NEW YORK – Somewhere in Dover Plains is a sad little bride whose heart aches for a sailor boy whom she wed at midnight Thursday and parted from him early Friday morning. The romance is that of Miss Fanny Augusta Benson, daughter of Mrs. Carmel C. Benson who lives on the old Post Road at Dover Plains, and Howard Kinne Rogers, son of Peter Rogers of Brooklyn and who has made his home with his aunt, Miss Rose Kinne, of Dover Plains.

For some time past he has been employed at the Winchester Arms Works in New Haven. Thursday evening, he returned home and told his fiancée of his intention to enlist, urging her to become his bride before he left. The young lady consented so they got into her mother’s limousine, accompanied by the latter and went to search of Henry Senk, of Dover Plains, who willingly agreed to act as best man. It was nearing twelve o’clock when the bridal party reached Justice Hoppe’s residence, but that general official quickly donned his clothes and united the young couple. They spent the night in Poughkeepsie and in the morning the gallant bridegroom marched away with the Naval Militia leaving a very downhearted little lady. Mr. Rogers and his bride are both 22 years old and both belong to old families of the Dover Plains district. Mrs. Rogers is a granddaughter of the late E.I. Gay and is well known to a number of Lane County peopleThe Poughkeepsie, New York Eagle.  Reprinted in the Dighton Herald, Dighton, Kansas.  August 17, 1917.  Transcribed by Janeice Crosson for KCGS.US.