurder Vol. 1
Caldwell, CharlesSudden Endings
Caldwell, E.C.Sudden Endings
Caldwell, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Callahan, MattRoadside Crosses
Callahan, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Calloo, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Calloway, ThomasKansas Murder Vol. 1
Camanche TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Cameron, HughKansas Murder Vol. 1
Campbell, DavidMurder Vol. 2
Campbell, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Campbell, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Campbell, John F.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Campbell, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Campbell, MartinKansas Murder Vol. 1
Campbell, MissKansas Murder Vol. 1
Campbell, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Campbell, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Campbell, W.L.Sudden Endings
Canada NedKansas Murder Vol. 1
Candilla, ElzencioRoadside Crosses
Cannon, BentonMurder Vol. 1
Cannon, GeorgeMurder Vol. 2
Canton, FrankMurder Vol. 2
Cantrell, JacobKansas Murder Vol. 1
Card, J.B.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Cardner, Mrs. CharlesSudden Endings
Carey, J. MortonRoadside Crosses
Carey, RobertKansas Murder Vol. 1
Carifel, Mrs. VictorSudden Endings
Carifel, VictorSudden Endings
Carl, FredRoadside Crosses
Carlin, HughKansas Murder Vol. 1
Carlos KingMurder Vol. 2
Carlton, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Carmain, LyleRoadside Crosses
Carmain, LyleSudden Endings
Carmichael, EthelRoadside Crosses
Carmichael, JohnSudden Endings
Carmouche, L.M.Roadside Crosses
Carnahan, Mrs. SamMurder Vol. 1
Carnahan, SamMurder Vol. 1
Carney, BertRoadside Crosses
Carney, MayorKansas Murder Vol. 1
Carney, Mrs.Murder Vol. 2
Carpenter, Col.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Carpenter, GeraldRoadside Crosses
Carpenter, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Carpenter, L.F.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Carpenter, L.V.Sudden Endings
Carpenter, LewisKansas Murder Vol. 1
Carpenter, LouisKansas Murder Vol. 1
Carpenter, OfficerKansas Murder Vol. 1
Carpenter, OscarRoadside Crosses
Carpenter, S.H.Roadside Crosses
Carpenter, ScottMurder Vol. 2
Carpenter, SheriffMurder Vol. 1
Carpenter, W.H.Murder Vol. 1
Carr, A.W.Murder Vol. 2
Carr, BradfordRoadside Crosses
Carr, JohnRoadside Crosses
Carr, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Carr, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Carr, Mrs. M.E.Roadside Crosses
Carr, Mrs. W.T.Murder Vol. 1
Carr, Will D.Murder Vol. 1
Carr, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Carr, William T.Murder Vol. 1
Carrier, FrankRoadside Crosses
Carrier, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Carrier, JohnRoadside Crosses
Carrier, LydiaRoadside Crosses
Carrier, MaryRoadside Crosses
Carrier, MurvenRoadside Crosses
Carson, KitMurder Vol. 2
Carson, MaudRoadside Crosses
Carson, MaudeRoadside Crosses
Carson, TomMurder Vol. 2
Carteart, J.M.Murder Vol. 1
Carter, MenzoMurder Vol. 1
Carter, Miles N.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Carter, Mrs. A.Roadside Crosses
Carter, Mrs. MenzoMurder Vol. 1
Carter, OfficerMurder Vol. 1
Carter, R.C.Murder Vol. 1
Carter, R.F.Murder Vol. 1
Carter, R.L.Murder Vol. 1
Carter, R.N.Roadside Crosses
Carter, R.R.Murder Vol. 1
Carter, SamMurder Vol. 2
Carver, ChristianKansas Murder Vol. 1
Carver, SarahKansas Murder Vol. 1
Cary, SusanSudden Endings
Case, J.C.Murder Vol. 2
Casey, FrankMurder Vol. 2
Casey, MaeMurder Vol. 1
Casey, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Casey, Rev. J.M.Sudden Endings
Casey, Rev. M.J.Roadside Crosses
Caskey, J.B.Roadside Crosses
Cason, DanielRoadside Crosses
Cason, M.Roadside Crosses
Cason, Mrs. DanMurder Vol. 1
Cassidy, JamesMurder Vol. 1
Caster, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Castle, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Cat, Miss KittySudden Endings
Cate, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Catlin, Mrs. J.E.Murder Vol. 1
Cato, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Cavendar, A.L.Sudden Endings
Caveny, J.L.Roadside Crosses
Cayton, M.C.Murder Vol. 2
Chaffee, Hiram HughKansas Murder Vol. 1
Chaffee, J.F.Murder Vol. 1
Chalfant, ClideRoadside Crosses
Chalfant, CopleyRoadside Crosses
Chalfant, EdnaRoadside Crosses
Chalfant, FrankRoadside Crosses
Chalfant, HenriettaSudden Endings
Chalfant, JamesRoadside Crosses
Chalfant, ThelmaRoadside Crosses
Challans, R.J.Murder Vol. 1
Chambers, Dr.Sudden Endings
Chambers, V.L.Roadside Crosses
Champion, JohnRoadside Crosses
Champlin, A.R.Roadside Crosses
Champlin, A.R.Sudden Endings
Chandler, CharlesMurder Vol. 2
Chandler, J.C.Murder Vol. 2
Chandler, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Chapell, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Chapin, EllenSudden Endings
Chapman, W.W.Sudden Endings
Chappell, Dr. WilliamRoadside Crosses
Charlsen, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Charlton, Mr.Sudden Endings
Charter, VerlRoadside Crosses
Charter, VerlSudden Endings
Chase, C.W.Roadside Crosses
Chase, CharlesSudden Endings
Chase, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Chatelet, Mr.Murder Vol. 1
Cheap, J.R.Murder Vol. 1
Cheatum, M.Murder Vol. 1
Cheatum, M.E.Murder Vol. 1
Cheatum, MiltMurder Vol. 1
Cheatum, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Cheatwood, WaldenRoadside Crosses
Cheney, Dr. W.S.Roadside Crosses
Cheney, W.G.Roadside Crosses
Chenowith, WillRoadside Crosses
Cherokee DanMurder Vol. 2
Cherokee TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Cherry, SamuelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Cherry, W.M.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Chessan, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Chestnut, AlbertRoadside Crosses
Chestnut, GroverRoadside Crosses
Chestnut, O.G.Roadside Crosses
Chestnut, WalterRoadside Crosses
Cheyenne TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Chiers, IdaSudden Endings
Childers, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Childs, AnnaMurder Vol. 1
Childs, FrankSudden Endings
Childs, FrankMurder Vol. 2
Childus, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Chisholm TrailMurder Vol. 2
Chitty, C.M.Roadside Crosses
Chitty, C.M.Sudden Endings
Chlfant, DoraRoadside Crosses
Chorn, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Chrisman, Rev. J.C.Sudden Endings
Chuck-Luck JohnnyMurder Vol. 2
Church, Mr.Sudden Endings
Churchill, GeorgeMurder Vol. 2
Cibulski, NellieRoadside Crosses
Cisnaros, CorneliusSudden Endings
Claassen, AbrahamSudden Endings
Claassen, C.W.Roadside Crosses
Claassen, Mrs. ErnestRoadside Crosses
Clapp, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Clark, AlfredKansas Murder Vol. 1
Clark, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Clark, DickMurder Vol. 2
Clark, G.W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Clark, George W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Clark, GraceSudden Endings
Clark, IsaacKansas Murder Vol. 1
Clark, J.E.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Clark, J.G.Murder Vol. 1
Clark, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Clark, LewisMurder Vol. 2
Clark, M.E.Sudden Endings
Clark, MalcolmKansas Murder Vol. 1
Clark, MargaretRoadside Crosses
Clark, Mr.Sudden Endings
Clark, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Clark, OfficerMurder Vol. 2
Clark, S.S.Sudden Endings
Clarke, A.J.Murder Vol. 2
Clarkson, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Clarkson, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Classsen, C.F.Sudden Endings
Claus, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Clay, AnnieMurder Vol. 2
Clemens, MaggieRoadside Crosses
Clements, JimMurder Vol. 2
Clemer, J.J.Murder Vol. 1
Cleveland, MarshallKansas Murder Vol. 1
Cleveland, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Climer, G.E.Murder Vol. 2
Cline, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Cline, W.H.Roadside Crosses
Clore, Mrs. HenrySudden Endings
Clough, Rev.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Clowes, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Clure, GeorgeMurder Vol. 2
Coates, GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Coats, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Cobb, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Cobb, JamesSudden Endings
Cobb, JamesMurder Vol. 1
Cobb, LulaMurder Vol. 1
Cobb, MajorMurder Vol. 1
Coble J.P.Roadside Crosses
Coble, A.C.Murder Vol. 1
Coble, J.P.Sudden Endings
Coble, John C.Murder Vol. 1
Coble, LeeRoadside Crosses
Coble, LeeSudden Endings
Coble, LeeMurder Vol. 1
Coble, Mrs. J.P.Roadside Crosses
Coble, Mrs. PerryRoadside Crosses
Coble, NickRoadside Crosses
Coble, O.M.Roadside Crosses
Coble, O.M.Sudden Endings
Cochran, E.E.Murder Vol. 1
Cochran, JessieSudden Endings
Cochran, W.W.Murder Vol. 1
Cochran, WillRoadside Crosses
Cochran, WillSudden Endings
Cockrel, ElmerMurder Vol. 1
Coddington, WayneRoadside Crosses
Coe, Rev. JosephRoadside Crosses
Coen, HomerSudden Endings
Coffee JimMurder Vol. 2
Coffee, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Coffman, A.J.Sudden Endings
Coffman, CharlesSudden Endings
Coffman, JosephineSudden Endings
Colby, MarshalKansas Murder Vol. 1
Colby, TheoRoadside Crosses
Cole, BobMurder Vol. 1
Cole, JohnSudden Endings
Cole, Rev.Roadside Crosses
Cole, Sam M.Murder Vol. 2
Cole, Stella MaySudden Endings
Coleman, C.Murder Vol. 2
Coleman, CoronerSudden Endings
Coleman, Dr.Sudden Endings
Coleman, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Coleman, Dr. T.M.Roadside Crosses
Coleman, E.L.Roadside Crosses
Coleman, F.N.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Coleman, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Coleman, L.D.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Coleman, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Coleman, Mrs. W.B.Sudden Endings
Coleman, R.E.Sudden Endings
Coleman, WilliamSudden Endings
Coleman, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Collamore, G.W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Collamore, MayorKansas Murder Vol. 1
Collamore, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Collamore, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Collamur, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Collard, JackKansas Murder Vol. 1
Collier, D.C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Collins, E.Sudden Endings
Collins, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Collins, L.P.Murder Vol. 2
Collins, Mary PollyRoadside Crosses
Collins, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Collins, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Collins, NellieSudden Endings
Collins, SamuelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Collins, ThomasKansas Murder Vol. 1
Collins, WilliamSudden Endings
Colpetzer, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Columbia, JusticeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Colvin, A.G.Sudden Endings
Colvin, AmaziahSudden Endings
Colvin, Mary M.Sudden Endings
Colvin, W.P.Sudden Endings
Colyer, VincentKansas Murder Vol. 1
Comanche TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Commanche TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Comp, TomSudden Endings
Comstock, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Comstock, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Conaway, HarryRoadside Crosses
Conaway, Mrs. GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Cone, EdwardRoadside Crosses
Cone, JaredRoadside Crosses
Cone, JudgeMurder Vol. 1
Cone, LymanRoadside Crosses
Cone, MayorMurder Vol. 2
Coney, P.H.Roadside Crosses
Congdon, MorrisRoadside Crosses
Congdon, W.M.Murder Vol. 2
Conklin, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Connel, M.Roadside Crosses
Connel, MikeSudden Endings
Connelly, SheriffKansas Murder Vol. 1
Conover, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Conrad, E.E.Roadside Crosses
Conrad, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Conrad, WeirMurder Vol. 2
Conrin, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Conroe, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Conry, Dr.Sudden Endings
Converse, HelenRoadside Crosses
Conway, EdwinRoadside Crosses
Conway, FrankRoadside Crosses
Conway, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Conway, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Cook, D.O.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Cook, George E.Sudden Endings
Cook, IraMurder Vol. 2
Cook, ThomasKansas Murder Vol. 1
Cookson, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Cookson, EdSudden Endings
Cooley, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Cooley, GuyMurder Vol. 1
Cooley, Mrs. HobardMurder Vol. 1
Coons, J.W.Murder Vol. 1
Coons, SheriffMurder Vol. 1
Cooper, C.L.Roadside Crosses
Cooper, Dr. J.H.Roadside Crosses
Cooper, FrankRoadside Crosses
Cooper, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Cooper, SuperintendentMurder Vol. 1
Coots, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Copeland, MissKansas Murder Vol. 1
Coppersmith, CharlesSudden Endings
Coran, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Corbett, Mrs. RoyRoadside Crosses
Corbin, JackKansas Murder Vol. 1
Corcoran, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Cordel, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Cordero, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Cordley, RichardKansas Murder Vol. 1
Corkle, ElmerRoadside Crosses
Corkle, ElmerSudden Endings
Corlew, TomKansas Murder Vol. 1
Cornell, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Corn-Hole JohnnyMurder Vol. 2
Corson, LydiaKansas Murder Vol. 1
Corson, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Corvin, J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Costello, J.L.Sudden Endings
Cotteral, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Cotton, G.H.Sudden Endings
Cottrell, JusticeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Coulson, ClydeSudden Endings
Coulter, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Courtney, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Couse, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Covert, J.J.Sudden Endings
Covert, M.Sudden Endings
Covert, MartRoadside Crosses
Covert, MartMurder Vol. 2
Covert, MartinSudden Endings
Covert, SarahSudden Endings
Covert, StellaSudden Endings
Cowan, AndyRoadside Crosses
Cowan, HarrySudden Endings
Cowan, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Cox, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Cox, HerbertKansas Murder Vol. 1
Cox, Jacob B.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Cox, MabelRoadside Crosses
Cox, Mrs. RalphRoadside Crosses
Cox, R.V.Roadside Crosses
Cox, RalphRoadside Crosses
Cox, RoyRoadside Crosses
Cox, SterlingRoadside Crosses
Cox, W.G.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Cox, WilliamMurder Vol. 1
Cox, William W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Coxe, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Coy, UriMurder Vol. 2
Coyne, PatrickRoadside Crosses
Cozartt, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Cozine, W.A.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Crack, I.J.Roadside Crosses
Crack, I.J.Sudden Endings
Cradler, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Craft, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Craig, BabyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Craig, MargeryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Craig, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Cram, C.J.Murder Vol. 1
Cramer, AlvinSudden Endings
Cramer, BeulaSudden Endings
Cramer, CharlotteSudden Endings
Cramer, OliverSudden Endings
Cramer, T.A.Roadside Crosses
Crane, John L.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Crane, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Cratty, ThomasSudden Endings
Crawford, Col.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Crawford, George A.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Crawford, Gov.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Crawford, IvaSudden Endings
Crawford, Mrs.Roadside Crosses
Crawley, S.V.Sudden Endings
Cressler, Dr. E.P.Roadside Crosses
Cressler, EdwardRoadside Crosses
Cretcher, M.P.Murder Vol. 2
Cretcher, S.B.Murder Vol. 2
Crippen, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Crisman, Mrs. W.J.Roadside Crosses
Crisman, R.W.Roadside Crosses
Crismon, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Crobarger, Mrs. M.E.Roadside Crosses
Crobarger, Mrs. M.E.Sudden Endings
Crobener, HenryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Crobener, MissKansas Murder Vol. 1
Crockett, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Croff, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Cross, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Cross, SonKansas Murder Vol. 1
Crossman, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Crossman, Orrin M.Murder Vol. 2
Crosson, MinnieSudden Endings
Crosson, Mr.Sudden Endings
Crouch, DeputyMurder Vol. 1
Crouch, GeorgeSudden Endings
Crowdes, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Croy, Mrs. DonSudden Endings
Crum, E.P.Murder Vol. 2
Crumbine, Dr. S.J.Sudden Endings
Cudd, A.T.Sudden Endings
Culbertson, AnnaSudden Endings
Culbertson, F.R.Sudden Endings
Culley, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Cummings, J.A.Murder Vol. 1
Cummings, JohnRoadside Crosses
Cummings, JohnSudden Endings
Cummings, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Cummings, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Cummings, MarshalRoadside Crosses
Cummings, MarshalSudden Endings
Cummings, MarshalMurder Vol. 1
Cummings, MarshalMurder Vol. 2
Cummings, RollaSudden Endings
Cummings, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Cumminham, Rev. E.M.Roadside Crosses
Cunningham, JackKansas Murder Vol. 1
Cunningham, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Cunningham, Mrs.Murder Vol. 2
Curby, IvenRoadside Crosses
Curd, T.S.Roadside Crosses
Curry, DaveKansas Murder Vol. 1
Curry, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Curry, LewisMurder Vol. 1
Curtis, CaptainKansas Murder Vol. 1
Curtis, EdwardSudden Endings
Curtis, FrankMurder Vol. 1
Curtis, GeneralKansas Murder Vol. 1
Curtis, MajorKansas Murder Vol. 1
Curtis, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Curtis, R.M.Murder Vol. 2
Cushing, KateMurder Vol. 1
Custer, GeneralKansas Murder Vol. 1
Cutler, JudgeMurder Vol. 2
Cutler, JusticeMurder Vol. 2
Cutter, HenryMurder Vol. 1
Cutters, JudgeMurder Vol. 2
D’Avignon, CarlSudden Endings
Dadisman, Rev.Sudden Endings
Dagin, C.J.Murder Vol. 2
Dahs, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Daily, Mr.Sudden Endings
Daily, RobertKansas Murder Vol. 1
Daily, W.A.Sudden Endings
Dalke, HenrySudden Endings
Dalton, JusticeMurder Vol. 2
Dalton, W.M.Murder Vol. 1
Dalton, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Damman, CarlRoadside Crosses
Danaker, Dr. C.A.Roadside Crosses
Daniels, EdwardKansas Murder Vol. 1
Daniels, EliKansas Murder Vol. 1
Daniels, Mrs.Roadside Crosses
Danner, A.E.S.Roadside Crosses
Danner, A.E.S.Sudden Endings
Danner, AnnaSudden Endings
Danner, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Danner, S.T.Roadside Crosses
Danner, Samuel T.Roadside Crosses
Danner, Samuel T.Sudden Endings
Darling, ArtRoadside Crosses
Darling, Mrs. JosephSudden Endings
Darney, FrankMurder Vol. 1
Darr, DaveRoadside Crosses
Darr, Dave M.Murder Vol. 2
Darratt, MarshallMurder Vol. 2
Darrow, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Dart, A.H.Sudden Endings
Dart, A.H.Murder Vol. 2
Dart, MilburnMurder Vol. 1
Dart, RalphSudden Endings
Dauber, JosiahRoadside Crosses
Dauber, RayRoadside Crosses
Daugherty, DanielSudden Endings
Davenport, DennieRoadside Crosses
David, HowardMurder Vol. 1
David, Mrs. M.H.Roadside Crosses
Davidson, Mrs. J.O.Roadside Crosses
Davies, GomerSudden Endings
Davis, ArtSudden Endings
Davis, BessieMurder Vol. 1
Davis, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Davis, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Davis, FloydSudden Endings
Davis, FredSudden Endings
Davis, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Davis, GinghamMurder Vol. 2
Davis, HarryRoadside Crosses
Davis, HenryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Davis, J.B.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Davis, J.H.Murder Vol. 1
Davis, J.R.Sudden Endings
Davis, JessieRoadside Crosses
Davis, JoeMurder Vol. 1
Davis, JohnRoadside Crosses
Davis, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Davis, JosephineKansas Murder Vol. 1
Davis, KennethSudden Endings
Davis, M.H.Roadside Crosses
Davis, M.J.Roadside Crosses
Davis, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Davis, Mrs. JamesRoadside Crosses
Davis, Mrs. O.E.Sudden Endings
Davis, Mrs. S.E.Murder Vol. 2
Davis, NettieRoadside Crosses
Davis, OscarMurder Vol. 1
Davis, RuthMurder Vol. 1
Davis, S.A.Roadside Crosses
Davis, S.A.Sudden Endings
Davis, T.J.Roadside Crosses
Davis, TomSudden Endings
Davis, TommySudden Endings
Davis, W.W.Sudden Endings
Davis, W.W.Murder Vol. 2
Davis, WalterSudden Endings
Davis, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Davison, Rev.Sudden Endings
Dawson, C.C.Murder Vol. 2
Day, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Day, Mr.Sudden Endings
Dearth, ClaraRoadside Crosses
Dearth, H.Roadside Crosses
Dearth, ManzanitaRoadside Crosses
Dearth, RobertRoadside Crosses
Deascy, MartinRoadside Crosses
Decker, AlvinSudden Endings
Decker, HenryRoadside Crosses
Decker, WilliamRoadside Crosses
DeCropper, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Deeds, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
DeHoney, J.T.Murder Vol. 1
Deihl, FredSudden Endings
Deitzler, George W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Delaney, L.R.Murder Vol. 1
Delano, MyrtleMurder Vol. 2
Delano, William T.Murder Vol. 2
Delany, ArthurMurder Vol. 2
Delaware TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Dell, DanielMurder Vol. 2
Dell, RillaMurder Vol. 2
DeLong, BabyMurder Vol. 1
DeLong, G.Sudden Endings
Delong, Letha AnnMurder Vol. 1
Delong, RosemontMurder Vol. 1
Deming, CecilRoadside Crosses
Deming, ClarenceRoadside Crosses
Deming, EllaRoadside Crosses
Deming, RoyRoadside Crosses
Deming, VermaRoadside Crosses
Demorey, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Denby, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Denham, AlfredMurder Vol. 2
Dennis, Jesse S.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Dennis, L.B.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Dennis, W.T.Sudden Endings
Dennison, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Dennison, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Denny, R.W.Roadside Crosses
Denton, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Denton, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Derby, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Derrick, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Dettweiler, A.Roadside Crosses
Deute, AnnaRoadside Crosses
Develyn, PatKansas Murder Vol. 1
Devers, J.H.Murder Vol. 1
Devlin, Mr.Sudden Endings
Devorraux, C.H.Sudden Endings
Devorraux, E.A.Sudden Endings
Devorraux, EleanorSudden Endings
Devorraux, EvelynSudden Endings
Devorraux, Mrs. C.H.Sudden Endings
Dewalt, FrankSudden Endings
DeWalt, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Dewees, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
DeWitt, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Dexter, DorothyRoadside Crosses
Dexter, JamesRoadside Crosses
Dexter, SilasKansas Murder Vol. 1
Dey, Mr.Murder Vol. 1
Dey, RobertRoadside Crosses
Dey, W.D.Roadside Crosses
Diamon, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
DiamondMurder Vol. 1
Diaz, M.Roadside Crosses
Dibble, O.C.Murder Vol. 1
Dichenor, Mrs. D.L.Murder Vol. 2
Dick, AbrahamSudden Endings
Dick, B.E.Roadside Crosses
Dick, FranzSudden Endings
Dick, HazelSudden Endings
Dick, HenrySudden Endings
Dick, JacobSudden Endings
Dick, Mrs. JohnSudden Endings
Dick, PeterSudden Endings
Dick, Rev.Sudden Endings
Dickensheets, FrankSudden Endings
Dickenson, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Dickerson, CharlesMurder Vol. 2
Dickerson, Mrs. CharlesMurder Vol. 2
Dickerson, P.A.Murder Vol. 1
Dickey, MissRoadside Crosses
Dickins, Rev. HaroldRoadside Crosses
Dickins, Rev. HaroldSudden Endings
Dickinsheets, FrankMurder Vol. 2
Dicks, AnnaSudden Endings
Dickson, Charles M.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Dickson, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Diddle, JohnSudden Endings
Diddle, WalterSudden Endings
Diddle, WilliamSudden Endings
Diehl, SamuelSudden Endings
Dill, AdamSudden Endings
Dill, HelenSudden Endings
Dill, WilliamSudden Endings
Dillingham, Dr.Sudden Endings
Dillman, TomRoadside Crosses
Dilts, FrankMurder Vol. 1
Dimick, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Dirk, JacobSudden Endings
Dirksen, AbeSudden Endings
Dirksen, JacobSudden Endings
Dirksen, JohnSudden Endings
Dirksen, TobeSudden Endings
Dischner, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Dischner, TheodoreRoadside Crosses
Ditlow, ChristianMurder Vol. 1
Ditlow, FloydSudden Endings
Ditlow, GeorgeSudden Endings
Divine, MollieRoadside Crosses
Dix, BillieRoadside Crosses
Dix, EarnestMurder Vol. 2
Dix, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Dix, R.C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Dix, StephenKansas Murder Vol. 1
Dix, W.M.Roadside Crosses
Dixon, J.A.Murder Vol. 2
Dixon, T.N.Murder Vol. 2
Dixon, WalterRoadside Crosses
Dobbyns, JohnSudden Endings
Dodds, CharlesMurder Vol. 1
Dodds, JusticeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Dodge, EliSudden Endings
Dodge, JusticeMurder Vol. 2
Dodson, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Doe, GertieMurder Vol. 2
Doe, MaryMurder Vol. 2
Dofur, HenryKansas Murder Vol. 1
DogKansas Murder Vol. 1
Dohner, AddisonSudden Endings
Dole, HarrySudden Endings
Dole, WilliamSudden Endings
Dollinger, DanielMurder Vol. 2
Donaldson, A.C.H.Murder Vol. 2
Donaldson, MarshalKansas Murder Vol. 1
Donaldson, VirgilSudden Endings
Donovan, PonyMurder Vol. 2
Dooley, DwightSudden Endings
Dooley, JohnSudden Endings
Dooley, LucileSudden Endings
Doolittle, Rev.Sudden Endings
Dooris, Rev. J.B.Sudden Endings
Dooris, Rev. J.S.Roadside Crosses
Doster, FrankMurder Vol. 2
Doty, W.R.Sudden Endings
Dougan, L.A.Roadside Crosses
Dougherty, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Douglass, Mr.Murder Vol. 1
Dounna, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Dow, BillMurder Vol. 2
Dow, Charles W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Dow, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Dowling, MaryRoadside Crosses
Downs, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Doyle, CorneliusKansas Murder Vol. 1
Doyle, Dr.Sudden Endings
Doyle, DruryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Doyle, James P.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Doyle, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Doyle, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Dr. DKansas Murder Vol. 1
Drake, J.T.Sudden Endings
Draper, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Dreese, Rev.Roadside Crosses
Dreier, CarlSudden Endings
Dreier, HenrySudden Endings
Dreier, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Dresse, BoydSudden Endings
Droegemueller, Rev. W.C.Roadside Crosses
Droegemueller, Rev. W.C.Sudden Endings
Droegemueller, Rev. WilliamSudden Endings
Druce, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Drum, TomMurder Vol. 2
Drummond, JosephKansas Murder Vol. 1
DuBois, DavidRoadside Crosses
Duby, Mrs. JohnRoadside Crosses
Duckwitz, Rev.Sudden Endings
Duckworth, SheriffMurder Vol. 1
Dudte, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Duff, A.J.Roadside Crosses
Duff, BobRoadside Crosses
Duff, BobSudden Endings
Duff, J.C.Roadside Crosses
Duff, J.C.Sudden Endings
Duff, LaRueMurder Vol. 1
Duff, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Duff, Mr.Murder Vol. 1
Duff, Mrs. A.J.Roadside Crosses
Duff, Mrs. A.J.Sudden Endings
DuFriend, Albert “Jack”Murder Vol. 1
DuFriend, Betty LeeMurder Vol. 1
DuFriend, Deleal “Duke”Murder Vol. 1
DuFriend, HelenMurder Vol. 1
DuFriend, JeanneMurder Vol. 1
DuFriend, MaxMurder Vol. 1
Dukes, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Dukes, RubyMurder Vol. 1
Dulinsky, S.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Duncan, Dr. J.R.Roadside Crosses
Duncan, EdMurder Vol. 1
Duncan, H.C.Roadside Crosses
Duncan, H.C.Murder Vol. 1
Duncan, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Duncan, Mr.Sudden Endings
Duncan, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Duncan, OrionMurder Vol. 1
Duncan, Rev.Sudden Endings
Duncan, Rev. O.E.Sudden Endings
Dunkel, ViolaSudden Endings
Dunkelberger, FrancisRoadside Crosses
Dunkelberger, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Dunkelberger, Mr.Murder Vol. 1
Dunkelberger, WilliamMurder Vol. 1
Dunlap, A.M.Roadside Crosses
Dunlap, AndyRoadside Crosses
Dunlap, GlennMurder Vol. 1
Dunlap, RoyRoadside Crosses
Dunlavey, WesleyRoadside Crosses
Dunn, BirneyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Dunn, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Dunn, ElsieRoadside Crosses
Dunn, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Dunn, RobertRoadside Crosses
Dunn, SamuelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Dunn, Samuel K.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Dunn, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Dunningham, PeterMurder Vol. 2
Dupree, DanMurder Vol. 2
Durant, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Durant, Mr.Sudden Endings
Duren, AdelineKansas Murder Vol. 1
Duren, MissKansas Murder Vol. 1
Durham, J.S.Roadside Crosses
Dustin, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Dutch DaveMurder Vol. 1
Dutch FredSudden Endings
Dutch HenryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Dutcher, EdSudden Endings
Dutcher, Ed T.Murder Vol. 1
Dutcher, FredRoadside Crosses
Dutcher, FredSudden Endings
Dutcher, JohnSudden Endings
Dutton, PaulMurder Vol. 1
Dutton, SheriffKansas Murder Vol. 1
Duvall, MaxineRoadside Crosses
Duvall, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Duvaul, JennieMurder Vol. 2
Dwight, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Dwight, Mrs.Murder Vol. 2
Dwyer, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Dyche, L.L.Murder Vol. 2
Dykerhoff, GeorgeSudden Endings
Dyson, ThomasRoadside Crosses
Eales, ThomasMurder Vol. 1
Earl, A.W.Murder Vol. 1
Early, AstorRoadside Crosses
Early, BillRoadside Crosses
Early, EdwinRoadside Crosses
Early, J. AstorRoadside Crosses
Early, JohnRoadside Crosses
Early, JohnSudden Endings
Early, LauraRoadside Crosses
Early, MargaretRoadside Crosses
Easley, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Easling, Dr.Sudden Endings
Eatiger, J.W.Roadside Crosses
Eatinger, MissSudden Endings
Eaton, OfficerRoadside Crosses
Eaves, HarrietRoadside Crosses
Eaves, ThomasRoadside Crosses
Eby, E.N.Murder Vol. 1
Eccles, DavidRoadside Crosses
Eck, D.J.Sudden Endings
Eckert, B.Murder Vol. 2
Eckert, Mrs.Murder Vol. 2
Eckert, Mrs. LouisMurder Vol. 2
Edgerton, R.B.Murder Vol. 1
Edgmond, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Ediger, EstherRoadside Crosses
Ediger, EstherSudden Endings
Edit, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Edwards, BobKansas Murder Vol. 1
Edwards, J.W.Roadside Crosses
Edwards, J.W.Sudden Endings
Edwards, J.W.Murder Vol. 2
Edwards, JamesMurder Vol. 2
Edwards, L.P.Murder Vol. 1
Edwards, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Edwards, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Edwards, ThomasMurder Vol. 2
Ege, Col.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Ehlis, AugustKansas Murder Vol. 1
Eichhorn, FredRoadside Crosses
Eisley, WillieKansas Murder Vol. 1
Ekey, FrankMurder Vol. 2
Elam, J.K.Roadside Crosses
Elbertson, ThomasMurder Vol. 2
Elder, EdMurder Vol. 1
Eldney, LizzieMurder Vol. 1
Eldridge, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Eldridge, Lyman C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Elliot, JusticeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Elliott, CarlRoadside Crosses
Elliott, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Elliott, FredRoadside Crosses
Elliott, J.B.Roadside Crosses
Elliott, J.F.Murder Vol. 2
Elliott, J.W.Roadside Crosses
Elliott, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Elliott, OttoSudden Endings
Elliott, Rev. J.E.Roadside Crosses
Elliott, Rev. W.A.Roadside Crosses
Elliott, Rev. W.A.Sudden Endings
Elliott, Rev. W.A.Murder Vol. 1
Elliott, TheodoreRoadside Crosses
Ellis, Benjamin E.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Ellis, DavidKansas Murder Vol. 1
Ellis, J.H.Roadside Crosses
Ellis, J.M.Murder Vol. 2
Ellis, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Elmore, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Ely, GeorgeSudden Endings
Ely, J.L.Sudden Endings
Ely, KennethMurder Vol. 1
Embisk, FrankSudden Endings
Embisk, SamuelSudden Endings
Emerick, FredSudden Endings
Emerick, MarySudden Endings
Emerson, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Emery, ChiefMurder Vol. 1
Emmerson, R.G.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Emory, FredKansas Murder Vol. 1
Emory, ThomasKansas Murder Vol. 1
Endres, CarolineSudden Endings
Endres, FrankRoadside Crosses
Endres, FrankSudden Endings
Endres, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Endres, Mrs.Roadside Crosses
Endres, Mrs. FrankRoadside Crosses
Engler, CarlKansas Murder Vol. 1
Englesman, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
English, C.N.Murder Vol. 1
Enns, DaveMurder Vol. 1
Enns, P.W.Roadside Crosses
Ensign, Dr.Sudden Endings
Entz, Rev. J.E.Roadside Crosses
Entz, Rev. JohnSudden Endings
Enyart, C.A.Sudden Endings
Epp, HelenSudden Endings
Eppie, D.Murder Vol. 2
Erb, EvaSudden Endings
Erb, T.M.Sudden Endings
Ericson, JohnRoadside Crosses
Esau, AbrahamSudden Endings
Eshelman, HarryRoadside Crosses
Eshelman, HarrySudden Endings
Eshom, HaroldRoadside Crosses
Eshom, R.J.Roadside Crosses
Eskelson, SwanRoadside Crosses
Espinoza, HedwardoMurder Vol. 1
Espy, H.J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Estes, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Estis, John O.Murder Vol. 2
Evans, B.F.Sudden Endings
Evans, BillieSudden Endings
Evans, EarlSudden Endings
Evans, FrankSudden Endings
Evans, HattieSudden Endings
Evans, JohnRoadside Crosses
Evans, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Evans, T.R.Murder Vol. 2
Everett, E.P.Roadside Crosses
Everett, E.P.Sudden Endings
Everett, Mr.Murder Vol. 1
Ewan, JoyceRoadside Crosses
Ewart, Rev.Roadside Crosses
Ewart, Rev. J.Y.Roadside Crosses
Ewart, Rev. J.Y.Sudden Endings
Ewert, AlbertSudden Endings
Ewert, CorneliusMurder Vol. 1
Ewert, FrankSudden Endings
Ewert, LinfordSudden Endings
Ewert, LorraineSudden Endings
Ewert, MargaretMurder Vol. 1
Ewert, Rev. J.Y.Roadside Crosses
Ewing, A.J.Murder Vol. 1
Ewing, MaryRoadside Crosses
Eyemann, D.T.Murder Vol. 2
Eymann, D.T.Roadside Crosses
Faatz, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Fabrique, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Faecher, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Faerber, AugustMurder Vol. 1
Fairbanks, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Fairchild, S.A.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Fairchild, W.G.Murder Vol. 1
Fall, SamuelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Fancher, BertMurder Vol. 2
Fancher, RoyMurder Vol. 2
Farley, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Farley, PeterKansas Murder Vol. 1
Farmer BrownMurder Vol. 2
Farmer, ConstableKansas Murder Vol. 1
Farmer, SamRoadside Crosses
Farner, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Farnsworth, CommissionerKansas Murder Vol. 1
Farr, Lieut.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Farr, R.H.Sudden Endings
Farrell, PatrickKansas Murder Vol. 1
Farrier, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Fast, FrankSudden Endings
Fast, JohnRoadside Crosses
Fast, RichardSudden Endings
Faulkner, JamesSudden Endings
Faulkner, JamesMurder Vol. 1
Faulkner, W.J.Roadside Crosses
Favors, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Faw, DeweyRoadside Crosses
Faw, DeweySudden Endings
Faw, FloydRoadside Crosses
Faw, FloydSudden Endings
Faw-Faw, LouisKansas Murder Vol. 1
Fay, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Fein, CorneliusRoadside Crosses
Fein, FredSudden Endings
Fein, Mrs. C.F.Roadside Crosses
Felgar, J.H.Murder Vol. 1
Felgar, LeonSudden Endings
Felter, EdwardSudden Endings
Fendrick, JoeMurder Vol. 1
Fenlon, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Fennell, B.F.Murder Vol. 1
Fenwick, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Ferguson,Murder Vol. 2
Ferguson, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Ferguson, LouKansas Murder Vol. 1
Ferguson, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Ferguson, PeterMurder Vol. 2
Ferguson, R.C.Sudden Endings
Fergusson, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Fertie, J.S.Roadside Crosses
Fick, EstherRoadside Crosses
Fick, EstherSudden Endings
Fidler, WalterRoadside Crosses
Field, SergeantKansas Murder Vol. 1
Fife, AlbertRoadside Crosses
Fife, AlbertSudden Endings
Fife, BenRoadside Crosses
Fife, Carrie MaySudden Endings
Fife, EllsworthRoadside Crosses
Fife, J.E.Sudden Endings
Fife, L.E.Roadside Crosses
Fife, L.E.Sudden Endings
Fife, L.E.Murder Vol. 1
Fife, LawrenceSudden Endings
Fife, Mrs. L.E.Roadside Crosses
Fife, Mrs. S.J.Sudden Endings
Fife, SarahSudden Endings
Fife, ThomasSudden Endings
Fike, Dr. AmmiRoadside Crosses
Fike, MaudeRoadside Crosses
Fike, OlaRoadside Crosses
Fike, RoyRoadside Crosses
Fillmore, LemuelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Finch, Mrs. O.S.Roadside Crosses
Finch, Rev. C.A.Sudden Endings
Finch, Samuel J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Finn, MarieRoadside Crosses
Finn, MarieSudden Endings
Finn, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Finn, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Finn, WilliamSudden Endings
Finnell, JohnSudden Endings
Finnell, LaurenSudden Endings
Finnell, Mrs. J.W.Sudden Endings
Finnell, NellieSudden Endings
Finnell, RalphSudden Endings
Fischer, MarieSudden Endings
Fischer, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Fish (Mr.)Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Fishback, W.H.M.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Fisher, CarlSudden Endings
Fisher, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Fisher, EdnaSudden Endings
Fisher, GeorgeSudden Endings
Fisher, L.Sudden Endings
Fisher, SamRoadside Crosses
Fisher, TrumanMurder Vol. 1
Fitch, E.P.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Fite, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Fite, T.C.Murder Vol. 1
Fitzpatrick 2, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Fitzpatrick, JackRoadside Crosses
Fitzpatrick, M.J.Murder Vol. 2
Fitzpatrick, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Fitzpatrick, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Fitzwilliams, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Fleener, J.H.Roadside Crosses
Fleener, W.A.Sudden Endings
Flemming, P.H.Roadside Crosses
Flenner, FrankRoadside Crosses
Fletcher, JamesMurder Vol. 2
Flick, O.J.Murder Vol. 2
Flocken, Dr.Sudden Endings
Flowers, FerrellMurder Vol. 1
Flowers, J.M.Murder Vol. 2
Flowers, Mrs. M.Murder Vol. 2
Flowers, NoraMurder Vol. 1
Floyd, Dr.Sudden Endings
Floyd, Mrs. T.S.Roadside Crosses
Fluke, AdamSudden Endings
Fluke, E.D.Sudden Endings
Fluke, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Fluke, LuleeSudden Endings
Fluke, Rev. SophiaMurder Vol. 1
Flynn, PeterKansas Murder Vol. 1
Foiles, FayRoadside Crosses
Foltz, FrankMurder Vol. 2
Foltz, JosephSudden Endings
Foltz, JosiahMurder Vol. 1
Foltz, JosiahMurder Vol. 2
Fontron, JohnRoadside Crosses
Foot, JacobSudden Endings
Foote, E.T.Murder Vol. 1
Fore, JamesMurder Vol. 1
Foreman, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Forman, James J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Forman, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Forney, Dr. FredMurder Vol. 1
Forney, Dr. Fred A.Murder Vol. 1
Forrester, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Forrester, Mrs. H.C.Roadside Crosses
Fort, MorrisMurder Vol. 2
Fosdyck, RufusMurder Vol. 2
Foss, C.F.Murder Vol. 2
Foster, C.L.Murder Vol. 2
Foster, CeliaRoadside Crosses
Foster, Elias S.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Foster, EllaRoadside Crosses
Foster, JudgeMurder Vol. 2
Foster, LottieMurder Vol. 2
Foster, T.M.Roadside Crosses
Foth, AlbertSudden Endings
Foushee, L.W.Roadside Crosses
Foushee, LewieRoadside Crosses
Foute, J.D.Murder Vol. 2
Fowler, GuyRoadside Crosses
Fowler, KeithRoadside Crosses
Fowler, WarrenRoadside Crosses
Fox, C. DanaKansas Murder Vol. 1
Fox, F.C.Roadside Crosses
Fox, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Fox, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Francis, A.W.Murder Vol. 2
Francis, W.E.Roadside Crosses
Frank ProutyMurder Vol. 1
Franklin, DonaldSudden Endings
Franklin, LoraSudden Endings
Franklin, RossSudden Endings
Franklin, RossMurder Vol. 1
Franz, PeterRoadside Crosses
Frawley, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Frayne, Capt.Sudden Endings
Fraze, Mrs.Sudden Endings
Frazer, HermanMurder Vol. 1
Frazey, VicRoadside Crosses
Frazier, AmosMurder Vol. 2
Frazier, Mrs. AmosMurder Vol. 2
Frederick, EskelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Frederick, FrankRoadside Crosses
Frederick, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Fredericks, GeorgeSudden Endings
Free, D.R.Murder Vol. 1
Free, DanSudden Endings
Free, DanMurder Vol. 1
Freeland, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Freeman, J.W.Murder Vol. 1
Freeman, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Freese, Charles.Sudden Endings
Freese, HannahRoadside Crosses
Freese, JamesRoadside Crosses
Freese, KatieRoadside Crosses
Freese, LenaRoadside Crosses
Freese, MaryRoadside Crosses
Frein, CharleySudden Endings
French, CaptainMurder Vol. 2
French, ConstableKansas Murder Vol. 1
French, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Friday, HenriettaRoadside Crosses
Friday, JacobRoadside Crosses
Friend, PhilipKansas Murder Vol. 1
Friesen, John H.Murder Vol. 1
Friesen, MartinSudden Endings
Friesen, NellieMurder Vol. 1
Fritz, BertMurder Vol. 1
Fritz, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Frizell, J.R.Murder Vol. 2
Frizelle, JudgeMurder Vol. 2
Frizzello, DavidMurder Vol. 2
Froelich, AdolphSudden Endings
Froelich, CarolineSudden Endings
Froelich, GutliffSudden Endings
Froelich, JuliusSudden Endings
Froelich, LouisSudden Endings
Froelich, RudolphSudden Endings
Froelich, VinaSudden Endings
Froelick, ChristoffSudden Endings
Froese, J.B.Sudden Endings
Fry, AmyRoadside Crosses
Fry, H.Roadside Crosses
Fry, Mrs.Sudden Endings
Fugate, J.B.Murder Vol. 2
Fugate, J.M.Murder Vol. 1
Fugate, MamieRoadside Crosses
Fugate, Mrs. JohnRoadside Crosses
Fugate, RossyRoadside Crosses
Fugett, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Fugit, LonRoadside Crosses
Fuller, DeputyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Fuller, Joseph A.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Funk, Mrs. ReinhardRoadside Crosses
Furguson, SheriffKansas Murder Vol. 1
Furley, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Furlong, DanSudden Endings
Furlong, FelixSudden Endings
Furman, MabelRoadside Crosses
Furnam, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Gaddis, Mrs.Murder Vol. 1
Gaede, William H.Sudden Endings
Gahagan, ThomasKansas Murder Vol. 1
Gainsford, JamesMurder Vol. 2
Galbraith, J.S.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Gale, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Gallagher, DennisKansas Murder Vol. 1
Gallagher, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Gallaher, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Gamble, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Gamm, FrankMurder Vol. 1
Gannon, W.J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Gantz, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Garcia, LouisRoadside Crosses
Garcia, NativadadMurder Vol. 1
Garcia, TomasSudden Endings
Gardiner, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Gardner, FrankRoadside Crosses
Gardner, HoraceRoadside Crosses
Gardner, JosephKansas Murder Vol. 1
Gardner, MissSudden Endings
Gardner, Mrs. FrankRoadside Crosses
Gardner, Sarah M.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Garfield, JamesSudden Endings
Garnett, JimMurder Vol. 1
Garnett, Rev. W.H.Sudden Endings
Garrett, BillyMurder Vol. 2
Garrett, BuckMurder Vol. 2
Garrett, DrucillaRoadside Crosses
Garrett, DruscillaMurder Vol. 2
Garrett, JamesMurder Vol. 1
Garrett, Mrs.Murder Vol. 1
Garrett, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Garrigan, F.E.Sudden Endings
Garrison, DavidKansas Murder Vol. 1
Garrison, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Garrison, Rev.Roadside Crosses
Garten, D.N.Roadside Crosses
Garten, D.N.Murder Vol. 1
Garten, D.N.Murder Vol. 2
Gates, A.A.Murder Vol. 1
Gates, GilbertMurder Vol. 1
Gates, JackMurder Vol. 1
Gates, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Gates, LeslieMurder Vol. 1
Gates, LeviKansas Murder Vol. 1
Gates, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Gates, Mrs. LeslieSudden Endings
Gates, Mrs. LeslieMurder Vol. 1
Gault, JohnRoadside Crosses
Gault, Mrs. JohnRoadside Crosses
Gauntlet, Dr.Sudden Endings
Gay, Col. WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Gazello, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Gazolo, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Geary, George W.Murder Vol. 2
Geary, Gov.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Geary, Gov. JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Gedner, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Genet, AbelSudden Endings
Gentry, H.C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Gentry, James B.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Gentry, Joseph M.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Gentry, JoshuaKansas Murder Vol. 1
George, Dr.Roadside Crosses
George, FrankRoadside Crosses
George, Mr.Roadside Crosses
George, Mrs. J.W.Murder Vol. 1
George, Rev. R.L.Roadside Crosses
George, Rev. R.L.Sudden Endings
George, WestonRoadside Crosses
George, WestonSudden Endings
Gepez, SacramentoMurder Vol. 1
Germain, H.J.Murder Vol. 1
Gerson, JoeMurder Vol. 2
Gerson, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Gertsen, HelenMurder Vol. 1
Getz, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Getz, JosephRoadside Crosses
Getz, MarySudden Endings
Ghion, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Gibbens, ClarenceRoadside Crosses
Gibbens, KeithRoadside Crosses
Gibbens, Mrs. ClarenceRoadside Crosses
Gibbs, Mrs. FredRoadside Crosses
Giblin, JoeMurder Vol. 1
Gibney, Rev. J.C.Sudden Endings
Gibson, FredSudden Endings
Giffin, A.H.Murder Vol. 2
Giffin, Mrs. BertRoadside Crosses
Giffin, W.A.Murder Vol. 2
Gilbert, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Gilbert, Mr.Sudden Endings
Gilbert, Rev. H.M.Roadside Crosses
Gilchrist, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Gilchrist, M.D.Murder Vol. 1
Giles, CharlesMurder Vol. 1
Gilham, G.L.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Giliss, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Gilky, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Gill, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Gillespie, AnnieMurder Vol. 1
Gillespie, Dr. C.T.Murder Vol. 1
Gillette, EmmaRoadside Crosses
Gilmore, AlverRoadside Crosses
Gilmore, RoyRoadside Crosses
Gilmore, SamSudden Endings
Gilpatrick, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Gilpin, J.H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Gimth, C.W.Roadside Crosses
Gingrass, CecilSudden Endings
Gingrass, FredRoadside Crosses
Gingrass, FredSudden Endings
Gingrass, NevaSudden Endings
Ginter, A.B.Roadside Crosses
Girbal, AntonyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Givens, V.E.Murder Vol. 1
Givens, WarrenMurder Vol. 1
Glass, NettieRoadside Crosses
Glazer, AlRoadside Crosses
Glazier, AlMurder Vol. 1
Glazier, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Gleason, B.W.Roadside Crosses
Gleason, BenjaminRoadside Crosses
Gleason, SheriffMurder Vol. 1
Glendening, H.C.Sudden Endings
Glenn, JudgeMurder Vol. 2
Glick, C.S.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Glines, S.W.Roadside Crosses
Glines, S.W.Murder Vol. 2
Glinn, AnnieMurder Vol. 2
Gloeckner, Mr.Sudden Endings
Glover, C.M.Murder Vol. 2
Glover, Dr.Sudden Endings
Glover, ThomasSudden Endings
Glover, WalterSudden Endings
Goble, Lieut.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Goddard, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Goddard, E.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Goddard, ElishaKansas Murder Vol. 1
Godfrey, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Godfrey, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Godsey, Mrs. CharlesMurder Vol. 2
Goering, C.J.Murder Vol. 1
Goerman, HerbertSudden Endings
Goerman, LouieSudden Endings
Goertz, HelenaSudden Endings
Goertz, JohnSudden Endings
Goertz, R.A.Sudden Endings
Goerz, DavidSudden Endings
Goerz, OrlandoSudden Endings
Goerz, R.A.Roadside Crosses
Goerz, Rev. DavidSudden Endings
Goerz, RudolphSudden Endings
Goheen, Dr. E.D.Murder Vol. 1
Gold Room SaloonMurder Vol. 2
Golden, A.C.Roadside Crosses
Golden, DavidKansas Murder Vol. 1
Golden, JohnRoadside Crosses
Golden, VernonRoadside Crosses
Golding, ErnestSudden Endings
Golding, LorenSudden Endings
Golding, Mrs. GeorgeSudden Endings
Gooch, Infant SonSudden Endings
Gooch, JohnSudden Endings
Good EyeMurder Vol. 1
Goodall, FiremanSudden Endings
Goodall, R.P.Murder Vol. 2
Goodin, J. K.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Goodman, HarryMurder Vol. 1
Goodman, SheriffSudden Endings
Goodwine, JohnSudden Endings
Goodwine, Mr.Sudden Endings
Goodyear, C.H.Murder Vol. 2
Gordon, Brother of JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Gordon, CaptainKansas Murder Vol. 1
Gordon, CyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Gordon, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Gordon, James A.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Gordon, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Gordonier, WilburRoadside Crosses
Gore, JamesSudden Endings
Goree, James Jr.Sudden Endings
Goree, Rev. JamesSudden Endings
Goss, C.W.Sudden Endings
Goss, Col.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Goss, G.W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Goss, SheriffKansas Murder Vol. 1
Gossage, WillMurder Vol. 2
Gossage, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Gottlieb, SelmaRoadside Crosses
Gourley, GlennSudden Endings
Gourley, LyleSudden Endings
Gowings, LafayetteKansas Murder Vol. 1
Grace, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Gradler, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Graham, B.H.Sudden Endings
Graham, CraigSudden Endings
Graham, HarveySudden Endings
Graham, HenryMurder Vol. 1
Graham, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Graham, Mrs. CarlSudden Endings
Graham, R. St. ClairKansas Murder Vol. 1
Gram, C.J.Murder Vol. 1
Granado, JessMurder Vol. 1
Grant, GeneralKansas Murder Vol. 1
Grant, Mrs. I.Roadside Crosses
Granville, C.B.Murder Vol. 1
Grapengater, Mrs.Sudden Endings
Grapengater, PeterRoadside Crosses
Grapengater, PeterSudden Endings
Grattan, G.F.Murder Vol. 2
Grattan, W.J.Murder Vol. 1
Graves, AlRoadside Crosses
Graves, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Gray, BobbyRoadside Crosses
Gray, C.L.Roadside Crosses
Gray, EarlMurder Vol. 1
Gray, EarlyMurder Vol. 1
Gray, EdRoadside Crosses
Gray, GeorgeSudden Endings
Gray, JamesRoadside Crosses
Gray, JamesMurder Vol. 1
Gray, JamesMurder Vol. 2
Gray, JosephSudden Endings
Gray, LeothaMurder Vol. 1
Gray, LionelMurder Vol. 1
Gray, MaryRoadside Crosses
Gray, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Gray, Mrs. H.H.Roadside Crosses
Gray, MyrtleMurder Vol. 1
Gray, OrvilleMurder Vol. 1
Gray, PeterSudden Endings
Gray, PhillipSudden Endings
Gray, Rev.Roadside Crosses
Gray, RussSudden Endings
Gray, W.D.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Graybill, AddieRoadside Crosses
Graybill, AmosRoadside Crosses
Graybill, BridgetRoadside Crosses
Graybill, Dr.Sudden Endings
Graybill, Dr. J.W.Roadside Crosses
Graybill, JohnRoadside Crosses
Graybill, Mrs. J.W.Roadside Crosses
Graybill, PeteRoadside Crosses
Greathouse, LibertyRoadside Crosses
Grebe, JacobKansas Murder Vol. 1
Green, ArthurMurder Vol. 1
Green, CharleySudden Endings
Green, EllaMurder Vol. 1
Green, FrankSudden Endings
Green, FrankKansas Murder Vol. 1
Green, HowardMurder Vol. 1
Green, J.W.Murder Vol. 1
Green, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Green, MartinKansas Murder Vol. 1
Green, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Green, Mrs. A.L.Sudden Endings
Green, Mrs. J.H.Murder Vol. 1
Green, RayKansas Murder Vol. 1
Green, WillisSudden Endings
Greene, A.L.Murder Vol. 2
Greene, AttorneySudden Endings
Greene, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Greene, Mrs. J.L.Sudden Endings
Greenfield, T.A.Murder Vol. 1
Greening, JamesRoadside Crosses
Greep, ErnestRoadside Crosses
Gregg, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Gregg, EmmettMurder Vol. 1
Gregory’s SaloonMurder Vol. 2
Greisel, EdwardRoadside Crosses
Grey, FannyMurder Vol. 2
Griffin, KnoxRoadside Crosses
Griffin, LeeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Griffin, Rev.Sudden Endings
Griffin, Rev. J.J.Roadside Crosses
Griffin, Rev. J.J.Sudden Endings
Griffis, G.F.Roadside Crosses
Griffith, A.D.Murder Vol. 2
Griffith, AlbertRoadside Crosses
Griffith, B.Murder Vol. 2
Griffith, B.F.Murder Vol. 2
Griffith, EphieRoadside Crosses
Griffith, J.B.Roadside Crosses
Griffith, Mrs. S.A.Roadside Crosses
Griffith, SpencerRoadside Crosses
Griffith, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Griggsby, W.S.Murder Vol. 2
Grigsby, Wilber S.Murder Vol. 1
Grimes, M.L.Sudden Endings
Grimm, HarleyRoadside Crosses
Grimm, J.A.Roadside Crosses
Grisel, JosephMurder Vol. 2
Griswold, AbnerKansas Murder Vol. 1
Griswold, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Griswold, J.F.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Griswold, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Griswold, WattKansas Murder Vol. 1
Grochowsky, JimMurder Vol. 1
Groneman, WalterRoadside Crosses
Grose, RobertMurder Vol. 1
Grove, BennettRoadside Crosses
Grove, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Grove, Dr.Murder Vol. 1
Grove, Dr. J.L.Sudden Endings
Grove, Dr. JohnRoadside Crosses
Grove, Dr. JohnMurder Vol. 1
Grove, Dr. L.L.Murder Vol. 1
Grove, JackRoadside Crosses
Grove, JackSudden Endings
Grover, B.F.Murder Vol. 1
Grover, CharlesSudden Endings
Groves, WalterSudden Endings
Guile, RalphRoadside Crosses
Guinn, LewisMurder Vol. 1
Guinn, Mrs. R.Roadside Crosses
Guinn, PearlSudden Endings
Guinn, RobertSudden Endings
Guinn, WillSudden Endings
Guise, M.Murder Vol. 2
Guist, Cleason M.Murder Vol. 1
Guist, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Guist, RobertMurder Vol. 1
Gunn, LeviMurder Vol. 2
Guntz, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Gustin, ArthurRoadside Crosses
Gustin, HarveyRoadside Crosses
Gustin, Mrs.Roadside Crosses
Gustin, SarahRoadside Crosses
Guthrie, AbelardKansas Murder Vol. 1
Guthrie, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Guthrie, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Guthrie, WayneSudden Endings
Gutzmer, KarlMurder Vol. 1
Guyette, ElaineRoadside Crosses
Haake, Dr. J.A.Roadside Crosses
Haas, Lewis D.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Haase, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Haasic, HermanSudden Endings
Haasis, HermanRoadside Crosses
Haber, HenryMurder Vol. 2
Hackenbert, RoyRoadside Crosses
Hackney, BessieSudden Endings
Hackney, BruceSudden Endings
Hackney, FannieSudden Endings
Hackney, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Hackney, SamuelSudden Endings
Hadley, MelvinKansas Murder Vol. 1
Haen, DoraRoadside Crosses
Haen, MaryRoadside Crosses
Hagan, A.J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hagan, RuthRoadside Crosses
Hagan, WilliamMurder Vol. 1
Hagen, Mrs. B.O.Sudden Endings
Hagerman, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Hagerty, G.A.Murder Vol. 2
Hague, HowardMurder Vol. 2
Hahn, ClydeSudden Endings
Haines, AndersonMurder Vol. 2
Hairgrove, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Halderman, AaronKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hale, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Hale, GrantMurder Vol. 1
Hale, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hale, SheriffKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hale, T.B.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Haley, John H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hall, Col.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hall, FredRoadside Crosses
Hall, George H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hall, JimRoadside Crosses
Hall, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hall, L.H.Sudden Endings
Hall, OthoKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hall, VestaRoadside Crosses
Hall, WillRoadside Crosses
Halleck, Gen.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Haller, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Halliburton, JennieMurder Vol. 2
Halliday, GeorgeMurder Vol. 2
Halliday, Mrs. GeorgeMurder Vol. 2
Hallmark, Mrs. T.W.Roadside Crosses
Hallowell, J.R.Murder Vol. 2
Halney, Mr.Sudden Endings
Halstrome, OscarRoadside Crosses
Hambill, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hamer, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hamill, BertRoadside Crosses
Hamill, D.Murder Vol. 2
Hamill, DavidRoadside Crosses
Hamill, EthelRoadside Crosses
Hamill, GeorgiaRoadside Crosses
Hamill, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hamill, NellieRoadside Crosses
Hamilton, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hamilton, DanRoadside Crosses
Hamilton, E.G.Roadside Crosses
Hamilton, George P.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hamilton, JohnSudden Endings
Hamilton, JosephMurder Vol. 2
Hamilton, JosephKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hamilton, JosephineSudden Endings
Hamilton, MarthaSudden Endings
Hamilton, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hamilton, Mr. 2Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hamilton, RobertSudden Endings
Hamilton, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hamilton, William S.Sudden Endings
Hamilton, William T.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hamlin, S.M.Sudden Endings
Hamm, PaulSudden Endings
Hammers, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hammers, MackRoadside Crosses
Hammond, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hammond, MarionSudden Endings
Hancher, Rev. C.W.Roadside Crosses
Hand, AlbertRoadside Crosses
Hand, BessieRoadside Crosses
Hand, BobRoadside Crosses
Hand, C.L.Murder Vol. 1
Hand, DeweyRoadside Crosses
Hand, E.M.Roadside Crosses
Hand, E.P.Sudden Endings
Hand, EmmettRoadside Crosses
Hand, LouiseRoadside Crosses
Hand, P.S.Sudden Endings
Hand, PhillipRoadside Crosses
Hand, S.P.Roadside Crosses
Haney, BerryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Haney, SheriffKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hanken, HenrySudden Endings
Hanks, C.J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hann, AliceSudden Endings
Hanna, AlbertineRoadside Crosses
Hanna, F.L.Murder Vol. 1
Hanna, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Hannah, Mrs. GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Hans, Mrs.Murder Vol. 2
Hanselman, MediaSudden Endings
Hansen, Mrs. HenrySudden Endings
Hansen, Mrs. MartinSudden Endings
Hansleman, CharlesSudden Endings
Hanson, M.C.Murder Vol. 1
Hanson, T.N.Murder Vol. 2
Hantz, HamRoadside Crosses
Happy BowmanMurder Vol. 1
Harbin, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Harder, Mrs. EdwardRoadside Crosses
Hardin, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hardin, John WesleyMurder Vol. 2
Hardy, Rev. A.R.Roadside Crosses
Hardy, Rev. A.R.Sudden Endings
Hardy, Rev. A.R.Murder Vol. 1
Hardy, W.Roadside Crosses
Harlan, L.G.Sudden Endings
Harlen, L.G.Murder Vol. 2
Harling, C.B.Roadside Crosses
Harlow, LinseyMurder Vol. 2
Harms, AndreasSudden Endings
Harms, AndrewSudden Endings
Harms, BenRoadside Crosses
Harms, BenjaminSudden Endings
Harms, Dr. J.H.Sudden Endings
Harms, JacobSudden Endings
Harms, JacobMurder Vol. 1
Harms, LeonardRoadside Crosses
Harms, LeonardSudden Endings
Harms, MariaSudden Endings
Harms, Rev. G.N.Sudden Endings
Harner, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Harper, Rev.Roadside Crosses
Harper, Rev. J.A.Sudden Endings
Harrington, E.J.Murder Vol. 2
Harris, C.N.Murder Vol. 1
Harris, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Harris, FlemingKansas Murder Vol. 1
Harris, LeRoyMurder Vol. 1
Harris, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Harris, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Harris, Rev. J.Murder Vol. 2
Hart, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Hart, CharlesSudden Endings
Hart, CharlesMurder Vol. 1
Hart, FloydMurder Vol. 1
Hart, H.L.Sudden Endings
Hart, HarrySudden Endings
Hart, HarryMurder Vol. 1
Hart, JohnSudden Endings
Hart, LucySudden Endings
Hart, MajorKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hart, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hart, Mrs.Murder Vol. 1
Hart, MyrtleMurder Vol. 1
Hart, OfficerMurder Vol. 1
Hart, OrvaMurder Vol. 1
Hart, P.Roadside Crosses
Hart, P.Murder Vol. 2
Hart, WalterSudden Endings
Hart, WalterMurder Vol. 1
Hart, WillMurder Vol. 1
Hart, WilliamMurder Vol. 1
Hartenberger, A.F.Roadside Crosses
Hartman, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hartman, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Hartman, Mrs.Roadside Crosses
Hartman, S.B.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Harvey, AdolphRoadside Crosses
Harvey, FayeRoadside Crosses
Harvey, Gov.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Harvey, M.Roadside Crosses
Harvey, M.Murder Vol. 2
Hasbrook, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Hassan, WalterRoadside Crosses
Hassler, FritzRoadside Crosses
Hastings, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hatfield, BenjaminRoadside Crosses
Hatfield, LidaSudden Endings
Hatfield, Mr.Sudden Endings
Hatfield, Mrs. BenjaminRoadside Crosses
Hattan, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Hauck, A.M.Murder Vol. 1
Hauck, GuyMurder Vol. 1
Hauck, Mrs. A.R.Murder Vol. 1
Hauck, SamuelMurder Vol. 1
Haun, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Haury, Anna MarieRoadside Crosses
Haury, Anna MarieSudden Endings
Haury, Dr.Sudden Endings
Haury, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Haury, Dr. R.S.Roadside Crosses
Haury, Dr. S.S.Roadside Crosses
Haury, Dr. S.S.Murder Vol. 2
Haury, EdRoadside Crosses
Haury, MildredRoadside Crosses
Haury, MildredSudden Endings
Hauw, MattieSudden Endings
Hawkey, Dr. A.S.Murder Vol. 1
Hawkey, L.E.Murder Vol. 1
Hawkins, BudSudden Endings
Hawkins, FloydSudden Endings
Hawkins, T.W.Roadside Crosses
Hawkins, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hawks, Mr. & Mrs.Sudden Endings
Hawley, W.F.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Haworth, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hawthorne, EffieMurder Vol. 1
Hawthorne, MaMurder Vol. 1
Hay, AdolphRoadside Crosses
Hay, CharlesSudden Endings
Hay, FloraSudden Endings
Hay, HarrySudden Endings
Hay, J.H.Sudden Endings
Hayes, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hayes, ChiefMurder Vol. 1
Hayes, J.E.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hayes, LeeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hayes, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hayes, PatRoadside Crosses
Hayes, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hayes, William M.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hayford, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Haymouse, MartinKansas Murder Vol. 1
Haynes, CasperRoadside Crosses
Haynes, Mrs. LouMurder Vol. 2
Hays, S.M.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hays, W.W.Murder Vol. 2
Hazelhurst, C.C.Roadside Crosses
Hearting, WilliamSudden Endings
Heath, FrankKansas Murder Vol. 1
Heath, JakeRoadside Crosses
Heath, JoshuaKansas Murder Vol. 1
Heath, MiriamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Heath, Mrs. R.L.Sudden Endings
Hebert, MiltonRoadside Crosses
Heckins, JohnSudden Endings
Hedden, JamesMurder Vol. 2
Hedden, MarshalMurder Vol. 1
Hedges, J.T.Murder Vol. 2
Hedges, JudgeMurder Vol. 1
Hedges, JusticeMurder Vol. 1
Hedges, JusticeMurder Vol. 2
Hedges, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Hefflebower, WilliamSudden Endings
Hegs, J.H.Murder Vol. 1
Heibert, HenryMurder Vol. 1
Heinman, B.F.Sudden Endings
Heizer, InezRoadside Crosses
Heizer, N.M.Roadside Crosses
Helvie, Mrs.Roadside Crosses
Helvie, Mrs. J.N.Roadside Crosses
Hemenway, Rev. F.W.Roadside Crosses
Hempstid, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Hempstid, Dr.Sudden Endings
Hempstid, Dr. I.E.Sudden Endings
Hempstid, Dr. IrlRoadside Crosses
Hempstid, Dr. J.W.Roadside Crosses
Hempstid, Dr. J.W.Sudden Endings
Hempstid, IrlRoadside Crosses
Hen, Mrs. R.I.Roadside Crosses
Henderson, FrankSudden Endings
Henderson, J.S.Roadside Crosses
Henderson, John G.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Henderson, SonSudden Endings
Henderson, W.F.Murder Vol. 2
Hendley, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hendricks, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hendrickson, Mrs. WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hendrickson, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hendrix, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hendry, AlmiraRoadside Crosses
Hendry, E. LloydRoadside Crosses
Hendry, FlorabelleRoadside Crosses
Hendry, Helen MarieRoadside Crosses
Hendry, Mrs. W.L.Roadside Crosses
Hendry, VanceRoadside Crosses
Hendry, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Henley, R.E.Murder Vol. 1
Hennessy, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Henning, Maj.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Henning, MajorKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hennings, TomMurder Vol. 1
Henry, BillMurder Vol. 2
Hensey, F.G.Sudden Endings
Hensler, Mrs. W.Sudden Endings
Hensley, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hepler, SebastianMurder Vol. 2
Hepworth, Mrs. EdRoadside Crosses
Herbert, ClydeMurder Vol. 1
Herring, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Herring, SamRoadside Crosses
Herrington, CalMurder Vol. 1
Herron, Mrs. JohnRoadside Crosses
Hershaw, ElizaSudden Endings
Hershaw, JamesSudden Endings
Hershaw, Mrs.Sudden Endings
Hertzler, Dr. ArthurMurder Vol. 1
Hertzler, Dr. H.H.Roadside Crosses
Hertzler, Dr. R.H.Roadside Crosses
Hertzler, Dr. R.H.Sudden Endings
Hertzler, R.H.Murder Vol. 1
Hess, AdamMurder Vol. 1
Hess, AmosSudden Endings
Hess, EdwinMurder Vol. 1
Hess, OrvilleSudden Endings
Hess, T.Sudden Endings
Hess, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hester, CharlesSudden Endings
Hester, GeorgiaSudden Endings
Hester, HildaSudden Endings
Hester, RuthSudden Endings
Hester, W.H.Sudden Endings
Hester, WilliamSudden Endings
Hettinger, AttorneyMurder Vol. 1
Hettinger, FrankMurder Vol. 1
Hetzel, CliffieSudden Endings
Hetzel, G.J.Roadside Crosses
Hetzel, GeorgeSudden Endings
Hetzel, JackSudden Endings
Hetzel, JacobSudden Endings
Hetzel, JohnSudden Endings
Hetzel, JudgeMurder Vol. 1
Hetzel, RuthSudden Endings
Hetzel, ThelmaSudden Endings
Hetzky, HermanRoadside Crosses
Heuston, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hickerson, CySudden Endings
Hickerson, EmmettRoadside Crosses
Hickerson, LouisRoadside Crosses
Hickerson, LouisSudden Endings
Hickerson, OpalSudden Endings
Hickerson, PressleyRoadside Crosses
Hickerson, Seth E.Sudden Endings
Hickerson, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Hickey, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Hickman, EdwardMurder Vol. 1
Hickman, EdwardKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hickman, Rev.Roadside Crosses
Hickock, Wild BillMurder Vol. 2
Hicks, DanMurder Vol. 2
Hicks, GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hicks, Mrs. AlbertMurder Vol. 1
Hide ParkMurder Vol. 2
Hideous Old CroneMurder Vol. 2
Hiebert, AbrahamRoadside Crosses
Hiebert, AlbertRoadside Crosses
Hiebert, DavidRoadside Crosses
Hiebert, HelenRoadside Crosses
Hiebert, HenryRoadside Crosses
Hiebert, JohnRoadside Crosses
Hiebert, MaryRoadside Crosses
Hiebert, Mrs. AbrahamRoadside Crosses
Hiebert, PeterRoadside Crosses
Hieskell, GeneralKansas Murder Vol. 1
Higgins, RobertKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hildebrand, AbijahSudden Endings
Hildebrand, BenKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hildebrand, EdMurder Vol. 1
Hildebrand, FrancesSudden Endings
Hildebrand, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hildebrand, PhillipSudden Endings
Hildreth, J.J.Roadside Crosses
Hildreth, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Hill, B.F.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hill, BillRoadside Crosses
Hill, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Hill, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hill, HazelSudden Endings
Hill, J. FlinnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hill, LeslieRoadside Crosses
Hill, MargaretMurder Vol. 1
Hill, MildredSudden Endings
Hill, S.F.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hill, T.C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hill, T.G.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hill, W.A.Murder Vol. 1
Hill, WillMurder Vol. 1
Hillix, Henry H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hillman, WaltSudden Endings
Hinds, RussellKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hinkle, BurtRoadside Crosses
Hinkle, H.C.Murder Vol. 1
Hinkle, JusticeMurder Vol. 1
Hinkle, W.C.Sudden Endings
Hinkle, W.C.Murder Vol. 1
Hinkle, WillRoadside Crosses
Hinshaw, Rev.Sudden Endings
Hinson, O.R.Murder Vol. 2
Hipple, J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hipple, Rev. A.L.Roadside Crosses
Hirshinger, S.Murder Vol. 1
Hitt, E.Q.Murder Vol. 2
Hobble, AniceSudden Endings
Hobble, IsaiahSudden Endings
Hobble, MaxSudden Endings
Hobble, Mrs.Roadside Crosses
Hobbs, Rev. DouglassRoadside Crosses
Hoch, E.H.Murder Vol. 2
Hodge, OliverKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hodgson, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Hodgson, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hodgson, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Hodgson, WilliamSudden Endings
Hodgson, WilliamMurder Vol. 1
Hodgson, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Hoefs, ElmaSudden Endings
Hoff, FrederickKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hoffman, ArnoldMurder Vol. 1
Hoffman, ElinaSudden Endings
Hoffman, MaudeMurder Vol. 1
Hoffman, MickelSudden Endings
Hoffman, Mrs.Murder Vol. 2
Hogan, DickRoadside Crosses
Hogan, R.L.Sudden Endings
Hogle, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Hogleboom, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Hohman, Mr.Sudden Endings
Hoisington, P.M.Murder Vol. 1
Holbrook, JudgeMurder Vol. 1
Holderman, DeweySudden Endings
Holderman, PearlSudden Endings
Holefelder, JohnRoadside Crosses
Holford, JamesMurder Vol. 1
Holford, WesleyMurder Vol. 1
Holinde, JackSudden Endings
Holland, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Holland, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Holle, HenryMurder Vol. 1
Hollenbeck, BruceSudden Endings
Holliday, HarryRoadside Crosses
Hollinger, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Hollis, MarySudden Endings
Hollis, TomSudden Endings
Hollis, WilferdSudden Endings
Hollister, G.S.Roadside Crosses
Hollister, G.S.Sudden Endings
Hollister, MarshalMurder Vol. 2
Hollister, Mrs.Roadside Crosses
Hollister, Mrs. G.S.Roadside Crosses
Hollister, Mrs. G.S.Sudden Endings
Holllister, S.S.Murder Vol. 1
Holloway, I.W.Murder Vol. 2
Holman, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Holmes, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Holton, ClarkSudden Endings
Holton, MissRoadside Crosses
Holton, N.A.Sudden Endings
Homiston, Mrs. EdRoadside Crosses
Honeyman, Charles Sr.Roadside Crosses
Honhart, ElderRoadside Crosses
Hook, DawsonKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hooper, SheriffMurder Vol. 1
Hoornbeck, BenjaminKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hoover, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Hoover, Mr.Sudden Endings
Hopper, FrankKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hopps, Mrs. WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hopps, William C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Horn, CharlesMurder Vol. 1
Horn, OfficerMurder Vol. 1
Horn, Tom Jr.Murder Vol. 1
Horn, Tom Sr.Murder Vol. 1
Horne, CarlKansas Murder Vol. 1
Horner, A.F.Murder Vol. 2
Horst, L.C.Roadside Crosses
Horst, L.C.Murder Vol. 1
HoseaMurder Vol. 2
Hoskinson, J.W.Murder Vol. 1
Hoskinson, JoeSudden Endings
Hoskinson, LoraSudden Endings
Hoss, H.E.Sudden Endings
Hottle, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Hottle, LewisRoadside Crosses
Hottman, FrankMurder Vol. 1
Houck, S.A.Roadside Crosses
Houk, JudgeMurder Vol. 2
House, EdMurder Vol. 1
House, FrankRoadside Crosses
House, JuliusKansas Murder Vol. 1
House, LucyRoadside Crosses
House, P.M.Roadside Crosses
House, PageRoadside Crosses
Houser, EdMurder Vol. 1
Houser, EdwardRoadside Crosses
Houser, GladysRoadside Crosses
Houser, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Houston, D.W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Howard, ArthurSudden Endings
Howard, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Howard, DellMurder Vol. 2
Howard, Dr.Sudden Endings
Howard, Rev.Sudden Endings
Howard, William Jr.Sudden Endings
Howard, William Sr.Sudden Endings
Howell, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Howell, SteveMurder Vol. 1
Howell, WarrenKansas Murder Vol. 1
Howes, NevaRoadside Crosses
Howes, Rev. C.J.Roadside Crosses
Howland, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Hoy, JeremiahKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hoy, Solomon P.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hoyt, AllieSudden Endings
Hoyt, Col.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hoyt, J.E.Sudden Endings
Hoyt, PaulSudden Endings
Hrovat, JohnRoadside Crosses
Hubbard, H.W.Murder Vol. 2
Huber, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Hubner, P.R.Roadside Crosses
Hudlow, John F.Sudden Endings
Hudlow, LizzieSudden Endings
Huebert, PaulMurder Vol. 1
Huebner, ConstableKansas Murder Vol. 1
Huff, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Huff, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Huff, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Huff, WilliamMurder Vol. 1
Huffman, JamesRoadside Crosses
Hugett, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hughes, AlexMurder Vol. 2
Hughes, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Hughes, ThomasKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hull, NancyMurder Vol. 2
Hullick, MrRoadside Crosses
Hulpieu, HaroldRoadside Crosses
Hulpieu, James E.Roadside Crosses
Hulpieu, James G.Roadside Crosses
Humbarger, SolomonKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hume, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Humiston, FrankSudden Endings
HummingbirdKansas Murder Vol. 1
Humphrey, ThomasKansas Murder Vol. 1
Humphreys, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hundley, W.M.Murder Vol. 2
Hunsberger, Dr.Murder Vol. 1
Hunt, BerryMurder Vol. 1
Hunt, F.G.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hunt, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hunt, Mrs. GuySudden Endings
Hunt, W.H.Roadside Crosses
Hunt, W.H.Sudden Endings
Hunter, CharlesSudden Endings
Hunter, DaveRoadside Crosses
Hunter, HenryMurder Vol. 1
Hunter, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hunter, TomellaMurder Vol. 1
Huntington, DennisRoadside Crosses
Huntington, J.R.Murder Vol. 2
Huntington, MildredRoadside Crosses
Huntington, ThomasRoadside Crosses
Huntsberger, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Hupfer, MissKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hupfer, SebastianKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hupp, CharlesMurder Vol. 2
Hupp, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Hupp, Mrs. GeorgeSudden Endings
Hupp, WalterSudden Endings
Hupp, WillMurder Vol. 2
Hurd, JakeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hurford, A.E.Sudden Endings
Hurford, A.E.Murder Vol. 2
Hurl, I.H.Roadside Crosses
Hurley, J.E.Roadside Crosses
Hurst, J.W.Murder Vol. 2
Hurst, RaySudden Endings
Hutchings, C.D.Murder Vol. 2
Hutchings, Mrs. T.J.Murder Vol. 2
Hutchinson, C.C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Hutchinson, WilliamMurder Vol. 1
Hutson, Mrs.Sudden Endings
Hyatt, HenryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hyde, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hyde, JamesSudden Endings
Hyde, Mrs. LutieRoadside Crosses
Hyde, SamuelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Hydock, JoeRoadside Crosses
Hymer, Dr.Roadside Crosses
IkeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Immroth, C.H.Roadside Crosses
Ingalls, M.S.Sudden Endings
Ingersoll, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Ingham, GeorgeMurder Vol. 2
Ingle, Rev. AlphaRoadside Crosses
Ingle, Rev. AlphaSudden Endings
Ingold, HarryRoadside Crosses
Ingram, Charles W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Insley, J.C.F.Sudden Endings
Insley, Mrs.Sudden Endings
Ira, ElmerRoadside Crosses
Ira, FrankMurder Vol. 2
Irby, CliffordMurder Vol. 1
Irby, HazelMurder Vol. 1
Irby, Samuel H.Murder Vol. 1
Ireland, Rev.Sudden Endings
Irish MagMurder Vol. 2
Irish, Lillie BellSudden Endings
Irons, EdMurder Vol. 1
Irvin, ThomasMurder Vol. 2
Irvine, W.L.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Irwin, CharleyMurder Vol. 1
Irwin, Mr.Sudden Endings
Ivey, J.A.Murder Vol. 1
Ivey, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Iwig, Rev. C.F.Roadside Crosses
Iwig, Rev. C.S.Sudden Endings
Jackman, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Jackman, LucyRoadside Crosses
Jackman, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Jacks, SheriffKansas Murder Vol. 1
Jackson, AgnesRoadside Crosses
Jackson, CharlesMurder Vol. 1
Jackson, CooperRoadside Crosses
Jackson, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jackson, E.Roadside Crosses
Jackson, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Jackson, Mary E.Murder Vol. 2
Jackson, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jackson, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jackson, T.J.Roadside Crosses
Jackson, Thomas J.Roadside Crosses
Jacobs, D.Sudden Endings
Jacobs, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jacoby, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jager, Dr. ThorSudden Endings
James, “Brownie”Murder Vol. 1
James, ConductorMurder Vol. 2
James, HarryRoadside Crosses
Jansen, ConductorMurder Vol. 2
Janzen, Mrs. C.J.Roadside Crosses
Janzen, Mrs. H.Roadside Crosses
Jarboe, A.M.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jarrett, OfficerKansas Murder Vol. 1
Jenison, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jenkins, GaiusKansas Murder Vol. 1
Jenkins, Lieut.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jenkins, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Jennings, DonMurder Vol. 1
Jennings, GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Jennings, JudgeMurder Vol. 1
Jennings, S.L.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jennison, A.H,Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jennison, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jernigan, JaneSudden Endings
Jerome, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jerome, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jester, AlexanderMurder Vol. 1
Jeunigen, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jewett, H.C.Sudden Endings
Jewett, J.E.Roadside Crosses
Jewett, J.F.Murder Vol. 2
Jewett, JohnSudden Endings
Jewett, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Johanna Katie BergerSudden Endings
Johnson, A.J.Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, AlphaSudden Endings
Johnson, AndrewRoadside Crosses
Johnson, ArtMurder Vol. 1
Johnson, ArthurMurder Vol. 1
Johnson, BenKansas Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, BenedictKansas Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, BillyMurder Vol. 2
Johnson, Burton H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Johnson, CharlesMurder Vol. 2
Johnson, D.J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, DonMurder Vol. 1
Johnson, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Johnson, Dr. C.E.Sudden Endings
Johnson, Dr. C.E.Murder Vol. 2
Johnson, F.M.Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, Frank MiddletonMurder Vol. 1
Johnson, FredSudden Endings
Johnson, FredMurder Vol. 1
Johnson, GailMurder Vol. 1
Johnson, Gen. AlbertSudden Endings
Johnson, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Johnson, GeorgeMurder Vol. 2
Johnson, HenryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, IdaMurder Vol. 1
Johnson, IlaMurder Vol. 1
Johnson, J.J.Murder Vol. 2
Johnson, J.W.Roadside Crosses
Johnson, J.W.Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, JackMurder Vol. 2
Johnson, JamesSudden Endings
Johnson, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, John A.Sudden Endings
Johnson, John C.Murder Vol. 2
Johnson, John T.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, JuliaMurder Vol. 1
Johnson, LouisRoadside Crosses
Johnson, M.M.Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, MajorKansas Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, MatildaKansas Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Johnson, Mr.Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, Mrs.Sudden Endings
Johnson, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, Mrs. FrankMurder Vol. 1
Johnson, N. D.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, PeterKansas Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, R.C.Roadside Crosses
Johnson, RedKansas Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, RoyalRoadside Crosses
Johnson, SamMurder Vol. 1
Johnson, SamuelSudden Endings
Johnson, SonKansas Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, WesleyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Johnson, WillMurder Vol. 1
Johnson, WilliamSudden Endings
Johnston, DonMurder Vol. 1
Johnston, FrankMurder Vol. 1
Johnston, HarrySudden Endings
Johnston, J. A.Murder Vol. 2
Johnston, J.A.Murder Vol. 2
Jones, Betty LouSudden Endings
Jones, BeulahRoadside Crosses
Jones, BeverlyRoadside Crosses
Jones, BillKansas Murder Vol. 1
Jones, C.S.Roadside Crosses
Jones, CarolRoadside Crosses
Jones, DickSudden Endings
Jones, Dr. R.Y.Roadside Crosses
Jones, FrankRoadside Crosses
Jones, FrederickRoadside Crosses
Jones, G.W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jones, HelenRoadside Crosses
Jones, Henry H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jones, J.R.Sudden Endings
Jones, J.W.Murder Vol. 2
Jones, JackSudden Endings
Jones, James G.Roadside Crosses
Jones, JessieMurder Vol. 1
Jones, John A.W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jones, Joyce ElaineRoadside Crosses
Jones, L.W.Sudden Endings
Jones, M.K.Roadside Crosses
Jones, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jones, Mrs.Sudden Endings
Jones, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jones, Mrs. O.W.Roadside Crosses
Jones, Mrs. R.E. Jr.Sudden Endings
Jones, Mrs. RobertRoadside Crosses
Jones, O.E.Murder Vol. 2
Jones, Ottawa (J.T.)Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jones, PaulRoadside Crosses
Jones, R.J.Sudden Endings
Jones, R.J.Murder Vol. 1
Jones, Rev. W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Jones, RobertRoadside Crosses
Jones, SamuelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Jones, ShepSudden Endings
Jones, SheriffKansas Murder Vol. 1
Jones, Sheriff SamiuelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Jones, Unnamed SonKansas Murder Vol. 1
Jones, WillMurder Vol. 1
Jones, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Jordan, E.A.Murder Vol. 1
Jordan, JudgeMurder Vol. 1
Jordan, RobertMurder Vol. 1
Jordan, SamMurder Vol. 1
Jordon, Mrs.Murder Vol. 2
Jorgensen, N.J.Roadside Crosses
Judd, CarlRoadside Crosses
Judd, FlorenceRoadside Crosses
Judd, FredRoadside Crosses
Judd, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Judd, WalterRoadside Crosses
Judkins, CharlesMurder Vol. 1
Judkins, CharlesMurder Vol. 2
Judkins, CharlieMurder Vol. 1
Judkins, HowardMurder Vol. 1
Judkins, Mr.Murder Vol. 1
Judkins, R.J.Murder Vol. 2
Judkins, SheriffMurder Vol. 2
Judson, LewisMurder Vol. 2
Julien, CoronerKansas Murder Vol. 1
Julien, James P.Murder Vol. 1
June, AbnerRoadside Crosses
June, VictorRoadside Crosses
Justice, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Kablanow, AdinaRoadside Crosses
Kablanow, HelenaRoadside Crosses
Kackley, H.V.Sudden Endings
Kahl, SheriffKansas Murder Vol. 1
Kain, W.H.Sudden Endings
Kaiser, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Kalbfleisch, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Kalbfleisch, Dr.Sudden Endings
Kanaval, Dr. E.J.Murder Vol. 2
Kanavel, Dr.Murder Vol. 1
Kasper, BobbySudden Endings
Kasper, BuddySudden Endings
Kasper, Carolyn AnnSudden Endings
Kasper, DebbieSudden Endings
Kasper, LarrySudden Endings
Kasper, NancySudden Endings
Kasper, RandySudden Endings
Kasper, RichardSudden Endings
Kasper, RickySudden Endings
Kasper, RobertSudden Endings
Kaster, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Kastor, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Kater, FrankRoadside Crosses
Kater, FrankSudden Endings
Kater, HelenSudden Endings
Kater, Mrs. FrankRoadside Crosses
Kates, Mrs. GeorgeSudden Endings
Katherman, FrankSudden Endings
Katherman, Mrs. FrankSudden Endings
Kaufman, FrankMurder Vol. 1
Kaufman, J.G.Sudden Endings
Kaufman, MateSudden Endings
Kaufman, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Kaufman, Mrs. BenSudden Endings
Kaufman, SamSudden Endings
Kaufman, SaraSudden Endings
Kaufman, WillSudden Endings
Kavanaugh, Blind MegKansas Murder Vol. 1
Kaw TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Kearnes, HenryMurder Vol. 2
Keefe, PatrickKansas Murder Vol. 1
Keegan, CosetteMurder Vol. 1
Keene, George M.Murder Vol. 2
Keiser, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Keith, LloydRoadside Crosses
Keith, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Kellas, BertMurder Vol. 2
Kellenbarger, F.J.Murder Vol. 1
Keller, Rev. S.W.Roadside Crosses
Kelley, AttorneyMurder Vol. 1
Kelley, CharlesMurder Vol. 1
Kelley, L.C.Murder Vol. 1
Kelley, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Kelley, OfficerMurder Vol. 1
Kells, H.L.Roadside Crosses
Kelly, FrankRoadside Crosses
Kelly, J.Murder Vol. 2
Kelly, JohnRoadside Crosses
Kelly, JohnSudden Endings
Kelly, JosephSudden Endings
Kelly, MarySudden Endings
Kelly, MikeMurder Vol. 2
Kelly, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Kelly, OfficerRoadside Crosses
Kelsey, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Kelso, SonSudden Endings
Kelso, W.E.Sudden Endings
Kemper, N.A.Roadside Crosses
Kempton, JohannaSudden Endings
Kempton, JohnSudden Endings
Kendall, CharlesSudden Endings
Kendall, CharlesMurder Vol. 1
Kendall, ElizaRoadside Crosses
Kendall, EthelRoadside Crosses
Kendall, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Kendall, GlennRoadside Crosses
Kendall, IrvingSudden Endings
Kendall, JoeRoadside Crosses
Kendall, MelvinSudden Endings
Kendall, MerrittSudden Endings
Kendall, TomRoadside Crosses
Kennedy, A.B.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Kennedy, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Kennedy, CharlesMurder Vol. 2
Kennedy, CoraRoadside Crosses
Kennedy, Dr.Sudden Endings
Kennedy, HettieRoadside Crosses
Kennedy, IvylSudden Endings
Kennedy, JosieRoadside Crosses
Kennedy, KateRoadside Crosses
Kennedy, LadRoadside Crosses
Kennedy, LouiseRoadside Crosses
Kennedy, MattieMurder Vol. 2
Kennedy, MaudeRoadside Crosses
Kennedy, ProsperRoadside Crosses
Kennedy, TomRoadside Crosses
Kennedy, W.H.Roadside Crosses
Kenyon, Mary J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Ker, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Kerr, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Keshlear, JosephMurder Vol. 1
Kessler, RoyRoadside Crosses
Kessler, RoySudden Endings
Keuneke, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Kibben, LucienKansas Murder Vol. 1
Kibben, LuciusKansas Murder Vol. 1
Kibble, JakeMurder Vol. 1
Kichen, EdMurder Vol. 1
Kidder, H.H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Kieff, PatrickKansas Murder Vol. 1
Kiem, Mr.Murder Vol. 1
Killen, CaptainKansas Murder Vol. 1
Killie, HarryRoadside Crosses
Killin, DanielKansas Murder Vol. 1
Killion, J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Kilworth, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Kim, Tom DakMurder Vol. 1
Kimball, FredKansas Murder Vol. 1
Kimball, S.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Kimberly, SheriffMurder Vol. 1
Kimble, B.F.Murder Vol. 1
Kimerline, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Kimmerly, ChrisMurder Vol. 2
Kinans, DavidKansas Murder Vol. 1
Kincade, RalphRoadside Crosses
Kincaid, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
King, AmandaMurder Vol. 2
King, BessieRoadside Crosses
King, HaroldRoadside Crosses
King, HowardRoadside Crosses
King, JosephKansas Murder Vol. 1
King, LyleRoadside Crosses
King, Mrs. MilesSudden Endings
King, S.S.Murder Vol. 2
Kingsbury, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Kingsley, George C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Kinne, A.C.Murder Vol. 1
Kinne, C.B.Murder Vol. 1
Kinnear, C.A.Sudden Endings
Kinnear, CharlesSudden Endings
Kinnear, FrankSudden Endings
Kinnear, JamesSudden Endings
Kinnear, JohnSudden Endings
Kinney, CarlMurder Vol. 1
Kinney, ClaudeMurder Vol. 1
Kinney, DonSudden Endings
Kiowa TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Kirchner, Mrs. L.A.Roadside Crosses
Kirk, GeorgeSudden Endings
Kirk, J.Roadside Crosses
Kirkbride, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Kirkhuff, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Kirkhuff, CharlesSudden Endings
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. JohnSudden Endings
Kirkpatrick, SonSudden Endings
Kirlin, C.Murder Vol. 2
Kissick, MabelRoadside Crosses
Kissick, WalterRoadside Crosses
Kissick, WalterMurder Vol. 2
Kitching, CharlesSudden Endings
Kitching, E.H.Murder Vol. 1
Kitching, EdwardRoadside Crosses
Klabau, MartinRoadside Crosses
Klassen, A.F.Murder Vol. 1
Klaus, FredKansas Murder Vol. 1
Klaus, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Klefler, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Klein, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Klein, SolMurder Vol. 1
Kleinknecht, A.W.Sudden Endings
Kleinknecht, H.Murder Vol. 1
Kliewer, GerhardRoadside Crosses
Kline, G.H.Roadside Crosses
Kline, George H.Murder Vol. 2
Klingensmith, LewisMurder Vol. 2
Klinger, AllisonRoadside Crosses
Klinger, AllisonMurder Vol. 2
Knauber, MichaelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Knauber, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Knauss, JusticeMurder Vol. 1
Knichton, AmondKansas Murder Vol. 1
Knife, HenryMurder Vol. 2
Knight, AlbertSudden Endings
Knight, AlfredSudden Endings
Knight, F.C.Roadside Crosses
Knight, JoelSudden Endings
Knight, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Knightly, Mr.Murder Vol. 1
Knightly, WilliamMurder Vol. 1
Knot, F.L.Roadside Crosses
Knowlton, Mr.Sudden Endings
Knowlton, Mrs. FredSudden Endings
Knox, Rev. T.M.Sudden Endings
Koehn, AugustRoadside Crosses
Koehn, HenrySudden Endings
Koehn, IkeRoadside Crosses
Koehn, Mr.Murder Vol. 1
Koehn, Mrs. IkeRoadside Crosses
Koeneman, WillRoadside Crosses
Koeneman, WillSudden Endings
Koerner, OttoSudden Endings
Kohler, BenjaminSudden Endings
Kohler, FranklinSudden Endings
Kohler, PhilipSudden Endings
Kolb, BrakemanMurder Vol. 2
Kolb, C.L.Roadside Crosses
Koons, MoseRoadside Crosses
Koontz, HenryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Koontz, Mrs. HenryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Kopeke, A.H.Roadside Crosses
Kosa, Mrs.Sudden Endings
Kosa, Mrs. W.C.Sudden Endings
Kramer, AdamMurder Vol. 2
Kramer, CarlMurder Vol. 1
Kramer, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Krater, JohnRoadside Crosses
Krause, TheodoreRoadside Crosses
Kreamer, JudgeMurder Vol. 2
Krehbiel, C.E.Roadside Crosses
Krehbiel, J.J.Sudden Endings
Krehbiel, JacobRoadside Crosses
Krehbiel, P.S.Murder Vol. 2
Krehbiel, Rev. F.F.Sudden Endings
Kreitmeyer, FredMurder Vol. 1
Kressler, Dr.Sudden Endings
Kreugeman, FredSudden Endings
Krey, HarveyRoadside Crosses
Kringbaum, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Kritemeyer, FredMurder Vol. 1
Kroeker, FrankRoadside Crosses
Kroll, JohnRoadside Crosses
Kruegal, W.H.Roadside Crosses
Krueger, RalphRoadside Crosses
Kueneke, W.G.Roadside Crosses
Kunde, Mrs. C.A.Roadside Crosses
Kuney, C.C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Kuntz, AdamMurder Vol. 2
Kuntz, CarrieMurder Vol. 2
Kuntz, EvaMurder Vol. 2
Kuntz, JoshuaMurder Vol. 2
Kuntz, SarahMurder Vol. 2
Kuntz, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Kursh, PhilipKansas Murder Vol. 1
Lacey, Taylor.Murder Vol. 1
LaCross, VictorSudden Endings
LaCrosse, VicRoadside Crosses
Lacy, F.E.Sudden Endings
Lacy, W.J.Sudden Endings
Ladd, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Lagree, JamesMurder Vol. 1
Lagree, PhilSudden Endings
Lakin, David L.Murder Vol. 2
Lakin, M.H.Roadside Crosses
Lakin, M.H.Sudden Endings
LaMaster, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
LaMaster, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lambert, Rev. WilliamRoadside Crosses
Lanaham, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lancaster, HarveyRoadside Crosses
Land, ThirzayKansas Murder Vol. 1
Lander, P.Sudden Endings
Landes, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Landis, Arthur OrlandoSudden Endings
Landis, J.B.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Landis, Rev. GeorgeSudden Endings
Landon, JohnRoadside Crosses
Lane, BessieMurder Vol. 1
Lane, Gen.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lane, Gen. JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Lane, GeneralKansas Murder Vol. 1
Lane, James H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lane, MaurineSudden Endings
Langly, M.H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Langowsky, HermanRoadside Crosses
Langston, C.H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lanham, JusticeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Lanham, Mrs. E.B.Roadside Crosses
Lanihan, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lantis, CoraMurder Vol. 1
Lantis, EttaMurder Vol. 1
Lantis, OthaMurder Vol. 1
Lantis, OtisMurder Vol. 1
Lantz, EmmaRoadside Crosses
Lantz, IraRoadside Crosses
Lantz, IraSudden Endings
Lantz, JohnRoadside Crosses
Lantz, John Jr.Roadside Crosses
Larimore, WileyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Latham, Mrs. H.Sudden Endings
Latham, WillSudden Endings
Lathan, FrankSudden Endings
Lathan, MattieSudden Endings
Lathey, W.E.Sudden Endings
Laughlin, JimKansas Murder Vol. 1
Laughlin, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Laughlin, PatrickKansas Murder Vol. 1
Laurie, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Laurie, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Lautz, H.B.Roadside Crosses
Law, JohnSudden Endings
Law, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Lawhead, R.K.Murder Vol. 1
Lawler, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lawrence, Dr.Sudden Endings
Lawry, W.C.Roadside Crosses
Laws, Sarah A.Murder Vol. 2
Lawton, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Leamon, Mrs. ElmerSudden Endings
Learhling, B.D.Roadside Crosses
Learhling, MildredRoadside Crosses
Lecompte, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Leddy, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lee, BobMurder Vol. 1
Lee, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Lee, J.H.Murder Vol. 2
Lee, LizzieMurder Vol. 1
Lee, PatrickMurder Vol. 2
Leeburg, JohnRoadside Crosses
Leech, HarleyMurder Vol. 1
Leeper, SamuelMurder Vol. 2
Lees, AnnaRoadside Crosses
Leffelman, JacobRoadside Crosses
Leffelman, JacobSudden Endings
Lefors, JoeMurder Vol. 1
Lehman, C.Murder Vol. 1
Lehman, ChrisMurder Vol. 1
Lehman, ClaytonRoadside Crosses
Lehman, DanMurder Vol. 2
Lehman, Mrs. S.Roadside Crosses
Lehman, S.Roadside Crosses
Lehman, SamMurder Vol. 2
Lehr, ClaraMurder Vol. 1
Lehr, JuliusMurder Vol. 1
Leland, Brothers of HenryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Leland, Henry J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lemert, MissMurder Vol. 1
Lemons, HarleyRoadside Crosses
Leneer, ErnestMurder Vol. 1
Lennon, DanielKansas Murder Vol. 1
Lennon, MargaretKansas Murder Vol. 1
Lennon, MichaelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Lennon, PatrickKansas Murder Vol. 1
Lentz, FredRoadside Crosses
Lenz, FredRoadside Crosses
Lenz, W.H.Murder Vol. 1
Leonard, A.P.Murder Vol. 1
Leonard, HenryRoadside Crosses
Lepper, EngineerRoadside Crosses
Leschure, JohnRoadside Crosses
Lester, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lettau, A.C.Murder Vol. 1
Lettau, ArthurSudden Endings
Lettau, AugustSudden Endings
Lettau, C.F.Sudden Endings
Lettau, CharlesSudden Endings
Lettau, EdwardSudden Endings
Lettermyer, AlbertRoadside Crosses
Lewellen, A.L.Sudden Endings
Lewellen, J.M.Sudden Endings
Lewelling, GovernorSudden Endings
Lewis, AlbertMurder Vol. 2
Lewis, BenKansas Murder Vol. 1
Lewis, ClarkMurder Vol. 1
Lewis, DavidRoadside Crosses
Lewis, Dr. ReadingRoadside Crosses
Lewis, EdwardRoadside Crosses
Lewis, ErnestMurder Vol. 1
Lewis, EulaMurder Vol. 1
Lewis, FrankMurder Vol. 1
Lewis, JamesRoadside Crosses
Lewis, JamesSudden Endings
Lewis, John E.Roadside Crosses
Lewis, JosephSudden Endings
Lewis, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lewis, OfficerMurder Vol. 1
Lewis, VestaMurder Vol. 1
Lewis, W.G.Sudden Endings
Lewis, WilliamSudden Endings
Libbey, E.P.Sudden Endings
Lickens, John T.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Light, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Limbach, HenryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Lincoln, President AbrahamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Linder, HenryRoadside Crosses
Linder, Mrs. HenryRoadside Crosses
Lindley, ErnestMurder Vol. 2
Lindsay, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Lindsay, DavidRoadside Crosses
Linnens, G.M.Murder Vol. 1
Linnens, Judge G.N.Murder Vol. 1
Linnens, JusticeMurder Vol. 1
Linnens, Mrs. ClaudeRoadside Crosses
Lipper, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Liser, W.E.Murder Vol. 1
Lisle, DavidMurder Vol. 2
Little MikeMurder Vol. 2
Little, Dr. BlakeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Little, FrankRoadside Crosses
Little, FrankSudden Endings
Little, H.J.Roadside Crosses
Little, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Little, John H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Little, MichaelSudden Endings
Little, SnowdenSudden Endings
Littlejohn, ConductorSudden Endings
Livingston, HarryRoadside Crosses
Livingstone, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Loan, Gen.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Locke, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Locke, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lockert, LewisMurder Vol. 2
Lockesley, B.F.Sudden Endings
Lockesley, CharlesSudden Endings
Lockwood, Mrs.Roadside Crosses
Loeckford, ReesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Loew, J.R.Sudden Endings
Logan, LonieMurder Vol. 1
Logan, V.L.Sudden Endings
Lolamaugh, GrandmaSudden Endings
Lone Star SaloonMurder Vol. 2
Lone Wolf, WilliamSudden Endings
Lonewolf, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Long, AlfredKansas Murder Vol. 1
Long, AndyMurder Vol. 2
Long, GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Long, HannahSudden Endings
Long, JohnSudden Endings
Long, M.A.Murder Vol. 1
Longenegger, AlbrechtSudden Endings
Longley, OtisKansas Murder Vol. 1
Lookogee, S.J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Loomis, Dr. CharlesRoadside Crosses
Loomis, RichardKansas Murder Vol. 1
Lord, EthelRoadside Crosses
Lord, FrankSudden Endings
Lord, Fred P.Murder Vol. 2
Lord, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Lord, JennieRoadside Crosses
Lord, JerryRoadside Crosses
Lord, TheodoreRoadside Crosses
Lord, W.A.Roadside Crosses
Loreman, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Lorenz, William S.Murder Vol. 1
Louie, LeonMurder Vol. 1
Lovell, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lovett, HarryMurder Vol. 2
Low A.J.Sudden Endings
Lowe, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lowe, Dr. J.R.Roadside Crosses
Lowe, JosephKansas Murder Vol. 1
Lowe, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lowe, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lowe, OfficerMurder Vol. 2
Lowen, Rev. FrankSudden Endings
Lowther, Rev. G.Roadside Crosses
Lucas, M.W.Murder Vol. 1
Luft, GeorgeSudden Endings
Luft, HenrySudden Endings
Lugenbill, JohnRoadside Crosses
Lumm, Mrs. HarryMurder Vol. 2
Lupfer, JudgeMurder Vol. 2
Lupfer, JusticeMurder Vol. 2
Luscher, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lusher, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lykins, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lyle, James T.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lyman, Rev.Sudden Endings
Lynch, J.W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lynch, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Lynch, LouisRoadside Crosses
Lynch, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lynch, Mrs. R.B.Roadside Crosses
Lynch, R.B.Murder Vol. 1
Lynch, T.W.Murder Vol. 2
Lynch, ThomasMurder Vol. 2
Lynch, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Lyon, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Lyons, AlbertaSudden Endings
Lytton, WilliamSudden Endings
Mabery, GeorgeSudden Endings
Mabery, JackSudden Endings
Mabery, MinnieSudden Endings
Mace, ChesterSudden Endings
Mace, GrantRoadside Crosses
Mace, GrantSudden Endings
Mace, HerbertRoadside Crosses
Mace, JamesSudden Endings
Mace, MattieSudden Endings
Mace, NevaRoadside Crosses
Mace, TecumsehSudden Endings
Machovec, EdRoadside Crosses
Mack, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Macklin, Mrs. CharlesSudden Endings
Macy, Dr. E.G.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Madison, E.H.Murder Vol. 2
Madison, Ed H.Murder Vol. 2
Maguire, FatherMurder Vol. 1
Mahady, CaptainMurder Vol. 1
Mahaffey, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Mahan, S.E.Murder Vol. 2
Mahaney, R.A.Roadside Crosses
Malleis, G.Sudden Endings
Malleis, HenrySudden Endings
Malone, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Malone, Mrs. TomMurder Vol. 1
Malone, OfficerKansas Murder Vol. 1
Malone, TomMurder Vol. 1
Maloney, ConRoadside Crosses
Maness, JoeMurder Vol. 1
Mang, HenryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Mann, Mrs. S.Roadside Crosses
Manning, JimMurder Vol. 2
Manring, FaunRoadside Crosses
Mans, LouisKansas Murder Vol. 1
Mansfield, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Manuel, A.J.Murder Vol. 1
Manuel, J.M.Roadside Crosses
Marak, CharlesMurder Vol. 1
Marble, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
March, IsaacRoadside Crosses
March, JohnRoadside Crosses
Marchbanks, BillKansas Murder Vol. 1
Marcum, H.B.Roadside Crosses
Marcum, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Mark, EarlMurder Vol. 1
Markes, D.C.Roadside Crosses
Markham, JackMurder Vol. 2
Markle, DavidKansas Murder Vol. 1
Markle, LewisKansas Murder Vol. 1
Markle, SamuelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Marks, D.C.Sudden Endings
Marks, JohnRoadside Crosses
Marks, MarshalMurder Vol. 2
Marks, Mrs. D.C.Roadside Crosses
Marks, WillieRoadside Crosses
Markwell, Mrs. W.H.Murder Vol. 2
Markwell, W.Murder Vol. 2
Markwell, WallaceSudden Endings
Mars, MargeratoRoadside Crosses
Marsgrave, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Marsh (Kendall), LucienaSudden Endings
Marsh, DavyRoadside Crosses
Marsh, DeputyMurder Vol. 1
Marsh, F.M.Sudden Endings
Marshal, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Marshall, GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Marshall, JackMurder Vol. 1
Marshall, KathlineRoadside Crosses
Marshall, NathanKansas Murder Vol. 1
Marshall, OfficerKansas Murder Vol. 1
Marshall, R.Sudden Endings
Martens, P.A.Roadside Crosses
Marti, L.P.Murder Vol. 2
Martin, C.T.Murder Vol. 1
Martin, D.C.Murder Vol. 1
Martin, Dan C.Roadside Crosses
Martin, Dr. M.C.Roadside Crosses
Martin, Dr. M.C.Sudden Endings
Martin, Dr. M.C.Murder Vol. 1
Martin, EdnaMurder Vol. 1
Martin, EllisonRoadside Crosses
Martin, F.L.Roadside Crosses
Martin, Grover C.Roadside Crosses
Martin, HenryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Martin, JimMurder Vol. 2
Martin, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Martin, JudgeMurder Vol. 2
Martin, JusticeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Martin, M.C.Sudden Endings
Martin, M.C.Murder Vol. 1
Martin, R.C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Martin, Rev. LoganMurder Vol. 1
Martindale, Rev. W.J.Roadside Crosses
Martinez, JoseMurder Vol. 1
Martinez, Mrs. SylvesterMurder Vol. 1
Martinez, SylvesterMurder Vol. 1
Martinez, TiajiloRoadside Crosses
Mason, FrankMurder Vol. 2
Mason, MunMurder Vol. 1
Mason, Robert O.Murder Vol. 1
Masters, C.D.Murder Vol. 1
Masters, CharlesSudden Endings
Masters, RoyMurder Vol. 1
Masters, SheriffRoadside Crosses
Masters, SheriffSudden Endings
Masters, SheriffMurder Vol. 1
Masters, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Mathes, BertSudden Endings
Mathews, FannyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Mathews, William D.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Mathiot, FredSudden Endings
Mathis, J.A.Murder Vol. 2
Mathis, N.A.Roadside Crosses
Mathis, N.A.Murder Vol. 1
Mathis, N.A.Murder Vol. 2
Matlack, EssieSudden Endings
Matlack, FloydSudden Endings
Matlack, J.C.Murder Vol. 2
Matlack, LizzieSudden Endings
Matlack, RalphSudden Endings
Matlack, RubySudden Endings
Matthews, H.N.Roadside Crosses
Matthews, HammerRoadside Crosses
Matthews, J.R.Murder Vol. 2
Matthews, MalcombMurder Vol. 1
Matz, Mrs. H.Sudden Endings
Maughlin, KennethRoadside Crosses
Maurer, R.C.Murder Vol. 2
Max, JohnRoadside Crosses
Maxon, AnnaKansas Murder Vol. 1
Maxson, P.B.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
May, C.J.Sudden Endings
May, JeffersonSudden Endings
May, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
May, ThomasSudden Endings
May, W.D.Murder Vol. 1
May, WilliamSudden Endings
Mayberry, A.J.Sudden Endings
Mayberry, C.E.Murder Vol. 1
Mayberry, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Mayer, HenryRoadside Crosses
Mayer, HenrySudden Endings
Mayer, HenryMurder Vol. 2
Mayershoff, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Mayes, A.E.Sudden Endings
Mayes, MaxSudden Endings
Maynard, JohnSudden Endings
Mayo, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Mays, Mrs. Joe L.Murder Vol. 1
McAdams, FrankRoadside Crosses
McAdams, H.H.Roadside Crosses
McAdams, HenryMurder Vol. 2
McAfee, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McAllister, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McAnany, ThomasMurder Vol. 1
McArthur, CecilRoadside Crosses
McArthur, JamieRoadside Crosses
McArthur, Mr.Roadside Crosses
McBride, DavidMurder Vol. 2
McBurnett, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
McBurney, C.H.Roadside Crosses
McBurney, F.A.Murder Vol. 1
McBurney, LloydRoadside Crosses
McBurney, Mrs. F.A.Roadside Crosses
McBurney, RossRoadside Crosses
McCabe, JohnMurder Vol. 2
McCalla, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McCandless, BriceRoadside Crosses
McCandless, Brice, Jr.Roadside Crosses
McCandless, HarryRoadside Crosses
McCandless, HelenRoadside Crosses
McCandless, LeslieRoadside Crosses
McCandless, Mr.Roadside Crosses
McCann, G.Roadside Crosses
McCann, G.Sudden Endings
McCann, JackRoadside Crosses
McCants, Mr.Roadside Crosses
McCarthy, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
McCarty, E.C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McCarty, W.B.Roadside Crosses
McCausland,A.J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McClain, Rev. J.E.Murder Vol. 1
McClanathan, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McClatchey, Thomas F.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McCleery, DanielKansas Murder Vol. 1
McClelland, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
McClellas, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McClintock, J.C.Sudden Endings
McCloskey, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
McCloud, Driftwood JimMurder Vol. 1
McClung, C.B.Murder Vol. 1
McClure, G.A.Roadside Crosses
McClure, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
McClure, Mrs. M.T.Roadside Crosses
McCluskey, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McCluskie, MikeMurder Vol. 2
McClymonds, Dr.Roadside Crosses
McClymonds, Dr.Sudden Endings
McColister, CoronerSudden Endings
McCollister, Dr.Roadside Crosses
McConnell, John H.Murder Vol. 1
McCowan, W.G.Murder Vol. 1
McCoy, Joseph G.Murder Vol. 2
McCoy, Rev. C.C.Murder Vol. 1
McCrary, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McCray, DellaMurder Vol. 1
McCrea, ColeKansas Murder Vol. 1
McCrory, PaulMurder Vol. 1
McCuish, JohnMurder Vol. 1
McCullough, JoeRoadside Crosses
McDaniels, ClaraSudden Endings
McDermott, FrankSudden Endings
McDermott, GladysSudden Endings
McDonald, AlexKansas Murder Vol. 1
McDonald, DonaldKansas Murder Vol. 1
McDonald, R.L.Murder Vol. 2
McDonough, AnnKansas Murder Vol. 1
McDonough, EdwardKansas Murder Vol. 1
McDowell, JackKansas Murder Vol. 1
McDowell, MayorKansas Murder Vol. 1
McDowell, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McDowell, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McElree, Dr. G.A.Roadside Crosses
McElroy, ThomasMurder Vol. 2
McEwen, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
McFadden, J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McFarland, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
McFarland, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McFarland, W.H.Roadside Crosses
McGaffy, Mr.Roadside Crosses
McGee, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McGhee, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McGinn, Alex H.Murder Vol. 2
McGinn, JohnRoadside Crosses
McGinn, JohnSudden Endings
McGinn, JohnMurder Vol. 1
McGinn, LauraSudden Endings
McGinn, SamRoadside Crosses
McGinn, TomMurder Vol. 1
McGinnis, C.W.Sudden Endings
McGowan, FrankMurder Vol. 2
McGowan, GraceMurder Vol. 1
McGrath, Mr.Roadside Crosses
McGraw, M.Roadside Crosses
McGraw, Mr.Roadside Crosses
McGrudy, HughKansas Murder Vol. 1
McIntire, J.N.Murder Vol. 1
McIntire, KittieMurder Vol. 2
McIntire, SheriffMurder Vol. 1
McIntire, Sheriff J.M.Murder Vol. 1
McIntire, T.D.Murder Vol. 2
McIntire, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
McIntire, William F.Murder Vol. 2
McIntyre, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McKay, Mr.Sudden Endings
McKee, BertRoadside Crosses
McKee, BertMurder Vol. 1
McKee, CoronerSudden Endings
McKee, Dr.Roadside Crosses
McKee, Dr.Sudden Endings
McKee, Dr.Murder Vol. 1
McKee, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
McKee, Dr. JamesRoadside Crosses
McKee, Dr. JamesMurder Vol. 1
McKee, HarryRoadside Crosses
McKee, JamesSudden Endings
McKee, MiloRoadside Crosses
McKee, Mrs. BertRoadside Crosses
McKercher, FredRoadside Crosses
McKibbern, Lieut.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McKinley, W.J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McKinney, CoronerSudden Endings
McKinney, R.T.Roadside Crosses
McKnight, KateRoadside Crosses
McKnight, Mr.Roadside Crosses
McKnight, William H.Murder Vol. 2
McKoy, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McLain, FrankMurder Vol. 1
McLain, J.Roadside Crosses
McLaughlin, EllaRoadside Crosses
McLaughlin, Mr.Murder Vol. 1
McLaughlin, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
McLoud, BobSudden Endings
McManus, IreneRoadside Crosses
McManus, T.H.Roadside Crosses
McManus, T.H.Murder Vol. 1
McMillan, A.L.Murder Vol. 2
McMullen, HughRoadside Crosses
McMullen, Mrs. HughRoadside Crosses
McMurry, KennethSudden Endings
McNair, J.H.Sudden Endings
McNally, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
McNally, TomKansas Murder Vol. 1
McNamara, ThomasKansas Murder Vol. 1
McNeil, M.J.Sudden Endings
McNeil, ThomasRoadside Crosses
McNeil, WilliamRoadside Crosses
McNeill, EthelMurder Vol. 1
McNeill, GeorgeSudden Endings
McNeill, J.C.Roadside Crosses
McNeill, MamieRoadside Crosses
McNown, CharlesSudden Endings
McPheron, CharlesRoadside Crosses
McPheron, IdaRoadside Crosses
McPherson, Rev.Roadside Crosses
McPherson, Rev. R.P.Roadside Crosses
McQuade, Dr. H.D.Sudden Endings
McQuoin, Mrs. RalphRoadside Crosses
McQuown, W.H.Murder Vol. 1
McReynolds, Mrs. A.H.Roadside Crosses
McThurray, H.Murder Vol. 2
Mead, Rev. L.O.Roadside Crosses
Meagher, M.Murder Vol. 2
Means, HermanMurder Vol. 1
Means, HermanMurder Vol. 2
Means, OfficerMurder Vol. 1
Means, W.H.Sudden Endings
Mears, BenMurder Vol. 1
Mears, GeorgeSudden Endings
Mears, JusticeMurder Vol. 1
Mears, M.T.Sudden Endings
Mears, Mrs. W.A.Roadside Crosses
Mears, R.S.Roadside Crosses
Medary, Gov.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Medicine HorseKansas Murder Vol. 1
Meeders, C.B.Murder Vol. 1
Meeker, C.B.Murder Vol. 1
Meeky, M.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Meetz, SophiaSudden Endings
Melson, M.N.Murder Vol. 1
Menck, GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Mendenhall, IdaSudden Endings
Mendenhall, Virgil W.Sudden Endings
Merchant, EnnoRoadside Crosses
Mercomes, A.Murder Vol. 1
Merlow, WilliamSudden Endings
Merriam, EdwardSudden Endings
Merriam, LaurenSudden Endings
Merrick, GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Merrick, JackKansas Murder Vol. 1
Merrick, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Merrick, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Merrill, EarnestSudden Endings
Merrill, GrantMurder Vol. 1
Merrill, JessieSudden Endings
Merrill, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Merrill, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Merrithew, CatherineMurder Vol. 1
Merrithew, LoisMurder Vol. 1
Merrithew, Mrs. WalterMurder Vol. 1
Merritt, H.L.Roadside Crosses
Merriweather, RichardMurder Vol. 2
Merry, JohnSudden Endings
Mers, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Merwin, FredKansas Murder Vol. 1
Merwin, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Messenger, H.A.Roadside Crosses
Messick, GeorgeSudden Endings
Messner, WilliamMurder Vol. 1
Methodist PreacherKansas Murder Vol. 1
Meyer, HarveyRoadside Crosses
Meyers, WinfieldMurder Vol. 2
Michael, MarshalMurder Vol. 1
Middaugh, William H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Middleton, W.M.Sudden Endings
Midtelstedt, Mrs. JohnRoadside Crosses
Miles, Ed “Cute”Murder Vol. 1
Miles, FredMurder Vol. 1
Miles, JackMurder Vol. 1
Miller, A.L.Roadside Crosses
Miller, AbeRoadside Crosses
Miller, AbramMurder Vol. 2
Miller, ArnoldMurder Vol. 1
Miller, AugustusKansas Murder Vol. 1
Miller, BabySudden Endings
Miller, BenSudden Endings
Miller, CharlieMurder Vol. 1
Miller, ClarkSudden Endings
Miller, CommodoreMurder Vol. 2
Miller, CoronerSudden Endings
Miller, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Miller, Dr.Sudden Endings
Miller, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Miller, Dr. MaxRoadside Crosses
Miller, EdwardRoadside Crosses
Miller, EthelRoadside Crosses
Miller, F.B.Roadside Crosses
Miller, FredMurder Vol. 2
Miller, HarryRoadside Crosses
Miller, HenryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Miller, IdaMurder Vol. 2
Miller, IrvinMurder Vol. 1
Miller, J. ClarkMurder Vol. 1
Miller, J.C.Murder Vol. 1
Miller, J.F.Sudden Endings
Miller, J.R.Murder Vol. 1
Miller, James E.Murder Vol. 1
Miller, JoeMurder Vol. 2
Miller, KennethMurder Vol. 1
Miller, MaxMurder Vol. 2
Miller, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Miller, Mrs. HenryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Miller, OrinMurder Vol. 1
Miller, R.J.Sudden Endings
Miller, Rev.Roadside Crosses
Miller, Rev. C.H.Roadside Crosses
Miller, SamuelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Miller, SheriffMurder Vol. 2
Miller, ShermanRoadside Crosses
Miller, VictorMurder Vol. 1
Miller, W.H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Miller, WilliamSudden Endings
Miller, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Million, GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Million, Mrs. GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Mills, C.W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Mills, HarlowSudden Endings
Mills, JohnSudden Endings
Milne, GeorgeSudden Endings
Milne, SarahSudden Endings
Mincer, C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Miner, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Minke, FredMurder Vol. 2
Minnick, BenMurder Vol. 1
Mires, Mr.Sudden Endings
Mirike, T.M.Roadside Crosses
Mirike, Thomas RoyRoadside Crosses
Mishler, Rev. M.J.Roadside Crosses
Miss ClaraKansas Murder Vol. 1
Mitchel, J.M.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Mitchell, ColonelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Mitchell, D.A.Murder Vol. 2
Mitchell, EngineerRoadside Crosses
Mitchell, George W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Mitchell, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Mitchell, Mrs. LenRoadside Crosses
Mitchner, BertRoadside Crosses
Mitten, DavidRoadside Crosses
Mitten, L.H.Murder Vol. 1
Mize, NoraRoadside Crosses
Modde, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Moffet, S.A.Murder Vol. 2
Moffit, Mr. (2 Brothers)Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Molzen, CharlesSudden Endings
Molzen, ChrisMurder Vol. 1
Molzen, Mrs. JohnRoadside Crosses
Monaghan, JayMurder Vol. 1
Monahan, JamesMurder Vol. 1
Moncks, William H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Mondjoy, EnochMurder Vol. 1
Mondjoy, JaneMurder Vol. 1
Monison, T.B.Murder Vol. 2
Monroe, JamesRoadside Crosses
Monroe, LesterMurder Vol. 1
Monroe, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Monroe, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Monroe, R.D.Roadside Crosses
Montano, PedroKansas Murder Vol. 1
Montgomery, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Montgomery, G.C.Murder Vol. 1
Montgomery, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Montgomery, Mr.Sudden Endings
Montoya, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Monture, PhillipKansas Murder Vol. 1
Moody, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Moody, RexRoadside Crosses
Moody, RexMurder Vol. 1
Moody, Rex M.Sudden Endings
Moody, Rex M.Murder Vol. 1
Moon, JimMurder Vol. 2
Mooney, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Mooney, ZachKansas Murder Vol. 1
Moony, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Moore, AlRoadside Crosses
Moore, CharlesMurder Vol. 1
Moore, EliKansas Murder Vol. 1
Moore, EttaMurder Vol. 1
Moore, Fire ChiefSudden Endings
Moore, FrankMurder Vol. 1
Moore, FrankMurder Vol. 2
Moore, L.D.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Moore, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Moore, Mr.Sudden Endings
Moore, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Moore, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Moore, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Moore, SheriffMurder Vol. 2
Moore, ThomasMurder Vol. 2
Moore, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Moots, G.T.Murder Vol. 1
Moran, Mrs. WillSudden Endings
Morgan, A.E.Sudden Endings
Morgan, A.E.Murder Vol. 1
Morgan, AshtonMurder Vol. 1
Morgan, AttorneyMurder Vol. 1
Morgan, CliffordMurder Vol. 1
Morgan, F.H.Roadside Crosses
Morgan, GusMurder Vol. 1
Morgan, HankSudden Endings
Morgan, HarrySudden Endings
Morgan, J.C.Murder Vol. 1
Morgan, JohnSudden Endings
Morgan, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Morgan, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Morgan, Mrs. GusMurder Vol. 1
Morgan, P.M.Sudden Endings
Morgan, P.M.Murder Vol. 2
Morgan, P.M>Sudden Endings
Morgan, R.H.Roadside Crosses
Morgan, R.M.Roadside Crosses
Morgan, SolomonSudden Endings
Morgan, Son of R.M.Roadside Crosses
Morris, HarrietSudden Endings
Morris, LuellaSudden Endings
Morris, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Morris, Mrs.Murder Vol. 2
Morris, SergeantKansas Murder Vol. 1
Morris, WalterSudden Endings
Morrison, F.S.Sudden Endings
Morrison, HelenSudden Endings
Morrison, Mr.Sudden Endings
Morrison, NewtonKansas Murder Vol. 1
Morrison, Rev. A.H.Roadside Crosses
Morrison, Rev. A.H.Sudden Endings
Morrison, SteveSudden Endings
Morrow, GeorgeMurder Vol. 2
Morrow, PhillipRoadside Crosses
Morse, GovesnorKansas Murder Vol. 1
Mortel, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Mortguz, SilenoSudden Endings
MoseKansas Murder Vol. 1
Moss, Mr.Sudden Endings
Moucks, MaryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Moulds, AliceMurder Vol. 1
Moulds, CarlMurder Vol. 1
Moulds, J.P.Roadside Crosses
Moulds, JoeRoadside Crosses
Moulds, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Moulds, RobertMurder Vol. 1
Moulds, WillieRoadside Crosses
Moyer, JohnRoadside Crosses
Mr. WKansas Murder Vol. 1
MrsSudden Endings
Mueller, FritzMurder Vol. 1
Muff, Mr.Sudden Endings
Muff, W.F.Sudden Endings
Mullen, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Mullen, TerryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Mulligan, FrankKansas Murder Vol. 1
Mulvaney, CharlesMurder Vol. 1
Mulvaney, MissRoadside Crosses
Mumford, EzraKansas Murder Vol. 1
Munger, JudgeMurder Vol. 1
Murdock, Dr.Sudden Endings
Murdock, MarshMurder Vol. 2
Murdock, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Murdock, VictorRoadside Crosses
Murphy, AndyRoadside Crosses
Murphy, DennisKansas Murder Vol. 1
Murphy, E.A.Murder Vol. 2
Murphy, J.H.Sudden Endings
Murphy, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Murphy, JeremiahKansas Murder Vol. 1
Murphy, JohnRoadside Crosses
Murphy, JosephRoadside Crosses
Murphy, Lieut.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Murphy, LloydRoadside Crosses
Murphy, PatrickRoadside Crosses
Murphy, ReubenRoadside Crosses
Murphy, RosaRoadside Crosses
Murphy, RubenSudden Endings
Murphy, SamanthaRoadside Crosses
Murphy, T.N.Roadside Crosses
Murphy, T.P.Roadside Crosses
Murphy, ThomasRoadside Crosses
Murray, C.L.Sudden Endings
Murray, JohnSudden Endings
Murray, OrisSudden Endings
Murry, OscarSudden Endings
Murtha, ThomasKansas Murder Vol. 1
Muse, J.W.P.Sudden Endings
Muse, Judge R.W.P.Murder Vol. 2
Muse, JuliaSudden Endings
Muse, RobertSudden Endings
Musick, Mrs. OllieRoadside Crosses
Mustard, JamesSudden Endings
Mutz, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Myer, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Myers, AddieSudden Endings
Myers, AgnesMurder Vol. 1
Myers, ClarenceMurder Vol. 1
Myers, Dr. Robert W.Murder Vol. 1
Myers, FrankMurder Vol. 1
Myers, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Myers, GraceMurder Vol. 1
Myers, GuyRoadside Crosses
Myers, J.W.Murder Vol. 1
Myers, JacobKansas Murder Vol. 1
Myers, JohnSudden Endings
Myers, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Myers, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Myers, SamSudden Endings
Nachtigal, H.C.Roadside Crosses
Nail, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Nailson, OfficerKansas Murder Vol. 1
Napier, J.L.Murder Vol. 1
Napier, MelbaMurder Vol. 1
Naud, EugeneRoadside Crosses
Nealon, OfficerKansas Murder Vol. 1
Nebergall, J.B.Murder Vol. 1
Nebergall, LloydMurder Vol. 1
Needler, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Neil, BillKansas Murder Vol. 1
Nellans, J.K.Roadside Crosses
Nellans, Mrs. J.K.Roadside Crosses
Nelson, AbbieMurder Vol. 1
Nelson, AnnieMurder Vol. 1
Nelson, FredRoadside Crosses
Nelson, Gen.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Nelson, J.P.Roadside Crosses
Nelson, JudgeMurder Vol. 1
Nelson, LeonardSudden Endings
Nelson, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Nelson, Mrs. O.F.Sudden Endings
Nelson, Rev. GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Nesbit, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Nettrouer, HarveySudden Endings
Neufeldt, D.D.Murder Vol. 1
Neuhauser, S.E.Murder Vol. 1
Neuway, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Newbury, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Newell, Charles G.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Newell, Rev. L.M.Roadside Crosses
Newhall, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Newhall, S.A.Roadside Crosses
Newman, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Newman, ThomasKansas Murder Vol. 1
Newport, G.E.Roadside Crosses
Newport, Mrs. JohnRoadside Crosses
Newport, WillSudden Endings
Newton, Andrew “Peep”Murder Vol. 2
Newton, CaptainSudden Endings
Newton, CharlesSudden Endings
Newton, DavidKansas Murder Vol. 1
Newton, MichaelMurder Vol. 2
Newton, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Nichol, AlbertSudden Endings
Nichol, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Nichols, ArthurRoadside Crosses
Nichols, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Nichols, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Nichols, William G.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Nicholson, DavidRoadside Crosses
Nicholson, J.C.Murder Vol. 2
Nicholson, J.D.Sudden Endings
Nicholson, JamesRoadside Crosses
Nicholson, JohnRoadside Crosses
Nickel, 2 BrothersKansas Murder Vol. 1
Nickel, Kels P.Murder Vol. 1
Nickell, WillieMurder Vol. 1
Nicodemus, I.Murder Vol. 1
Niles, ChesterSudden Endings
Niles, FayetteSudden Endings
Niles, HobartSudden Endings
Niles, J.M.Sudden Endings
Niles, WalterSudden Endings
Niligan, J.W.Roadside Crosses
Nimocks, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Nissen, C.F.Sudden Endings
Nissen, C.J.Roadside Crosses
Noble, DorothySudden Endings
Noble, Dr. S.S.Sudden Endings
Noble, MaxSudden Endings
Noble, W. ArthurSudden Endings
Nolder, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Nolder, Dr.Sudden Endings
Nolder, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Noon, ThomasKansas Murder Vol. 1
Norcross, Claude MelvinSudden Endings
Norcross, James A.Sudden Endings
Norcross, JohnSudden Endings
Norcross, Mrs.Sudden Endings
Norman, Mrs. PercyMurder Vol. 1
Norman, PercyMurder Vol. 1
Norman, W.W.Roadside Crosses
Norris, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Norris, Dr.Sudden Endings
Norris, Mrs. WillRoadside Crosses
Norris, WillRoadside Crosses
Norris, WillSudden Endings
North, BenMurder Vol. 2
Northfoss, C.H.Roadside Crosses
Northfoss, C.H.Murder Vol. 1
Northfoss, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Norton, J.F.Roadside Crosses
Norton, J.J.Sudden Endings
Norton, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Nossman, Dr.Sudden Endings
Notham, Morris G.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Nute, Rev.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Nuzum, EdgerKansas Murder Vol. 1
Nye, A.G.Murder Vol. 1
Nye, J. SidneyMurder Vol. 1
Nye, SidneyMurder Vol. 1
O’Baldwin, NettieMurder Vol. 2
O’Conner, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
O’Connor, M.Roadside Crosses
O’Day, Mr.Roadside Crosses
O’Donnell, OfficerMurder Vol. 2
O’Leary, DetectiveMurder Vol. 1
O’Leary, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
O’Malley, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
O’Neill, James R.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Oakley, JosephKansas Murder Vol. 1
Odell, ClarkKansas Murder Vol. 1
Odell, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Oden, ThomasKansas Murder Vol. 1
Oden, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Odle, AndrewKansas Murder Vol. 1
O’Donnell, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Ogan, JamesMurder Vol. 2
Ogan, OfficerRoadside Crosses
Ogden, JesseKansas Murder Vol. 1
Ogden, Maj.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Ogden, SheriffKansas Murder Vol. 1
Ogle, F.M.Roadside Crosses
Ohm, JamesSudden Endings
Oldham, DaveSudden Endings
Oldham, ThomasSudden Endings
Oliver, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Oliver, MerleRoadside Crosses
Oliver, P.Sudden Endings
Ollinger, FrankMurder Vol. 2
Ollinger, J.F.Murder Vol. 2
Oltman, ChrisRoadside Crosses
Olwitch, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Omaha TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
O’Neil, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Orlowsky, Rev.Roadside Crosses
O’Rourke, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Orwig, J.B.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Osage TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Osborn, A.R.Murder Vol. 1
Osborne, EverettRoadside Crosses
Osborne, EverettSudden Endings
Osborne, MitchRoadside Crosses
O’Shea, Rev. SeanRoadside Crosses
Otoe TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Overhold, EliRoadside Crosses
Overseker, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Overstreet, FredRoadside Crosses
Overstreet, Rev. R.M.Murder Vol. 2
Owen, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Owens, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Owens, OfficerMurder Vol. 1
Ownby, P.S.Murder Vol. 1
Pace, JamesMurder Vol. 1
Pace, NettieMurder Vol. 1
Packer, Mrs.Murder Vol. 2
Packer, RobertMurder Vol. 1
Page, LaviniaSudden Endings
Paine, ErastusKansas Murder Vol. 1
Palmer, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Palmer, DanielKansas Murder Vol. 1
Palmer, ReubenKansas Murder Vol. 1
Panky, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Parham, D.W.Murder Vol. 2
Parisot, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Parisot, MissRoadside Crosses
Park, RoySudden Endings
Park, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Parker, A.S.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Parker, AsburyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Parker, BobbySudden Endings
Parker, HowardSudden Endings
Parker, LouisRoadside Crosses
Parker, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Parker, Mrs. R.J.Roadside Crosses
Parker, R.J.Roadside Crosses
Parker, RobertSudden Endings
Parker, RoswellKansas Murder Vol. 1
Parker, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Parks, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Parks, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Parks, P.P.Murder Vol. 2
Parlor SaloonMurder Vol. 2
Parmalee, MarshalMurder Vol. 1
Parmele, J.C.Murder Vol. 2
Parmele, MarshalMurder Vol. 1
Parmele, OfficerSudden Endings
Parsons, Mrs. C.N.Sudden Endings
Partridge, GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Partridge, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Partridge, SheriffMurder Vol. 2
Pasley, EarleRoadside Crosses
Pasley, F.Roadside Crosses
Pasley, FredRoadside Crosses
Pate, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Patrick, LillianMurder Vol. 1
Patrick, W.L.Murder Vol. 1
Patterson, AliceSudden Endings
Patterson, C.E.Sudden Endings
Patterson, J.T.Sudden Endings
Patterson, J.W.Roadside Crosses
Patterson, MinervaRoadside Crosses
Patterson, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Patton, GeorgeSudden Endings
Patton, L.J.Murder Vol. 1
Patton, LewisSudden Endings
Patton, Mrs. WillMurder Vol. 1
Patton, Rev.Sudden Endings
Patton, SheriffRoadside Crosses
Patton, SheriffMurder Vol. 1
Patton, WillRoadside Crosses
Patton, WillSudden Endings
Patton, WillMurder Vol. 1
Paulin, M.Murder Vol. 1
Paulin, S.Sudden Endings
Pawnee TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Paxton, ArthurMurder Vol. 1
Paxton, Edward S.Murder Vol. 1
Paxton, GladysMurder Vol. 1
Paxton, LillieMurder Vol. 1
Paxton, T.Roadside Crosses
Payne, BobSudden Endings
Payne, Delila MaySudden Endings
Payne, F.M.Murder Vol. 2
Payne, JohnSudden Endings
Payne, John W.Sudden Endings
Payne, JohnnieSudden Endings
Payne, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Payton, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Peacock, ElisaRoadside Crosses
Peacock, OliverRoadside Crosses
Peacock, RolandRoadside Crosses
Peacock, W.R.Roadside Crosses
Pearde, HenrySudden Endings
Pearde, W.P.Sudden Endings
Pearson, BerniceMurder Vol. 1
Pearson, CarlSudden Endings
Pearson, H.P.Roadside Crosses
Pease, A.J.Sudden Endings
Pebley, MarvinMurder Vol. 1
Pebley, N.O.Murder Vol. 1
Peck, ClaudeSudden Endings
Peck, ErnestSudden Endings
Peck, ForestSudden Endings
Peckenschneider, RichardSudden Endings
Pender, J.L.Roadside Crosses
Pendington, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Pendleton, Rev.Sudden Endings
Pendleton, Rev. S.E.Roadside Crosses
Penick, Col.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Penner, JacobSudden Endings
Penner, MarthaSudden Endings
Penny BillMurder Vol. 1
Penny, JamesRoadside Crosses
Peppers, Mrs. J.L.Roadside Crosses
Perine, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Perkins, C.L.Sudden Endings
Perkins, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Perkins, FaySudden Endings
Perkins, GeorgeSudden Endings
Perkins, JohnSudden Endings
Perkins, JoshuaRoadside Crosses
Perkins, MaySudden Endings
Perkins, SylvanusSudden Endings
Perrien, JosephKansas Murder Vol. 1
Perrin, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Perry Tuttle’s Dance HouseMurder Vol. 2
Perry, George E.Murder Vol. 2
Perry, J.D.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Perry, J.S.B.Sudden Endings
Perry, J.S.B.Murder Vol. 1
Perry, LuteMurder Vol. 2
Perry, MarthaSudden Endings
Perry, MissMurder Vol. 2
Perry, Mrs. GeorgeMurder Vol. 2
Perry, WillMurder Vol. 2
Perry, WillieSudden Endings
Perryman, ClaudeRoadside Crosses
Perryman, ClydeRoadside Crosses
Perryman, DennisRoadside Crosses
Perryman, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Persley, StellaMurder Vol. 1
Peters, DickMurder Vol. 2
Peters, H.H.Roadside Crosses
Peters, JackMurder Vol. 2
Peters, JudgeMurder Vol. 2
Peters, MaudeRoadside Crosses
Peters, MildredSudden Endings
Peters, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Peters, Mrs. PatrickRoadside Crosses
Peters, Mrs. WilliamSudden Endings
Peters, PatrickRoadside Crosses
Peters, RobertRoadside Crosses
Peters, S.R.Roadside Crosses
Peters, TomRoadside Crosses
Peters, TomMurder Vol. 2
Peters, VictorSudden Endings
Peters, WalterSudden Endings
Peters, WillRoadside Crosses
Peters, WilliamSudden Endings
Peterson, AlfredSudden Endings
Peterson, AttorneyMurder Vol. 1
Peterson, BernardMurder Vol. 1
Peterson, Bernard H.Murder Vol. 1
Peterson, GeraldSudden Endings
Peterson, OttoKansas Murder Vol. 1
Pettibone, Supt.Roadside Crosses
Pettit, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Petz, A.J.Roadside Crosses
Petz, GraceRoadside Crosses
Petz, M.J.Roadside Crosses
Petz, MauriceRoadside Crosses
Petz, Mrs. A.J.Roadside Crosses
Petz, R.H.Roadside Crosses
Phelps, OfficerMurder Vol. 1
Phelps, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Pherson, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Philbrick, C.Murder Vol. 2
Phillips, Alfred M.Roadside Crosses
Phillips, AliceRoadside Crosses
Phillips, CarlRoadside Crosses
Phillips, CharlesSudden Endings
Phillips, ClarenceRoadside Crosses
Phillips, ClarenceSudden Endings
Phillips, Col.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Phillips, DaveRoadside Crosses
Phillips, DaveSudden Endings
Phillips, ElizaSudden Endings
Phillips, EverettRoadside Crosses
Phillips, GlendaRoadside Crosses
Phillips, MilesRoadside Crosses
Phillips, Mrs. A.P.Murder Vol. 1
Phillips, Mrs. CharlesRoadside Crosses
Phillips, Mrs. W.H.Murder Vol. 2
Phillips, RobertRoadside Crosses
Phillips, RufusMurder Vol. 1
Phillips, W.F.Sudden Endings
Phillips, W.H.Roadside Crosses
Phillips, W.H.Sudden Endings
Phillips, W.H.Murder Vol. 2
Phillips, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Phillips, William A.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Phineeucane, ConductorRoadside Crosses
Pierce, BillMurder Vol. 2
Pierce, ClarkMurder Vol. 2
Pierce, DocSudden Endings
Pierce, LeonardSudden Endings
Pierceons, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Pierson, HiramKansas Murder Vol. 1
Pierson, Thomas M.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Pineo, W.W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Pineo, WallaceKansas Murder Vol. 1
Pinks, AllanKansas Murder Vol. 1
Pitman, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Pitman, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Pitman, PerryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Pitt, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Pittman, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Pittman, Mr.Sudden Endings
Pitzer, HowardRoadside Crosses
Pitzer, JosephRoadside Crosses
Platner, M.Sudden Endings
Platt, Rev.Roadside Crosses
Plumb, AlbertMurder Vol. 1
Plumb, CecilRoadside Crosses
Plumb, CecilMurder Vol. 1
Plumb, LeroyRoadside Crosses
Plumb, PrestonRoadside Crosses
Plumb, W.I.Roadside Crosses
Plumb, W.L.Roadside Crosses
Plumb, W.L.Sudden Endings
Plummer, MarshallSudden Endings
Plummer, W.C.Sudden Endings
Plunt, TomMurder Vol. 1
Poet, SidneySudden Endings
Polk, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Polland, HughKansas Murder Vol. 1
Pollard, BlaineSudden Endings
Pollard, C.L.Sudden Endings
Pollard, E.E.Murder Vol. 2
Pollard, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Pollard, SheriffMurder Vol. 2
Polley, AbelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Polley, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Pollock, PollockKansas Murder Vol. 1
Pond, Lieut.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Pool, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Poor, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Poor, V.C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Popkins, James A.Murder Vol. 2
Pork, PeterMurder Vol. 2
Porter, FrankMurder Vol. 2
Porter, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Pottawattomie TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Potter, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Potter, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Powell, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Powell, Mrs. E.E.Roadside Crosses
Powell, ThomasKansas Murder Vol. 1
Powell, TomMurder Vol. 1
Powell, Z.E.Murder Vol. 2
Powers, Theron ParkerKansas Murder Vol. 1
Poynter, DelilahKansas Murder Vol. 1
Poynter, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Prather, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Prather, Mr.Sudden Endings
Pratt, EuniceRoadside Crosses
Pratt, GladysRoadside Crosses
Pratt, HomerMurder Vol. 1
Pratt, LaVonaRoadside Crosses
Prentice, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Prentiss, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Prescott, MissRoadside Crosses
Presnall, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Price, C.H.Murder Vol. 1
Price, C.L.Murder Vol. 1
Price, D.F.Murder Vol. 1
Price, DaveSudden Endings
Price, DavidRoadside Crosses
Price, DavidSudden Endings
Price, E.M.Murder Vol. 1
Price, EdithMurder Vol. 1
Price, ElmerMurder Vol. 1
Price, FrankSudden Endings
Price, H.W.Murder Vol. 1
Price, J.W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Price, JohnSudden Endings
Price, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Price, KennethMurder Vol. 1
Price, L.R.Murder Vol. 1
Price, LucilleMurder Vol. 1
Price, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Price, Mrs. DavidRoadside Crosses
Price, RussellSudden Endings
Price, ThuranMurder Vol. 1
Priddle, HazelRoadside Crosses
Pridey, HenryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Prigg, F.F.Murder Vol. 1
Prince, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Prinslow, ClaraSudden Endings
Proctor, JailorMurder Vol. 1
Proctor, W.R.Murder Vol. 1
Prouty, AmosRoadside Crosses
Prouty, AmosMurder Vol. 1
Prouty, BertSudden Endings
Prouty, EthelSudden Endings
Prouty, FrankSudden Endings
Prouty, FredSudden Endings
Prouty, GeorgeSudden Endings
Prouty, HarrySudden Endings
Prouty, MarianSudden Endings
Prouty, S.C.Roadside Crosses
Prouty, VivianSudden Endings
Pruitt, JohnRoadside Crosses
Pruitt, JohnSudden Endings
Pryor, MacMurder Vol. 1
Pryor, Mr.Murder Vol. 1
Pucket, MarshalMurder Vol. 1
Puckett, MarshalMurder Vol. 1
Puckett, OfficerMurder Vol. 1
Puett, W.J.Roadside Crosses
Pug RyanKansas Murder Vol. 1
Pummill, L.C.Roadside Crosses
Punch, CorneliaRoadside Crosses
Punch, ThomasKansas Murder Vol. 1
Puntney, Grant N.Murder Vol. 2
Purdum, E.G.Murder Vol. 1
Purinton, DavidKansas Murder Vol. 1
Purkins, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Puttroff, FredRoadside Crosses
Pyetzki, RuthRoadside Crosses
Pyetzki, RuthSudden Endings
Pyle, IdaRoadside Crosses
Quantrill, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Quantrille, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Quapaw TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Quaries, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Quick, H.D.Roadside Crosses
Quick, RoyRoadside Crosses
Quidor, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Quilty, FrankSudden Endings
Quilty, JackMurder Vol. 2
Quilty, JimRoadside Crosses
Quilty, TomRoadside Crosses
Quinn, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Quiring, A.Roadside Crosses
Raber, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Raber, ElbertRoadside Crosses
Raber, LulaRoadside Crosses
Race, C.W.Murder Vol. 2
Radtke, AugustRoadside Crosses
Radtke, Mrs. AugustRoadside Crosses
Ragan, JohnSudden Endings
Ragland, OscarSudden Endings
Ragsdale, J.M.Roadside Crosses
Ragsdale, T.D.Sudden Endings
Ragsdale, T.P. Jr.Roadside Crosses
Ragsdale, W.L.Murder Vol. 2
Ragsdale, W.S.Murder Vol. 2
Ralph, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Ramsey, DavidKansas Murder Vol. 1
Ramsey, GuyMurder Vol. 1
Ramsey, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Randall, J.A.Sudden Endings
Randall, JennieSudden Endings
Randall, Rev. A.F.Roadside Crosses
Randolph, C.E.Roadside Crosses
Range, GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Range, S.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Rankin, LeviMurder Vol. 1
Ransdale, JoeRoadside Crosses
Ransom, Gov.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Ransom, MajorKansas Murder Vol. 1
Ransom, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Rapp, ElinerMurder Vol. 1
Rash, EarlRoadside Crosses
Rasure, DavidMurder Vol. 2
Rasure, Mrs. DavidMurder Vol. 2
Rathburn, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Ratzlaff, AbeSudden Endings
Ratzlaff, Mrs. PeteSudden Endings
Rauer, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Ray, ArthurMurder Vol. 1
Ray, EvelynSudden Endings
Ray, J.T.Roadside Crosses
Ray, J.T.Sudden Endings
Ray, JesseSudden Endings
Ray, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Ray, SamuelMurder Vol. 1
Rayburn, Rev. JamesRoadside Crosses
Rayburn, Rev. JamesSudden Endings
Reber, EarlMurder Vol. 1
Reber, G.L.Murder Vol. 1
Reber, HenryMurder Vol. 1
Rebstein, M.Roadside Crosses
Recardo, HelenSudden Endings
Redgate, ClydeSudden Endings
Redinger, JohnSudden Endings
Redinger, Mrs. JohnSudden Endings
Reed, AlSudden Endings
Reed, CliffMurder Vol. 1
Reed, George “Arkansaw”Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Reed, J.R.Murder Vol. 1
Reed, MaryRoadside Crosses
Reed, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Reeder, Andrew J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Reeder, Gov. AndrewKansas Murder Vol. 1
Reen, EdRoadside Crosses
Reenan, PeteKansas Murder Vol. 1
Rees, ForestSudden Endings
Rees, FrankMurder Vol. 1
Rees, I. W.Murder Vol. 1
Rees, IraRoadside Crosses
Rees, IraMurder Vol. 1
Rees, Ira JackRoadside Crosses
Rees, Ira W.Roadside Crosses
Rees, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Rees, KennethRoadside Crosses
Rees, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Rees, Mrs. Ira W.Roadside Crosses
Rees, OraRoadside Crosses
Rees, OraMurder Vol. 1
Rees, PaulMurder Vol. 1
Rees, RubyRoadside Crosses
Rees, WillardRoadside Crosses
Rees, WillardMurder Vol. 1
Reese, AmandaSudden Endings
Reese, John Sr.Sudden Endings
Reese, Mrs. John Jr.Roadside Crosses
Reese, Nellie C.Murder Vol. 2
Reese, RobertMurder Vol. 2
Reese, WalterSudden Endings
Reeveley, Mrs.Sudden Endings
Reeveley, WilliamSudden Endings
Reeves, A.C.Murder Vol. 1
Regier, AbramRoadside Crosses
Regier, ArthurSudden Endings
Regier, BernardSudden Endings
Regier, Dr. W.E.Roadside Crosses
Regier, GusSudden Endings
Regier, GustaSudden Endings
Regier, GustaveSudden Endings
Regier, Gustave Jr.Sudden Endings
Regier, J.G.Sudden Endings
Regier, JacobSudden Endings
Regier, John Jr.Sudden Endings
Regier, John Sr.Sudden Endings
Regier, MarySudden Endings
Regier, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Regier, Mrs. J.G.Roadside Crosses
Regier, Mrs. JohnRoadside Crosses
Regier, Rev. BernardSudden Endings
Regier, WalterMurder Vol. 1
Regier, WillSudden Endings
Reid, J.C.Roadside Crosses
Reid, PoneyMurder Vol. 2
Reidmiller, A.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Reig, JohnSudden Endings
Reig, MamieSudden Endings
Reigs, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Reilly, E.B.Sudden Endings
Reimer, JakeRoadside Crosses
Reise, RobertMurder Vol. 2
Remer, J.F.Sudden Endings
Remp, MarthaRoadside Crosses
Remp, RoyRoadside Crosses
Remple, A.J.Murder Vol. 1
Remspear, Mr.Murder Vol. 1
Remy, E.B.Roadside Crosses
Renbarger, ArthurMurder Vol. 1
Reno, FrankMurder Vol. 2
Reno, J.A.Murder Vol. 2
Rentz, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Requa, E.M.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Reynold, SamuelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Reynolds, BessieRoadside Crosses
Reynolds, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Reynolds, EnochKansas Murder Vol. 1
Reynolds, GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Reynolds, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Reynolds, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Reynolds, M.J.Murder Vol. 2
Rhodes, AbrahamMurder Vol. 2
Rhodes, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Rice, BenKansas Murder Vol. 1
Rice, H.F.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Rice, HollamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Rice, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Rich, A.H.Roadside Crosses
Rich, J.Murder Vol. 2
Rich, Mrs. J.Murder Vol. 2
Rich, SelmaSudden Endings
Rich, W.J.Sudden Endings
Rich, WillisSudden Endings
Richardson, FiremanSudden Endings
Richardson, IsraelMurder Vol. 1
Richardson, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Richardson, Mr.Sudden Endings
Richardson, OfficerMurder Vol. 1
Richardson, S.E.Sudden Endings
Richardson, SteveRoadside Crosses
Richert, EricRoadside Crosses
Richert, J.H.Roadside Crosses
Richert, J.H.Sudden Endings
Ricketts, CordeliaRoadside Crosses
Ricketts, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Ricketts, PerryRoadside Crosses
Rickman, ClarenceMurder Vol. 1
Rickman, CyndyMurder Vol. 2
Rickman, JoeMurder Vol. 2
Rickman, NateMurder Vol. 2
Rickman, PatMurder Vol. 2
Ridgeway, J.W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Riesen, HenrySudden Endings
Riesen, JacobSudden Endings
Riggs, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Riggs, P.H.Murder Vol. 1
Riley, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Riley, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Rinehart, FrankMurder Vol. 2
Ringland, EmeliaSudden Endings
Ringland, ThomasSudden Endings
Rink, Mrs. E.Sudden Endings
Risdon, DickMurder Vol. 2
Risdon, J.J.Murder Vol. 2
Risdon, Mrs. DickMurder Vol. 2
Risdon, RobertRoadside Crosses
Ritchey, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Ritter, AugustSudden Endings
Ritter, J.N.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Ritter, MinnieSudden Endings
Roach, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Roach, Mrs. G.W.Roadside Crosses
Roark, G.L.Roadside Crosses
Roark, J.H.Roadside Crosses
Roark, MargaretRoadside Crosses
Roark, R.M.Roadside Crosses
Roark, T.J.Roadside Crosses
Roark, W.R.Roadside Crosses
Robb, SarahSudden Endings
Robbins, LeeRoadside Crosses
Roberts, DavidRoadside Crosses
Roberts, FredRoadside Crosses
Robertson, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Robinson, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Robinson, DonaldMurder Vol. 1
Robinson, Dr.Sudden Endings
Robinson, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Robinson, Gov. CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Robinson, GovernorKansas Murder Vol. 1
Robinson, HoraceMurder Vol. 1
Robinson, J.A.Murder Vol. 2
Robinson, J.W.Murder Vol. 2
Robinson, LewisKansas Murder Vol. 1
Robinson, MichaelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Robinson, Mrs. C.H.Murder Vol. 1
Robinson, Mrs. J.A.Murder Vol. 2
Robinson, SamuelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Robinson, SkinRoadside Crosses
Robiron, JamesMurder Vol. 2
Rocco, E.Murder Vol. 2
Rockhold, A.E.Roadside Crosses
Rockhold, J.C.Roadside Crosses
Rockhold, Mrs. A.E.Roadside Crosses
Roderique, Andrew J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Rodgers, JimMurder Vol. 2
Rodgers, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Roehrig, H.C.Sudden Endings
Roff, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Roff, Dr.Sudden Endings
Roff, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Roff, Dr. O.W.Roadside Crosses
Roff, Dr. O.W.Sudden Endings
Roff, Dr. O.W.Murder Vol. 1
Roff, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Roff, O.W.Murder Vol. 2
Rogell, E.Sudden Endings
Rogers, CoraMurder Vol. 1
Rogers, DickKansas Murder Vol. 1
Rogers, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Rogers, Supt.Roadside Crosses
Rogers, WilsonKansas Murder Vol. 1
Rohrer, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Roll, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Rollins, J.W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Rollins, Rev. J.C.Roadside Crosses
Romig, J.A.L.Roadside Crosses
Romig, J.A.L.Sudden Endings
Romig, JamesRoadside Crosses
Romig, LouisSudden Endings
Rookerbone, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Root, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Ropp, ElmerMurder Vol. 1
Rosa, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Rosales, JoseMurder Vol. 1
Rosch, MiltonMurder Vol. 2
Rose, Mollie RuthSudden Endings
Rose, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Rose, RoySudden Endings
Rose, W.R.Sudden Endings
Rosner, JohnRoadside Crosses
Ross, ArthurRoadside Crosses
Ross, FrancesRoadside Crosses
Ross, MartinRoadside Crosses
Ross, OlgaRoadside Crosses
Ross, PatrickKansas Murder Vol. 1
Rossiter, EdMurder Vol. 2
Rounds, JamesSudden Endings
Rourke, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Rowan, FrederickKansas Murder Vol. 1
Rowdy JoeMurder Vol. 2
Rowdy KateMurder Vol. 2
Rowe, FrancesRoadside Crosses
Rowe, FrancesSudden Endings
Rowe, LesterRoadside Crosses
Rowe, LesterSudden Endings
Rowe, M.M.Roadside Crosses
Rowe, M.M.Sudden Endings
Rowe, Mrs. A.L.Sudden Endings
Rowe, RayRoadside Crosses
Rowe, RaySudden Endings
Rowe, SamuelRoadside Crosses
Rowe, SamuelSudden Endings
Rowland, FredSudden Endings
Rowland, FredMurder Vol. 1
Rowland, R.A.Murder Vol. 1
Rowland, R.E.Sudden Endings
Rowland, RobertRoadside Crosses
Rowland, Ruby GraceSudden Endings
Rowlands, DanSudden Endings
Rowlands, JohnSudden Endings
Roy, SpencerRoadside Crosses
Royer, AlvinRoadside Crosses
Royer, Ethel MayRoadside Crosses
Royer, Mr.Murder Vol. 1
Royer, Mrs. AlvinRoadside Crosses
Royer, Rev. U.S.Roadside Crosses
Royer, WalterRoadside Crosses
Royston, BenRoadside Crosses
Royston, CharlesMurder Vol. 2
Royston, D.C.Roadside Crosses
Royston, HoytRoadside Crosses
Royston, Mrs. BenMurder Vol. 1
Rudkins, JohnSudden Endings
Rufle, Rev. FredRoadside Crosses
Ruick, Mrs. ErnestRoadside Crosses
Ruick, T.Murder Vol. 1
Ruick, TomRoadside Crosses
Rulow, JesseSudden Endings
Rummage, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Runyan, Rev. J.J.Sudden Endings
Runyon, Rev.Roadside Crosses
Rupp, HenryMurder Vol. 1
Rush, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Russell, EthelMurder Vol. 2
Russell, MarySudden Endings
Ruth, H.G.Murder Vol. 2
Ruth, J.E.Sudden Endings
Rutledge, SilasMurder Vol. 2
Rutlege, S.E.Sudden Endings
Ryan, BillKansas Murder Vol. 1
Ryan, ClarenceRoadside Crosses
Ryan, DavidKansas Murder Vol. 1
Ryan, ElmerRoadside Crosses
Ryan, FredSudden Endings
Ryan, JamesRoadside Crosses
Ryan, MikeRoadside Crosses
Ryan, SheriffMurder Vol. 2
Sac TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Sackett, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Saddler, JesseMurder Vol. 1
Sadowski, F.Murder Vol. 1
Sadowski, Jacob Jr.Murder Vol. 1
Sadowski, Jacob Sr.Murder Vol. 1
Sadowski, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Sadowski, Mr.Sudden Endings
Sadowsky, FrankSudden Endings
Sailing, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Salsbury, Catherine J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Salsbury, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Sammons, ArthurRoadside Crosses
Sample, SmileyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Sampson, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Sanders, J.H.Roadside Crosses
Sanders, JohnSudden Endings
Sanders, NellieKansas Murder Vol. 1
Sanderson, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Sands, BobSudden Endings
Sands, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Sanford, E.H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Sanford, EnochRoadside Crosses
Sanford, EnochMurder Vol. 1
Sanger, George H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Santoff, AugustMurder Vol. 2
Santoff, CarolineMurder Vol. 2
Santoff, RosinaMurder Vol. 2
Sarber, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Sargent, George H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Sargent, Thornton W.Murder Vol. 1
Sarley, M.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Satterlee, Robert C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Sattler, ArthurMurder Vol. 1
Sattler, Mrs.Sudden Endings
Saunders, AliceKansas Murder Vol. 1
Saunders, G.H.Murder Vol. 2
Saunders, L.E.Murder Vol. 1
Saunders, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Savage, JohnSudden Endings
Savage, MelvinSudden Endings
Savage, Mrs. M.S.Sudden Endings
Savage, ThomasSudden Endings
Savage, WilliamSudden Endings
Saviers, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Sa-wau-quetKansas Murder Vol. 1
Sawyer, J.W.Sudden Endings
Sawyer, MarshalMurder Vol. 2
Sawyer, MorrisMurder Vol. 2
Sayre, Prof.Sudden Endings
Scahill, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Scanton, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Schaefer, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Schaefer, CharlesSudden Endings
Schaefer, EarlRoadside Crosses
Schaefer, JohnRoadside Crosses
Schaefer, RoxyRoadside Crosses
Schafer, C.L.Roadside Crosses
Schafter, C.L.Murder Vol. 2
Schell, GeorgeSudden Endings
Schenk, MagdalinaRoadside Crosses
Schenk, MarieRoadside Crosses
Schenk, SamuelRoadside Crosses
Schermacher, RudolphSudden Endings
Schilling, J.V.Roadside Crosses
Schlender, HazelSudden Endings
Schlender, J.D.Sudden Endings
Schlender, Mrs. J.D.Sudden Endings
Schlinsky, JohnRoadside Crosses
Schlupp, FrankSudden Endings
Schlupp, FredSudden Endings
Schlupp, HarrySudden Endings
Schlupp, HattieSudden Endings
Schlupp, LuluSudden Endings
Schlupp, LuraSudden Endings
Schlupp, MildredSudden Endings
Schlupp, VernonSudden Endings
Schly, H.C.Murder Vol. 2
Schmidt, A.J.Sudden Endings
Schmidt, AgnesRoadside Crosses
Schmidt, AloisSudden Endings
Schmidt, ArnoldSudden Endings
Schmidt, CalvinSudden Endings
Schmidt, CarolynSudden Endings
Schmidt, CatherineSudden Endings
Schmidt, DanSudden Endings
Schmidt, DonaldSudden Endings
Schmidt, Dr. HerbertMurder Vol. 1
Schmidt, EllenSudden Endings
Schmidt, LizzieSudden Endings
Schmidt, LoreneSudden Endings
Schmidt, MarvinSudden Endings
Schmidt, Mrs. JacobRoadside Crosses
Schmidt, PaulSudden Endings
Schmidt, PetronellaSudden Endings
Schmidt, RobertSudden Endings
Schmitt, CharlesSudden Endings
Schmutz, A.D.Roadside Crosses
Schoenberg, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Schofield, Gen.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Schofield, W.Murder Vol. 2
Schott, OfficerKansas Murder Vol. 1
Schowalter, AbeRoadside Crosses
Schowalter, Mrs.Roadside Crosses
Schrader, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Schrag, JohnRoadside Crosses
Schrag, Joyce ElaineRoadside Crosses
Schrag, PaulRoadside Crosses
Schrag, Rita AnnRoadside Crosses
Schrag, StevenRoadside Crosses
Schrag, Willard Jr.Roadside Crosses
Schrag, Willard Sr.Roadside Crosses
Schriver, RichardSudden Endings
Schrock, JennieMurder Vol. 2
Schroeder, A.A.Roadside Crosses
Schroeder, AdolphRoadside Crosses
Schroeder, ArnoldRoadside Crosses
Schroeder, ArthurRoadside Crosses
Schroeder, D.D.Roadside Crosses
Schroeder, DaveRoadside Crosses
Schroeder, ErnestRoadside Crosses
Schroeder, FlorenceRoadside Crosses
Schroeder, J.I.Roadside Crosses
Schroeder, LouiseRoadside Crosses
Schroeder, Mr.Sudden Endings
Schroll, IraRoadside Crosses
Schroll, WillRoadside Crosses
Schull, Rev. W.J.Sudden Endings
Schultz, EdSudden Endings
Schultz, KatherineRoadside Crosses
Schulze, AlmaSudden Endings
Schulze, EvelynSudden Endings
Schulze, HerbertSudden Endings
Schulze, LucilleSudden Endings
Schulze, MarySudden Endings
Schulze, OscarSudden Endings
Schulze, WalterSudden Endings
Schumacher, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Schutter, ZechariahKansas Murder Vol. 1
Schutz, HermanMurder Vol. 1
Schweirzenhuls, HenryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Scott, BarbaraRoadside Crosses
Scott, D.E.Murder Vol. 2
Scott, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Scott, Dr.Sudden Endings
Scott, Dr. J.R.Sudden Endings
Scott, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Scott, H.F.Sudden Endings
Scott, J.W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Scott, JackKansas Murder Vol. 1
Scott, JohnRoadside Crosses
Scott, JohnSudden Endings
Scott, LloydSudden Endings
Scott, MinnieSudden Endings
Scott, MissMurder Vol. 2
Scott, Mrs.Murder Vol. 1
Scott, OttoRoadside Crosses
Scott, R.Murder Vol. 1
Scott, Rev.Sudden Endings
Scott, SamuelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Scott, T.M.Sudden Endings
Scott, VirgilRoadside Crosses
Scott, WalterRoadside Crosses
Scrivener, Rev. W.H.Sudden Endings
Scrivner, Rev. W.H.Sudden Endings
Scrivner, SylvesterSudden Endings
Seaman, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Seaman, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Seaman, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Seamen, M.A.Roadside Crosses
Seaser, W.H.Roadside Crosses
Seaton, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Seaton, Dr.Sudden Endings
Seaton, Dr.Murder Vol. 1
Seaton, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Seaton, Dr. J.H.Roadside Crosses
Sebastian, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Sedgwick, MajorKansas Murder Vol. 1
See, GraceRoadside Crosses
Seedle, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Seedle, EstherRoadside Crosses
Seedle, OscarRoadside Crosses
Seeright, SheriffKansas Murder Vol. 1
Segur, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Seibert, FritzKansas Murder Vol. 1
Seigle, Mrs. OscarRoadside Crosses
Seigle, OscarRoadside Crosses
Seigler, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Seitz, MikeRoadside Crosses
Selan, AugustKansas Murder Vol. 1
Self, SamuelRoadside Crosses
Sellens, CarlSudden Endings
Sellens, HenrySudden Endings
Selock, WilliamSudden Endings
Settle, Dr.Murder Vol. 1
Seward, Mrs.Roadside Crosses
Seward, Mrs.Sudden Endings
Seward, Mrs. S.J.Roadside Crosses
Seward, Mrs. S.P.Roadside Crosses
Seward, Mrs. S.P.Sudden Endings
Seymour, G.S.Murder Vol. 1
Shacklett, AliceSudden Endings
Shacklett, CleveSudden Endings
Shacklett, GlennSudden Endings
Shacklett, HerbertMurder Vol. 1
Shacklett, J.P.Murder Vol. 1
Shacklett, JackSudden Endings
Shacklett, RobertSudden Endings
Shacklette, J.Sudden Endings
Shacklette, JessieSudden Endings
Shacklette, JohnSudden Endings
Shacklette, MarySudden Endings
Shafer, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Shafer, Mrs.Roadside Crosses
Shafer, S.E.Murder Vol. 2
Shafer, WillSudden Endings
Shaffer, HaroldRoadside Crosses
Shane, AdamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Shane, ElizabethKansas Murder Vol. 1
Shannon, Gov.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Shannon, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Sharits, TomMurder Vol. 2
Sharkley, IsaacMurder Vol. 2
Sharp, C.L.Roadside Crosses
Sharp, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Sharp, SonRoadside Crosses
Shaver, MinardRoadside Crosses
Shavers, FerdinandKansas Murder Vol. 1
Shaw, E.M.Sudden Endings
Shaw, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Shaw, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Shawnee TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Shawnee, MissSudden Endings
Shawnee, T.S.Sudden Endings
Shea, “Paddy”Murder Vol. 2
Shea, LillianSudden Endings
Sheffler, EllaSudden Endings
Sheffler, GertieSudden Endings
Sheffler, LawrenceSudden Endings
Sheffler, Viva LoisSudden Endings
Shehan, TimothyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Shellnot, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Shelton, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Shephard, JimSudden Endings
Shepherd, C.W.Sudden Endings
Shepherd, GrantMurder Vol. 2
Shepherd, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Shepherd, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Shepherd, W.H.Roadside Crosses
Shepherd, WallaceSudden Endings
Sheridan, D.C.Roadside Crosses
Sheridan, GeneralKansas Murder Vol. 1
Sheridan, ThomasMurder Vol. 1
Sheridan, TomSudden Endings
Sherman, C.H.Murder Vol. 1
Sherman, FrankMurder Vol. 2
Sherman, J.F.Murder Vol. 2
Sherman, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Sherrard, William T.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Sherrill, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Shields, BerthaSudden Endings
Shields, JosephMurder Vol. 2
Shields, Rev.Roadside Crosses
Shields, Rev.Sudden Endings
Shields, SheriffKansas Murder Vol. 1
Shin, Lieut.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Shirk, D.G.Roadside Crosses
Shirk, D.G.Sudden Endings
Shirk, DavidSudden Endings
Shirk, NancySudden Endings
Shirley, JaneKansas Murder Vol. 1
Shive, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Shive, FrankRoadside Crosses
Shive, MichaelRoadside Crosses
Shive, Mrs. DelbertRoadside Crosses
Shive, VictorRoadside Crosses
Shively, Dr. D.M.Murder Vol. 1
Shockly, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Shoemaker, J.H.Murder Vol. 1
Shoemaker, R.M.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Shoennaker, Thomas C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Shomber, E.M.Murder Vol. 1
Shombre, Henry J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Shostak, Mrs. RoySudden Endings
Showalter, Mrs. H.M.Sudden Endings
Showalter, OtisMurder Vol. 1
Shriver, JosephineRoadside Crosses
Shriver, RichardSudden Endings
Shrock, EliMurder Vol. 2
Shroeder, D.D.Sudden Endings
Shroeder, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Shuck, JoeRoadside Crosses
Shuck, JoeSudden Endings
Shull, AdrianRoadside Crosses
Shull, AdrianSudden Endings
Shull, Rev. W.J.Sudden Endings
Shulty, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Shultz, Mrs. H.M.Roadside Crosses
Shumway, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Shuster, AbrahamMurder Vol. 2
Shuster, AbsalomRoadside Crosses
Shuster, AbsaolomRoadside Crosses
Shuster, EllenRoadside Crosses
Shuster, EllenMurder Vol. 2
Sible, FredKansas Murder Vol. 1
Sidell, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Sidler, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Sidlinger, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Siefkin, D.R.Sudden Endings
Sieglinger, C.G.Murder Vol. 2
Sills, EarlSudden Endings
Silvers, JamesRoadside Crosses
Silvers, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Simkins, M.G.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Simmons, AbRoadside Crosses
Simmons, FloydSudden Endings
Simmons, Mr.Murder Vol. 1
Simmons, Mrs. W.C.Murder Vol. 1
Simonson, DanRoadside Crosses
Simpson, C. FrederickRoadside Crosses
Simpson, EdithRoadside Crosses
Simpson, EmmettRoadside Crosses
Simpson, FrankMurder Vol. 1
Simpson, JimRoadside Crosses
Simpson, JudgeMurder Vol. 1
Simpson, JudgeMurder Vol. 2
Simpson, MargaretRoadside Crosses
Simpson, MarshalMurder Vol. 2
Simpson, MaryRoadside Crosses
Simpson, MatthewRoadside Crosses
Simpson, Mrs. T.J.Sudden Endings
Simpson, NapoleonKansas Murder Vol. 1
Simpson, T.J.Sudden Endings
Singler, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Sink, FrankRoadside Crosses
Sinks, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Sinn, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Sioux TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Sister GertrudeRoadside Crosses
Sister KatherineSudden Endings
Sister Linda MarieRoadside Crosses
Sisterre, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Skift, J.P.Roadside Crosses
Skinner, AlfredMurder Vol. 1
Skinner, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Skinner, Mrs.Roadside Crosses
Skinner, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Skorka, F.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Slanker, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Slater, E.Sudden Endings
Slater, EarlRoadside Crosses
Slater, EarlMurder Vol. 2
Slater, EdMurder Vol. 2
Slater, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Slater, Myra MarguretteRoadside Crosses
Slater, TedRoadside Crosses
Slaughter, IsomSudden Endings
Slaughter, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Slaughter, JosephMurder Vol. 1
Slaughter, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Slaughter, Mrs.Sudden Endings
Slayed, AugustusKansas Murder Vol. 1
Slaymaker, CalRoadside Crosses
Slaymaker, EdSudden Endings
Slaymaker, OfficerMurder Vol. 1
Slaymaker, SheriffRoadside Crosses
Slaymaker, SheriffMurder Vol. 1
Slayter, LumMurder Vol. 1
Sloan, FloraSudden Endings
Sloan, GeraldSudden Endings
Sloan, HarrySudden Endings
Sloan, KennethSudden Endings
Sloan, NellieKansas Murder Vol. 1
Sloan, W.J.Murder Vol. 2
Slocum, Mrs.Sudden Endings
Slyker, EdRoadside Crosses
Smalley, SheriffMurder Vol. 1
Smiley, J.L.Roadside Crosses
Smith 2, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Smith 4, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Smith, A.J.Sudden Endings
Smith, A.J.Murder Vol. 1
Smith, AlbertRoadside Crosses
Smith, Augustus M.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Smith, BailyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Smith, C.A.Murder Vol. 1
Smith, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Smith, CharleyMurder Vol. 2
Smith, DickSudden Endings
Smith, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Smith, Dr.Murder Vol. 1
Smith, Dr. L.T.Roadside Crosses
Smith, Dr. L.T.Sudden Endings
Smith, Dr. L.T.Murder Vol. 1
Smith, E.Murder Vol. 2
Smith, E.B.Sudden Endings
Smith, E.B.Murder Vol. 2
Smith, E.R.Murder Vol. 2
Smith, EarnestMurder Vol. 1
Smith, ErichusKansas Murder Vol. 1
Smith, ErnestMurder Vol. 1
Smith, FrankRoadside Crosses
Smith, FredMurder Vol. 1
Smith, G.O.Sudden Endings
Smith, G.O.Murder Vol. 2
Smith, G.W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Smith, H.C.Murder Vol. 2
Smith, HaroldSudden Endings
Smith, HowardMurder Vol. 1
Smith, I.N.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Smith, IsaacRoadside Crosses
Smith, J.B.Murder Vol. 2
Smith, J.H.Roadside Crosses
Smith, J.N.Sudden Endings
Smith, J.T.Murder Vol. 2
Smith, J.W.Murder Vol. 2
Smith, JacobRoadside Crosses
Smith, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Smith, James N.Roadside Crosses
Smith, JimKansas Murder Vol. 1
Smith, JoeMurder Vol. 2
Smith, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Smith, John A.Roadside Crosses
Smith, Julia CorwinRoadside Crosses
Smith, LizzieMurder Vol. 2
Smith, McKinneyRoadside Crosses
Smith, Mike J.Murder Vol. 2
Smith, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Smith, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Smith, Mrs. DickSudden Endings
Smith, Mrs. J.Roadside Crosses
Smith, Mrs. J.S.Murder Vol. 1
Smith, Mrs. John A.Roadside Crosses
Smith, NevMurder Vol. 1
Smith, OfficerMurder Vol. 1
Smith, OrphaRoadside Crosses
Smith, OrrenMurder Vol. 1
Smith, PatrickKansas Murder Vol. 1
Smith, PeteRoadside Crosses
Smith, PeterRoadside Crosses
Smith, Rev. O.A.Sudden Endings
Smith, Rev. Vincent J.Murder Vol. 1
Smith, S.H.Roadside Crosses
Smith, S.R.Murder Vol. 1
Smith, SamSudden Endings
Smith, SheriffMurder Vol. 1
Smith, ThaneMurder Vol. 1
Smith, Tom C.Murder Vol. 2
Smith, Tom J.Murder Vol. 2
Smith, W.K.Roadside Crosses
Smith, WalterRoadside Crosses
Smith, WashingtonKansas Murder Vol. 1
Smith, WillRoadside Crosses
Smith. Dr.Murder Vol. 1
Smithpeter, C.W.Sudden Endings
Smolt, AE.Murder Vol. 1
Smolt, C.F.Roadside Crosses
Smolt, Dr.Roadside Crosses
Smolt, Dr.Sudden Endings
Smolt, Dr.Murder Vol. 1
Smolt, Dr. A.E.Sudden Endings
Smolt. Dr. A.E.Roadside Crosses
Smoote, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Smucker, Rev. J.N.Sudden Endings
Snavely, J.M.Murder Vol. 1
Snider, A.J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Snitzer, FritzMurder Vol. 2
Snodgrass, GeorgeMurder Vol. 2
Snodgrass, IrmaMurder Vol. 2
Snodgrass, KilbournMurder Vol. 2
Snodgrass, Mrs. GeorgeMurder Vol. 2
Snyder, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Snyder, E.I.Roadside Crosses
Snyder, E.L.Sudden Endings
Snyder, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Snyder, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Snyder, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Snyder, Rev.Sudden Endings
Snyder, Rev. S.S.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Snyder, SarahSudden Endings
Sockwell, Mrs. S.M.Roadside Crosses
Sole, DeputyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Somers, HallSudden Endings
Somers, J.G.Murder Vol. 1
Somers, JosephRoadside Crosses
Somers, JudgeMurder Vol. 1
Sommerhouse, JohnSudden Endings
Sones, Willie J.Sudden Endings
Sooby, HenryRoadside Crosses
Sooby, HerbertRoadside Crosses
Sooby, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Sooby, Mr.Sudden Endings
Sorg, HowardSudden Endings
Sorg, Rev. C.L.Sudden Endings
Sorrells, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Soule, SquireKansas Murder Vol. 1
Spangler, IraRoadside Crosses
Spangler, IraSudden Endings
Spangler, S.M.Roadside Crosses
Spaniole, AlfredRoadside Crosses
Spaulding, A.W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Speck, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Speckman, FrankRoadside Crosses
Speer, John Jr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Speer, John Sr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Speer, RobertKansas Murder Vol. 1
Speers, AndrewSudden Endings
Speers, NicholasSudden Endings
Spencer, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Spencer, EdwardRoadside Crosses
Spencer, JusticeMurder Vol. 2
Spencer, L.P.Murder Vol. 2
Spencer, SquireMurder Vol. 2
Spires, Rev.Sudden Endings
Spivey, MayorMurder Vol. 2
Sponnemore, PriscillaSudden Endings
Spoonemore, CorinneSudden Endings
Spoonemore, GeorgeSudden Endings
Spoonemore, JudithSudden Endings
Spoonemore, KennethSudden Endings
Spoonemore, Kenneth Jr.Sudden Endings
Spooner, C.Roadside Crosses
Spooner, ClarenceRoadside Crosses
Spooner, Mrs.Sudden Endings
Sprague, J.M.Roadside Crosses
Sprague, Rev. W.A.Roadside Crosses
Sprague, Rev. W.A.Sudden Endings
Sprague, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Spratt, H.C.Sudden Endings
Spratt, H.C.Murder Vol. 1
Spratt, H.C.Murder Vol. 2
Spratt, HenryMurder Vol. 2
Spratt, Mrs. H.C.Murder Vol. 1
Spratt, OfficerMurder Vol. 1
Spriggs, HelenMurder Vol. 1
Springburg, FredRoadside Crosses
Springfield, SheriffMurder Vol. 2
Sprinker, HenryRoadside Crosses
Sprinker, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Sprinkler, Henry J.Sudden Endings
Sproule, JohnRoadside Crosses
Spudig, FredRoadside Crosses
Spudig, FredSudden Endings
Spudig, FredMurder Vol. 2
St. John, AgnesSudden Endings
Stackman, FredMurder Vol. 2
StaguinoMurder Vol. 2
Stahl, FrankSudden Endings
Stahl, FredRoadside Crosses
Staiz, RebeccaKansas Murder Vol. 1
Staley, F.Roadside Crosses
Staley, JohnRoadside Crosses
Stamm, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Stanback, F.M.Murder Vol. 2
Stanfield, TennieSudden Endings
Stanley, C.Murder Vol. 2
Stanley, Dr. S.Murder Vol. 1
Stanley, GovernorMurder Vol. 2
Stanley, GraceRoadside Crosses
Stanley, OthoSudden Endings
Stanley, W.E.Murder Vol. 2
Stapleton, O.W.Roadside Crosses
Stark, A.Roadside Crosses
Starr, HarrySudden Endings
Starr, NellieKansas Murder Vol. 1
Staub, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Stauffer, M.R.Roadside Crosses
Stauffer, M.R.Sudden Endings
Stayley, EdSudden Endings
Steckles, Mrs. MeadRoadside Crosses
Steel, Dr.Sudden Endings
Steele, ClarenceRoadside Crosses
Steele, EpheusRoadside Crosses
Steele, GlennSudden Endings
Steele, H.B.Murder Vol. 1
Steele, H.P.Sudden Endings
Steele, PearleMurder Vol. 1
Steele, SusieRoadside Crosses
Steele, W.C.Murder Vol. 1
Steffen, JosephRoadside Crosses
Steffen, MarieRoadside Crosses
Steffen, NickRoadside Crosses
Steiger, CharlesMurder Vol. 1
Stein, W.C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Steiner, HenrySudden Endings
Steiner, SalomeSudden Endings
Steinkirchner, ClarenceMurder Vol. 1
Steinkirchner, DorothyMurder Vol. 1
Steinkirchner, F.Murder Vol. 2
Steinkirchner, FrancisRoadside Crosses
Steinkirchner, GertrudeMurder Vol. 1
Steinkirchner, JamesMurder Vol. 1
Steinkirchner, JimMurder Vol. 1
Steinkirchner, JohnRoadside Crosses
Steinkirchner, JosephMurder Vol. 1
Steinmetz, Dr.Murder Vol. 2
Stemos, BobSudden Endings
Stephens, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Stephenson, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Stevens, F.W.Roadside Crosses
Stevens, GladysRoadside Crosses
Stevens, JackRoadside Crosses
Stevens, MissRoadside Crosses
Stevens, WillRoadside Crosses
Stewart, Adelaide E.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Stewart, C.H.Murder Vol. 1
Stewart, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Stewart, DetectiveRoadside Crosses
Stewart, DickMurder Vol. 1
Stewart, Dr.Sudden Endings
Stewart, E.W.Murder Vol. 1
Stewart, H.B.Roadside Crosses
Stewart, H.M.Roadside Crosses
Stewart, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Stewart, JosiahKansas Murder Vol. 1
Stewart, L.W.Murder Vol. 1
Stewart, LauraRoadside Crosses
Stewart, M.L.Roadside Crosses
Stewart, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Stewart, Mr.Sudden Endings
Stewart, Ralph M.Murder Vol. 2
Stewart, RoyRoadside Crosses
Stewart, RoyMurder Vol. 1
Stewart, SamuelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Stickle, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Stidger, O.P.Murder Vol. 1
Stiles, C.Murder Vol. 2
Stiles, EllaMurder Vol. 2
Stiles, JamesSudden Endings
Stiles, O.T.Murder Vol. 2
Still, Dr. A.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Stills, D.P.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Stillwell, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Stilwell, LeeMurder Vol. 1
Stimmell, DeputySudden Endings
Stinner, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Stinnett, OscarMurder Vol. 1
Stipp, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Stirer, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Stivers, FrankSudden Endings
Stobridge, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Stockton, William H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Stogsdill, DaisyRoadside Crosses
Stogsdill, ThomasRoadside Crosses
Stokes, WilliamMurder Vol. 1
Stone, AustinSudden Endings
Stone, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Stone, J. RodneySudden Endings
Stone, J. RodneyMurder Vol. 1
Stone, J.S.Murder Vol. 2
Stone, MissKansas Murder Vol. 1
Stone, NathanKansas Murder Vol. 1
Stone, OscarSudden Endings
Stone, RoyRoadside Crosses
Storrs, SylvesterKansas Murder Vol. 1
Stottermeyer, CynthiaMurder Vol. 2
Stout, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Stovall, GreenRoadside Crosses
Stovall, SilasMurder Vol. 1
Stowe, DaleRoadside Crosses
Stradley, Mrs. P.Roadside Crosses
Straight, A.L.Sudden Endings
Straight, BurdetteSudden Endings
Strain, T.J.Murder Vol. 1
Strandberg, P.J.Roadside Crosses
Strange, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Stranger, A.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Stranger, HarrisonKansas Murder Vol. 1
Straub, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Straub, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Strauss, JacobRoadside Crosses
Strauss, JacobSudden Endings
Strauss, JakeMurder Vol. 1
Strauss, JohnRoadside Crosses
Strauss, JohnSudden Endings
Street, C.B.Murder Vol. 1
Streeter, ElroyRoadside Crosses
Streeter, FloydRoadside Crosses
Streeter, FrankRoadside Crosses
Streeter, LuluRoadside Crosses
Streeter, NinaRoadside Crosses
Streeter, RubyRoadside Crosses
Streuli, OscarRoadside Crosses
Streve, JosephSudden Endings
Strickler, GeneralKansas Murder Vol. 1
Strimmel, WalterMurder Vol. 1
Strobel, Jacob F.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Stroberg, VernonSudden Endings
Strong, George C.Murder Vol. 2
Strong, JamesSudden Endings
Strong, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Strong, SamuelMurder Vol. 1
Stroud, MyrtleMurder Vol. 1
Stroup, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Stroup, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Strouse, SimonRoadside Crosses
Stuart, J. BirchSudden Endings
Stuckey, AlvinMurder Vol. 1
Stuckey, Mrs. ErnestRoadside Crosses
Stucky, AlmerSudden Endings
Stucky, John D.Sudden Endings
Studley, B.F.Roadside Crosses
Studley, BenjaminSudden Endings
Stumm, EwingRoadside Crosses
Sturdy, FredMurder Vol. 1
Sturdy, RobertMurder Vol. 1
Sturgess, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Stutzman, RaymondSudden Endings
Suderman, AnnRoadside Crosses
Suderman, CarlMurder Vol. 1
Suderman, H.E.Roadside Crosses
Suderman, HermanRoadside Crosses
Suderman, Herman E.Sudden Endings
Suderman, MaryRoadside Crosses
Suderman, MarySudden Endings
Sugg, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Sughrue, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Suhl, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Suhl, Mrs. GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Sullivan, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Sultzback, JohnSudden Endings
Summer, Col.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Summers, EdwinKansas Murder Vol. 1
Summers, J.C.Sudden Endings
Summers, Mrs. GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Sunday, BillySudden Endings
Sure Shot SethMurder Vol. 1
Sutfin, L.A.Sudden Endings
Sutorius, OscarMurder Vol. 1
Sutton, Dr.Sudden Endings
Sutton, Dr.Murder Vol. 1
Sutton, Dr. John W.Murder Vol. 1
Sutton, ElmoreKansas Murder Vol. 1
Sutton, InscoKansas Murder Vol. 1
Sutton, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Sutton, John T.Murder Vol. 2
Sutton, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Sutton, Mrs. JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Swafford, OfficerMurder Vol. 1
Swain, TomRoadside Crosses
Swan, D.R.Murder Vol. 2
Swann, L.L.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Swartz, FrankSudden Endings
Swartz, FredRoadside Crosses
Swartz, HoraceMurder Vol. 1
Swartz, Rev. W.Roadside Crosses
Swartz, S.M.Murder Vol. 1
Sweazy, ThomasSudden Endings
Sweeny, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Sweepstone, WileyMurder Vol. 1
Sweesy, G.W.Murder Vol. 2
Sweesy, GeorgeSudden Endings
Sweet, A.M.Murder Vol. 2
Sweet, CharleyMurder Vol. 1
Sweet, CorneliaMurder Vol. 1
Sweet, EugeneMurder Vol. 2
Sweet, JuliaMurder Vol. 2
Sweet, Mrs. EugeneMurder Vol. 2
Sweezy, Mrs. ThomasSudden Endings
Swilley, DavidKansas Murder Vol. 1
Swisher, EmoryRoadside Crosses
Swisher, JakeRoadside Crosses
Switzer, Rev. D.H.Roadside Crosses
Switzer, Rev. D.H.Sudden Endings
Syferd, IraSudden Endings
Takel, AdamSudden Endings
Takel, MarySudden Endings
Talle, SheriffMurder Vol. 2
Tallman, T.W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Tally, GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Tangeman, FredRoadside Crosses
Tangeman, JesseRoadside Crosses
Tangeman, MetaRoadside Crosses
Tangeman, OttoMurder Vol. 1
Tangeman, WillRoadside Crosses
Tase, NicholasSudden Endings
Tate, ArthurRoadside Crosses
Tater, CyrusKansas Murder Vol. 1
Tator, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Taylor, A.B.Roadside Crosses
Taylor, A.B.Sudden Endings
Taylor, A.J.Murder Vol. 1
Taylor, AlfMurder Vol. 2
Taylor, AndyMurder Vol. 2
Taylor, Dr.Murder Vol. 1
Taylor, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Taylor, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Taylor, LizzieMurder Vol. 2
Taylor, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Taylor, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Taylor, Mrs. JamesMurder Vol. 2
Taylor, O.B.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Taylor, Rev. E.A.Murder Vol. 2
Taylor, Rev. L.Roadside Crosses
Tedrick, A.F.Roadside Crosses
Tedstode, JonasMurder Vol. 2
Tehan, John BartholomewKansas Murder Vol. 1
Tenbarge, LeroySudden Endings
Tennant, ErnestRoadside Crosses
Tennant, J.E.Roadside Crosses
Tennant, Mrs. J.E.Roadside Crosses
Tennison, Col.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Terrel, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Terrell, Pat E.Murder Vol. 2
Terrill, PatMurder Vol. 2
Texas Billiard HallMurder Vol. 2
Texas SaloonMurder Vol. 2
Thacher, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Thacher, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Thalman, W.E.Murder Vol. 1
Thatcher, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Thayer, DocMurder Vol. 2
Thayer, SheriffKansas Murder Vol. 1
Thippen, C.W.Roadside Crosses
Tholen, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Thomas, BillMurder Vol. 2
Thomas, C.M.Roadside Crosses
Thomas, C.W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Thomas, DavidMurder Vol. 1
Thomas, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Thomas, Dr. P.S.Roadside Crosses
Thomas, EllenMurder Vol. 2
Thomas, JeffersonRoadside Crosses
Thomas, KathrynSudden Endings
Thomas, LotieMurder Vol. 1
Thomas, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Thomas, R.E.Murder Vol. 1
Thomas, WillMurder Vol. 2
Thompson, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Thompson, CecilMurder Vol. 1
Thompson, CharlieMurder Vol. 1
Thompson, D.W.Murder Vol. 1
Thompson, DetectiveMurder Vol. 2
Thompson, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Thompson, EttaMurder Vol. 1
Thompson, F.A.Sudden Endings
Thompson, GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Thompson, J.B.Murder Vol. 2
Thompson, J.E.Sudden Endings
Thompson, J.E.Murder Vol. 2
Thompson, J.K.Roadside Crosses
Thompson, JaySudden Endings
Thompson, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Thompson, Mrs. RoySudden Endings
Thompson, OfficerMurder Vol. 1
Thompson, PeterRoadside Crosses
Thompson, ThomasSudden Endings
Thompson, W.F.Roadside Crosses
Thompson, William E.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Thornhill, JosephMurder Vol. 2
Thornton, HenryMurder Vol. 1
Thorp, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Thorp, S.M.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Three-Card JohnnyMurder Vol. 2
Thrush, GeorgeMurder Vol. 2
Tibbot, J.B.Roadside Crosses
Tibbot, TinnieRoadside Crosses
Tibbotts, WilliamSudden Endings
Tibbotts, William Jr.Sudden Endings
Tichenor, Mrs.Murder Vol. 2
Tilsley, RobertKansas Murder Vol. 1
Tilton, CadetSudden Endings
Tilton, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Timm, MichaelMurder Vol. 2
Tinsley, AmosSudden Endings
Tinsley, GertrudeSudden Endings
Tinsley, OrvilleSudden Endings
Tippie, 2 BrothersKansas Murder Vol. 1
Titus, Col.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Titus, TheodoreKansas Murder Vol. 1
Tobias, ArthurRoadside Crosses
Tobias, RebeccaRoadside Crosses
Tobias, Rev. J. H.Roadside Crosses
Todd, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Todd, LyleSudden Endings
Toevs, HenryRoadside Crosses
Toevs, HenrySudden Endings
Toevs, J.R.Sudden Endings
Toevs, JohnSudden Endings
Toevs, Mrs. GusRoadside Crosses
Toevs, Mrs. HenrySudden Endings
Toevs, Mrs. W.W.Roadside Crosses
Toews, RudolphRoadside Crosses
Tolle, SheriffMurder Vol. 2
Tolson, BenRoadside Crosses
Tolson, DickRoadside Crosses
Tompkins, Dr.Sudden Endings
Topping, Mr.Sudden Endings
Torrington, R.E.Murder Vol. 2
Tournear, LloydRoadside Crosses
Tourtillot, John Sr.Sudden Endings
Tourtillott, DouglasSudden Endings
Tourtillott, JohnSudden Endings
Tourtillott, John Jr.Sudden Endings
Tourtillott, LinaSudden Endings
Tourtillott, NoraSudden Endings
Tourtillott, SarahSudden Endings
Tourtillott, WilliamSudden Endings
Tracey, C.A.Murder Vol. 2
Tracy, AlfredKansas Murder Vol. 1
Tracy, C.A.Roadside Crosses
Tracy, C.A.Murder Vol. 2
Tracy, EdnaRoadside Crosses
Tracy, FloRoadside Crosses
Tracy, HalbertRoadside Crosses
Tracy, PhilipRoadside Crosses
Trammel, Mr.Sudden Endings
Trask, J.C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Trask, Josiah C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Trask, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Travis, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Travis, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Treadway, JohnRoadside Crosses
Treadway, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Trego, AllenRoadside Crosses
Trego, DavidMurder Vol. 2
Trego, HarrySudden Endings
Trego, Mrs. AllenRoadside Crosses
Trent, StanleySudden Endings
Trew, ChristopherKansas Murder Vol. 1
Tribble, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Trickle, GreenburyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Tritch, GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Tritch, S.H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Tritchell, GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Trousdale, W.J.Sudden Endings
Trousdale, W.J.Murder Vol. 2
Trouslot, J.R.Roadside Crosses
Trowbridge, ShermanRoadside Crosses
Trowbridge, ShermanSudden Endings
True, FrankMurder Vol. 2
Truman, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Truman, OttoRoadside Crosses
Tucker, A.B.Murder Vol. 1
Tucker, G.R.Murder Vol. 2
Tuggle, IraRoadside Crosses
Tullis, WashingtonKansas Murder Vol. 1
Tunnel, S.W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Turner, AveryMurder Vol. 2
Turner, B.H.Roadside Crosses
Turner, B.H.Murder Vol. 1
Turner, B.H.Murder Vol. 2
Turner, ChaunceyRoadside Crosses
Turner, FrankSudden Endings
Turner, GladysRoadside Crosses
Turner, Lieut.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Turner, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Turner, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Turner, Rev. H.H.Murder Vol. 2
Turner, RuthRoadside Crosses
Turpin, DickKansas Murder Vol. 1
Turpin, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Tussey, AlexKansas Murder Vol. 1
Tussey, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Tuttle, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Tuttle, JosephKansas Murder Vol. 1
Tuttle, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Tuttle, PerryMurder Vol. 2
Tuttle, Perry C.Murder Vol. 2
Tuxhorn, AmosMurder Vol. 1
Tuxhorn, AugustusMurder Vol. 1
Tuxhorn, BerthaMurder Vol. 1
Tuxhorn, BlaneMurder Vol. 1
Tuxhorn, BudMurder Vol. 1
Tuxhorn, Charles H.Murder Vol. 1
Tuxhorn, EdMurder Vol. 1
Tuxhorn, MaryMurder Vol. 1
Tuxhorn, TillieMurder Vol. 1
Twyman, J.W.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Tyler, Dr. T.H.Murder Vol. 1
Tyler, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Tyler, M.A.Sudden Endings
Tynan, E.J.Roadside Crosses
Tynan, JohnRoadside Crosses
Tyndall, ElmerRoadside Crosses
Tyson, FrankMurder Vol. 2
U., J.C.Murder Vol. 2
Ullum, FrankRoadside Crosses
Underwood, ClarenceRoadside Crosses
Underwood, EllaMurder Vol. 2
Underwood, IshomSudden Endings
Underwood, MauriceSudden Endings
Unknown BabyMurder Vol. 2
Unknown BabyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown BonesMurder Vol. 1
Unknown BoyRoadside Crosses
Unknown BoySudden Endings
Unknown BoyMurder Vol. 2
Unknown BoyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown ChildRoadside Crosses
Unknown ChildKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown CowboyMurder Vol. 2
Unknown DutchmanKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown DutchManKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown FamilyRoadside Crosses
Unknown FamilySudden Endings
Unknown FamilyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown German (Henry)Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown GirlRoadside Crosses
Unknown IndianSudden Endings
Unknown IndianKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown IndiansKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown IrishmanKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown IrishManKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown LieutenantKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown ManRoadside Crosses
Unknown ManSudden Endings
Unknown ManMurder Vol. 1
Unknown ManMurder Vol. 2
Unknown ManKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown MenKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown MexicanMurder Vol. 2
Unknown MexicansKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown MissouriansKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown OfficerKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown PeopleKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown PersonMurder Vol. 1
Unknown PersonKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown SlaveKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown SlavesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown SoldierKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown SoldiersKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown TexanKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown Texas RangerKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown ThievesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown WomanRoadside Crosses
Unknown WomanSudden Endings
Unknown WomanMurder Vol. 1
Unknown WomanMurder Vol. 2
Unknown WomanKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown WomenRoadside Crosses
Unknown, CharleyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unknown, WendellSudden Endings
Unnamed BoyRoadside Crosses
Unnamed BoySudden Endings
Unnamed CatRoadside Crosses
Unnamed ChildRoadside Crosses
Unnamed DogRoadside Crosses
Unnamed FamilySudden Endings
Unnamed GirlKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unnamed HorseRoadside Crosses
Unnamed HorseSudden Endings
Unnamed ManRoadside Crosses
Unnamed ManSudden Endings
Unnamed ManMurder Vol. 1
Unnamed ManKansas Murder Vol. 1
Unruh, ArtSudden Endings
Unruh, E.J.Sudden Endings
Unruh, H.B.Sudden Endings
Unruh, HowardMurder Vol. 1
Unruh, MaryRoadside Crosses
Unruh, Mrs. HarryRoadside Crosses
Unruh, Whinny (Horse)Sudden Endings
Upham, D.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Upp, GeorgeMurder Vol. 2
Upton, CharleyMurder Vol. 2
Usher, ElbraMurder Vol. 1
Ushur, WilliamMurder Vol. 1
Utz, BenRoadside Crosses
Vail, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Valdez, Juan ManuelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Valentine, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Vampner, WilliamMurder Vol. 1
Van Brunt, IsaacMurder Vol. 2
Van Duyn, F.D.Murder Vol. 2
Van Gundy, DavidKansas Murder Vol. 1
Van Horn, T.B.Sudden Endings
Van Horn, T.B.Murder Vol. 2
Van Horn, WilliamSudden Endings
Van Ness, C.A.Sudden Endings
Van Warner, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Vanalstine, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Vance, GeorgeMurder Vol. 2
Vandever, CharlesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Vandewalker, Mrs.Sudden Endings
VanGorder, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Vansickle, EarlSudden Endings
Vansickle, Mrs. S.E.Sudden Endings
Vansickle, S.E.Sudden Endings
Vasquez, AmandaMurder Vol. 1
Vaughan, H.C.Sudden Endings
Vaughan, JeffMurder Vol. 2
Vaughan, ShirleySudden Endings
Vaughn, JudgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Vaughn, RebeccaKansas Murder Vol. 1
Vaugn, DanielKansas Murder Vol. 1
Vawter, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Vawter, EvaRoadside Crosses
Veatch, JamesRoadside Crosses
Venso, BerthaMurder Vol. 1
Venso, CharlesSudden Endings
Venso, CharlesMurder Vol. 1
Venso, HomerMurder Vol. 1
Venso, JoeSudden Endings
Venso, JoeMurder Vol. 1
Venso, JohnSudden Endings
Venso, John JayMurder Vol. 1
Venso, NeilMurder Vol. 1
Ventram, Mrs. GeorgeSudden Endings
Verheiden, EdwardRoadside Crosses
Vernon, VayleKansas Murder Vol. 1
Vest, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Vetter, BertieSudden Endings
Vetter, FrankSudden Endings
Vetter, LeonardSudden Endings
Vetter, NickMurder Vol. 2
Vetter, WesleyMurder Vol. 2
Vetters, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Villae, JoseMurder Vol. 1
Vincent, GeorgeSudden Endings
Vinroe, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Voelker, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Vogt, J.M.Murder Vol. 2
Vogt, JohnMurder Vol. 1
von der Heiden, AttorneyMurder Vol. 1
Von der Heiden, Mr.Sudden Endings
von der Holden, AttorneyMurder Vol. 1
Vonder Heiden, W.H.Roadside Crosses
Vonder Heiden, W.H.Sudden Endings
Vonderholden, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Voorhees, M.E.Murder Vol. 1
Voran, ChristianRoadside Crosses
Voran, ElisabethRoadside Crosses
W.H. EarlRoadside Crosses
Wacker, W.H.Sudden Endings
Wade, ClarenceSudden Endings
Wade, EffieSudden Endings
Wade, JimMurder Vol. 1
Wade, LescoMurder Vol. 1
Wade, OscarSudden Endings
Wadley, Dorothy M.Murder Vol. 1
Wadley, DwightMurder Vol. 1
Wafer, SheriffMurder Vol. 2
Waggoner, HenryMurder Vol. 1
Wagner, CadetSudden Endings
Wagner, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Wagstaff, D.G.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Walden, EverettSudden Endings
Walden, FrancisSudden Endings
Waldo, BelleRoadside Crosses
Wales, A.B.Murder Vol. 1
Walker, Arch.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Walker, BertSudden Endings
Walker, ChesterMurder Vol. 1
Walker, DeanRoadside Crosses
Walker, Dr.Sudden Endings
Walker, E.Roadside Crosses
Walker, EdMurder Vol. 1
Walker, ElidaSudden Endings
Walker, FrankMurder Vol. 1
Walker, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Walker, GeorgeSudden Endings
Walker, J.G.Sudden Endings
Walker, JamesMurder Vol. 2
Walker, JohnSudden Endings
Walker, Lieut.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Walker, Lt. Col.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Walker, MarshalKansas Murder Vol. 1
Walker, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Walker, SheriffKansas Murder Vol. 1
Walker, W.D.Murder Vol. 2
Walker, WillMurder Vol. 1
Wall, J.J.Roadside Crosses
Wall, Mrs. J.J.Roadside Crosses
Wall, T.B.Murder Vol. 2
Wallace, BobMurder Vol. 2
Wallace, CarrieSudden Endings
Wallace, L.J.Murder Vol. 2
Wallace, Lieut.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wallace, M.E.Murder Vol. 1
Wallace, Mr.Sudden Endings
Wallace, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wallace, Mrs.Murder Vol. 2
Walston, I.B.Murder Vol. 1
Walter, BennieRoadside Crosses
Walter, Edith PearlRoadside Crosses
Walter, ElizabethRoadside Crosses
Walter, EvaRoadside Crosses
Walter, HenryRoadside Crosses
Walter, LydiaRoadside Crosses
Walter, MollieRoadside Crosses
Walter, ReubenRoadside Crosses
Walter, WillisRoadside Crosses
Walters, CarlSudden Endings
Walters, EdnaSudden Endings
Walters, Mrs. HarryRoadside Crosses
Walters, W.P.Murder Vol. 2
Walthall, G.Roadside Crosses
Walthall, GlennRoadside Crosses
Walthall, GlennSudden Endings
Walthall, SonRoadside Crosses
Walthon, EngineerSudden Endings
Walton, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Walton, JohnRoadside Crosses
Walton, JosephRoadside Crosses
Walton, LeonMurder Vol. 1
Walton, Mrs. GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Walton, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Ward, E.C.Roadside Crosses
Ward, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Ward, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Ward, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Ward, OfficerMurder Vol. 1
Warfield, Mr.Murder Vol. 1
Warhurst, ElvinSudden Endings
Warhurst, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Warkentin, A.W.Murder Vol. 2
Warkentin, BernardSudden Endings
Warkentin, CarlSudden Endings
Warren, HarveyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Warren, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Warren, ThomasKansas Murder Vol. 1
Warrenhauf, GusMurder Vol. 2
Washburn, GeorgeSudden Endings
Wasson, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Watchorn, Mr.Sudden Endings
Wa-tee-cha, ErnestKansas Murder Vol. 1
Waterman, Rufus H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wathall, EarlRoadside Crosses
Watkins, AaronRoadside Crosses
Watkins, BenRoadside Crosses
Watkins, JosephRoadside Crosses
Watson, AndrewKansas Murder Vol. 1
Watson, C.V.Roadside Crosses
Watson, C.V.Sudden Endings
Watson, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Watson, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Watson, JohnRoadside Crosses
Watson, O.J.Roadside Crosses
Watson, Rev. WilliamMurder Vol. 1
Watts, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Watts, Mrs. FrankSudden Endings
Waugh, AddisonKansas Murder Vol. 1
Wauser, C.L.Murder Vol. 2
Way, Jesse B.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wear, CharlesMurder Vol. 1
Wear, FredrickaSudden Endings
Wear, GraceSudden Endings
Wear, HermanSudden Endings
Wear, Joseph Jr.Sudden Endings
Wear, Joseph Sr.Sudden Endings
Wear, MatildaSudden Endings
Wear, MaudSudden Endings
Weatherly, HaytiMurder Vol. 1
Weaver, DavidMurder Vol. 2
Weaver, David Jr.Murder Vol. 2
Weaver, JohnRoadside Crosses
Weaver, John W.Murder Vol. 2
Weaver, Mrs. David Jr.Murder Vol. 2
Weaver, Mrs. JohnMurder Vol. 2
Weaver, R.M.Murder Vol. 2
Weaver, WalterMurder Vol. 1
Webb, L.J.Murder Vol. 2
Webb, W.H.Roadside Crosses
Weber, C.W.Sudden Endings
Weber, CharlesSudden Endings
Weber, FrancesSudden Endings
Weber, LawrenceSudden Endings
Weber, LeslieRoadside Crosses
Weber, Mrs. CharlesSudden Endings
Weber, RobbieSudden Endings
Weber, RubyRoadside Crosses
Webster, OttoRoadside Crosses
Webster, ReubinSudden Endings
Wedding, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wedel, Mrs. D.A.Roadside Crosses
Wedel, Mrs. JacobRoadside Crosses
Wedel, Prof.Sudden Endings
Wehry, W.P.Murder Vol. 1
Weichelbaum, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Weigand, IreneRoadside Crosses
Weigand, JoeRoadside Crosses
Weir, Alexnader J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Weir, JamesSudden Endings
Weir, Mrs. E.J.Roadside Crosses
Weiss, GusMurder Vol. 1
Weiss, OttoRoadside Crosses
Weitzel, GeorgeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Weitzel, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Welborn, J.B.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Welborn, Mrs. J.B.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Welch, Mr.Murder Vol. 2
Weldt, JacobSudden Endings
Wellman, A.J.Murder Vol. 2
Wellman, Mrs. W.W.Roadside Crosses
Wells, H.D.Murder Vol. 1
Wells, M.S.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wells, Mrs.Murder Vol. 2
Wells, O.G.Murder Vol. 2
Wells, TomKansas Murder Vol. 1
Wells, W.F.Murder Vol. 1
Welsh, BurtRoadside Crosses
Welsh, D.S.Murder Vol. 1
Welsh, DavidRoadside Crosses
Welsh, DorotheaRoadside Crosses
Welsh, Dr.Murder Vol. 1
Welsh, FrankRoadside Crosses
Welsh, KennethRoadside Crosses
Welsh, LilaRoadside Crosses
Welsh, MarianRoadside Crosses
Welsh, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Welsh, Mrs. DavidRoadside Crosses
Welsh, Rev. JohnRoadside Crosses
Welsh, WillardRoadside Crosses
Wendell, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Wentzel, AnthonyRoadside Crosses
Wentzel, JohnRoadside Crosses
Wentzel, RobertRoadside Crosses
Werbin, FrancisRoadside Crosses
Werbin, FrancisSudden Endings
Werner, C.C.Murder Vol. 1
West, EdRoadside Crosses
West, EvaRoadside Crosses
West, J.A.Roadside Crosses
West, LorrenRoadside Crosses
West, NettieRoadside Crosses
West, W.A.Sudden Endings
Wester, OttoMurder Vol. 2
Westlake, EdwardRoadside Crosses
Weston, AbeMurder Vol. 2
Weston, FrankMurder Vol. 2
Weston, JohnMurder Vol. 2
Weston, Mrs. AbeMurder Vol. 2
Westover, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wetchensky, JakeMurder Vol. 1
Wetherell, E.H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wetzel, ErnestSudden Endings
Wetzel, GeorgeSudden Endings
Whayne, G.H.Roadside Crosses
Whayne, Mrs. G.H.Roadside Crosses
Wheaton, SheriffKansas Murder Vol. 1
Wheeler, B.W.Murder Vol. 1
Wheeler, D.W.Murder Vol. 1
Wheeler, J.C.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wheeler, J.P.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wheeler, Rev. W.C.Sudden Endings
Wheeler, WillieMurder Vol. 1
Whelchel, BerryKansas Murder Vol. 1
Whiffin, ThomasRoadside Crosses
Whipple, FranklinKansas Murder Vol. 1
White,  Mr.Sudden Endings
White, Capt.Murder Vol. 2
White, Claude O.Murder Vol. 1
White, D.C.Murder Vol. 1
White, G.H.Murder Vol. 1
White, George Jr.Murder Vol. 1
White, GuyRoadside Crosses
White, Guy DoniphanMurder Vol. 1
White, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
White, James H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
White, JesseKansas Murder Vol. 1
White, LeboRoadside Crosses
White, MissKansas Murder Vol. 1
White, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
White, Mrs. ClaudeMurder Vol. 1
White, Mrs. G.H.Murder Vol. 1
White, Mrs. RussellRoadside Crosses
White, Rev. J.P.Roadside Crosses
White, RussellRoadside Crosses
White, S.C.Murder Vol. 1
White, T.C.Roadside Crosses
White, W.B.Murder Vol. 1
White, W.H.Murder Vol. 1
White, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Whitehead, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Whitesell, ArthurSudden Endings
Whitesell, W.E.Roadside Crosses
Whitesell, W.E.Sudden Endings
Whiteside, HughSudden Endings
Whitfield, IsaacKansas Murder Vol. 1
Whitford, AlbertRoadside Crosses
Whitford, LuettaRoadside Crosses
Whitford, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Whiting, A.Roadside Crosses
Whiting, MarshalKansas Murder Vol. 1
Whitman, Fritz Sr.Roadside Crosses
Whitmer, Fritz Jr.Roadside Crosses
Whitney, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Whittaker, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Whittenbarger, HowardRoadside Crosses
Whittenhall, D.T.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Whittier, E.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Whitwam, Rev. C.D.Roadside Crosses
Whitwam, Rev. C.D.Sudden Endings
Whutt, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Wickham, CoraSudden Endings
Wickham, J.W.Sudden Endings
Wickham, JamesSudden Endings
Wickham, JessieSudden Endings
Wickham, N.D.Sudden Endings
Wiebe, Mrs. JohnSudden Endings
Wiggers, Clara E.Murder Vol. 1
Wiggers, FredRoadside Crosses
Wiggers, J.W.Murder Vol. 1
Wiggins, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wilcox, ArthurMurder Vol. 2
Wilcox, BarberMurder Vol. 2
Wilcox, CharlesMurder Vol. 2
Wilcox, Mrs. A.E.Murder Vol. 2
Wilcox, OrsovaSudden Endings
Wild Hoss HarryMurder Vol. 1
Wiles, Mrs.Sudden Endings
Wiles, Mrs. L.M.Roadside Crosses
Wiles, Rev. L.M.Roadside Crosses
Wiley, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Wiley, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wiley, SonKansas Murder Vol. 1
Wiley, WilliamSudden Endings
Wilhite, SheriffMurder Vol. 2
Wilkerson, JimMurder Vol. 2
Wilkerson, LaDeenRoadside Crosses
Wilkins, FrederickSudden Endings
Wilkinson, AllenKansas Murder Vol. 1
Williams, AcksahRoadside Crosses
Williams, BoyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Williams, Capt.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Williams, Col.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Williams, CoronerKansas Murder Vol. 1
Williams, DanielKansas Murder Vol. 1
Williams, DaughterRoadside Crosses
Williams, DaughterSudden Endings
Williams, Dr.Sudden Endings
Williams, FrankKansas Murder Vol. 1
Williams, G.O.Sudden Endings
Williams, GlennaRoadside Crosses
Williams, GlennaSudden Endings
Williams, HattieRoadside Crosses
Williams, Henry H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Williams, J.D.Roadside Crosses
Williams, JackRoadside Crosses
Williams, Jack Sr.Roadside Crosses
Williams, LloydRoadside Crosses
Williams, LloydSudden Endings
Williams, Mr.Sudden Endings
Williams, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Williams, Mrs. T.W.Murder Vol. 2
Williams, OfficerKansas Murder Vol. 1
Williams, RobertKansas Murder Vol. 1
Williams, SquireMurder Vol. 2
Williams, TomMurder Vol. 2
Williams, W.H.Sudden Endings
Williams, WillSudden Endings
Williamson, A.B.Roadside Crosses
Williamson, A.V.Roadside Crosses
Williamson, AddieRoadside Crosses
Williamson, AsaMurder Vol. 2
Williamson, HattieRoadside Crosses
Williamson, J.J.Roadside Crosses
Williamson, J.L.Roadside Crosses
Williamson, J.L.Sudden Endings
Williamson, JimKansas Murder Vol. 1
Williamson, JosephineRoadside Crosses
Williamson, NateRoadside Crosses
Williamson, NateMurder Vol. 2
Williamson, P.L.Roadside Crosses
Williamson, WilliamKansas Murder Vol. 1
Willis, CharlesRoadside Crosses
Willis, EdMurder Vol. 2
Willis, J.M.Murder Vol. 2
Willis, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Willis, Mrs. CharlesRoadside Crosses
Willis, R.W.Roadside Crosses
Willis, W.H.Roadside Crosses
Wilson, AlvanMurder Vol. 2
Wilson, BillyKansas Murder Vol. 1
Wilson, BoySudden Endings
Wilson, ClaudMurder Vol. 2
Wilson, Col.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wilson, DeeMurder Vol. 2
Wilson, Dr. W.F.Murder Vol. 2
Wilson, G.Murder Vol. 2
Wilson, G.W.Murder Vol. 1
Wilson, JamesMurder Vol. 2
Wilson, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Wilson, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Wilson, JoshKansas Murder Vol. 1
Wilson, Mr.Sudden Endings
Wilson, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wilson, Mrs.Roadside Crosses
Wilson, PaulineMurder Vol. 1
Wilson, RenSudden Endings
Wilson, W.A.Murder Vol. 1
Wilson, WilliamMurder Vol. 2
Wimp, W.P.Murder Vol. 2
Winans, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Winans, Mrs.Sudden Endings
Winey, RuthMurder Vol. 1
Wing, CarltonSudden Endings
Wing, HerbertSudden Endings
Wing, WilliamSudden Endings
Wingard, CoronerMurder Vol. 2
Winger, EverettSudden Endings
Winger, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Wingo, MargaretSudden Endings
Winn, Dr. W.L.Murder Vol. 2
Winnie, JohnMurder Vol. 1
Winter, EllaRoadside Crosses
Winters, JamesRoadside Crosses
Winters, Milton R.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wise, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Wise, LouisKansas Murder Vol. 1
Wise, WarrenRoadside Crosses
Wiseman, Mr. 1Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wiseman, Mr. 2Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wisner, SamuelKansas Murder Vol. 1
Withington, C.H.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Witmer, FritzRoadside Crosses
Witmer, Fritz Jr.Roadside Crosses
Witmer, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Witmer, JohnRoadside Crosses
Woehler, BlancheMurder Vol. 1
Wolf, MaryMurder Vol. 2
Wolfe, CarleRoadside Crosses
Wolfe, Mrs.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wood, ByronRoadside Crosses
Wood, DanielRoadside Crosses
Wood, Dr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wood, FrankMurder Vol. 2
Wood, GeorgeSudden Endings
Wood, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Wood, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wood, Mrs. SamuelRoadside Crosses
Wood, Rev. S.Sudden Endings
Wood, RonaldRoadside Crosses
Wood, SamMurder Vol. 2
Woodbury, BruceSudden Endings
Woodfall, OrvisonMurder Vol. 2
Woodfall, Orvison “Red”Murder Vol. 1
Woodfall, RedRoadside Crosses
Woodfall, RedMurder Vol. 2
Woodrun, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Woods, GlennRoadside Crosses
Woods, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Woods, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Woods, Rev. J.D.Sudden Endings
Woodside, Rev. W.W.Sudden Endings
Woodson, J.T.Roadside Crosses
Woodward, JoelRoadside Crosses
Woodward, Rev.Sudden Endings
Woodward, Rev. C.H.Roadside Crosses
Woolheater, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Woolington, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Worldy, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Woulfe, RobertSudden Endings
Wourms, JakeRoadside Crosses
Wright, AbnerSudden Endings
Wright, CecilSudden Endings
Wright, EdMurder Vol. 1
Wright, EffieSudden Endings
Wright, ElizabethSudden Endings
Wright, ElizabethMurder Vol. 1
Wright, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Wright, GeorgeMurder Vol. 1
Wright, JackMurder Vol. 2
Wright, JackKansas Murder Vol. 1
Wright, LeslieMurder Vol. 1
Wright, MackRoadside Crosses
Wright, MarionSudden Endings
Wright, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Wutke, Dr.Sudden Endings
Wuttke, Dr.Murder Vol. 1
Wyandot TribeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Wyatt, FrankSudden Endings
Wylls, BobMurder Vol. 2
Wyman, ConductorMurder Vol. 2
Wymore, JohnsonKansas Murder Vol. 1
Wymore, MartinKansas Murder Vol. 1
Wynn, GeorgeRoadside Crosses
Wyrick, Rev. R.W.Roadside Crosses
Wyrick, Rev. RalphRoadside Crosses
Yager, DickKansas Murder Vol. 1
Yaughgar, GracieRoadside Crosses
Yeager, Mrs. ClarenceSudden Endings
Yeasley, JamesKansas Murder Vol. 1
Yengst, L.Roadside Crosses
Yengst, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Yingling, D.Roadside Crosses
Yoder, Dr. LissaRoadside Crosses
Yoder, EmmetSudden Endings
Yoder, JohnSudden Endings
Yoder, Rev. GideonRoadside Crosses
Yokeley, MaggieRoadside Crosses
Yokley, W.H.Murder Vol. 2
Young, EdRoadside Crosses
Young, G.W.Murder Vol. 2
Young, GeorgeSudden Endings
Young, George Jr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Young, HiramKansas Murder Vol. 1
Young, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Young, Mrs. C.A.Sudden Endings
Young, Mrs. FrankRoadside Crosses
Young, Rev. J.K.Roadside Crosses
Young, Rev. J.W.Murder Vol. 1
Young, S.A.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Young, William M.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Younger, ColeKansas Murder Vol. 1
Youngheim, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Youngs, FiremanRoadside Crosses
Yuen, Wing LeeMurder Vol. 1
Zachariah Ben (Red)Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Zane, E.O.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Zawadsky, Col.Sudden Endings
Zent, D.J.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Zerga, LouisMurder Vol. 2
Zerlang, LenaMurder Vol. 1
Ziegler, JoeMurder Vol. 1
Ziegler, MarvinRoadside Crosses
Ziegler, MarvinMurder Vol. 1
Ziekefoose, OfficerMurder Vol. 1
Zigler, Mr.Kansas Murder Vol. 1
Zimmerman, MartinRoadside Crosses
Zimmerman, WilliamRoadside Crosses
Zimmermon, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Zinn, JacobKansas Murder Vol. 1
Zinn, JohnKansas Murder Vol. 1
Zook, AmandaSudden Endings
Zook, BirdieSudden Endings
Zook, BurmanSudden Endings
Zook, D.W.Sudden Endings
Zook, DanSudden Endings
Zook, DorothySudden Endings
Zook, EnsebaSudden Endings
Zook, EvenellaSudden Endings
Zook, HaroldSudden Endings
Zook, HarveySudden Endings
Zook, J.S.Sudden Endings
Zook, JonasSudden Endings
Zook, MarionSudden Endings
Zook, RoySudden Endings
Zook, TrumanSudden Endings
Zook, VernonSudden Endings
Zota, Mr.Roadside Crosses
Zucker, Dr.Roadside Crosses