Unification Plan Is Approved at Meeting of South Methodists

Chattanooga, Tenn., July 5 – Organic union into one great Church of the 7,000,000 members of the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, depends upon the action during 1925 of the annual conferences of the two organizations as a result of the acceptance here yesterday of the plan of unification by the Southern Church in special general conference. The vote was 297 to 75.

The proposal was accepted only after three days of strenuous debate.

For ratification by the annual conferences next year, a two thirds will be necessary by the Northern Church and in the South three fourths of the delegates must act favorably. The Southern conference yesterday by resolution requested that its annual conferences take a secret ballot. The Hutchinson News, Hutchinson, Kansas. Monday, July 5, 1924. Page 1. © Transcribed by Darren McMannis for the Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies, Inc.